Friday, January 18, 2008

Evangelicals: Mitt Romney is a PRO-LIFE Champion

Having spoken with many of my evangelical friends about Mitt Romney, their beef with Romney is not his Mormonism but his portrayal by the media as a Pro-Life "flip-flopper." To evangelicals, a candidates pro-life stance is a litmus test issue. So, they understandably have a problem with the media's portrayal of him. My friends love that Romney is a Washington outsider, they love his family and conservative values, and his business and leadership experience. Now, I don't know Mitt Romney personally, but I know dozens of people who do know him personally and have worked with him and for him. So, let me set the record strait about Mitt Romney and his Pro-Life views.

Mitt Romney is a former bishop and stake president in the LDS church. Being a stake president is akin to being a bishop over a diocese in the Catholic church. I was surprised when a friend of mine thought that Romney "wasn't a good Mormon." Romney has always and remains one of the best examples of mormonism. The LDS church doesn't make them any finer than the Romney family. In the LDS Church you can be excommunicated for having or even assistance or counseling someone to have an abortion. Romney has always maintained and never wavered that he is personally against abortion.

The media (even Fox news) loves to play a sound bite from 1994 which has Romney during his run against Mass. Senator Kennedy sounding like he was Pro-choice. Romney lost that election and in his later win as Mass. Governor, his words on the Abortion issue were that he felt the issue should be left up to the states and that he wasn't running on a platform to overturn Roe v. Wade which would have been against the will of the majority of his liberal constituency. But when it was left up to Mass. and bills arrived at his desk concerning Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Euthanasia, Mitt Romney was a champion for Conservative values and LIFE every time. This is a time when we need to allow Romney's actions speak louder than a few of his words.

While Romney has been roasted by the conservative press for some early statements he made trying to get elected as a rookie politician. The conservative media has ignored the fact that no US governor has done more to fight for Conservative values than Romney. My brother-in-law, David Stewart, has been working in Augusta and living with us during the week while he waits for his home to sell in Atlanta and relocate his family to the Augusta area. David's father Monty spent a whole year away from his family at Oxford University and then was hired by Mitt Romney to fight for traditional marriage in Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney defied the odds by being a republican elected as governor to the, bluest of the blue; the most liberal of the liberal, states. And after positioning himself, he fought those "valueless" liberals on the front lines. Evangelicals, Reagan Conservatives, and supporters of traditional family values need to know the truth that Mitt Romney is one of the Great Champions in our fight for LIFE.