Monday, May 24, 2010

Plasma Stealth, and The Day After

I have been surprised at what poor and sparse coverage the media is giving ot the BP Gulf Oil Spill. But worse than that, the media is giving even less attention to the torpedo attack of a South Korean ship by North Korea. According to Albert Pike and others, it is clear that the Globalist created the Soviet Union as a global power to threaten and balance out the United States. It was decided that following WW2 that half of Europe would be given to Russia and half of several countries like Germany, Korea, Vietnam, and Serbia. With this arrangement, conflicts could break out and used to manipulate the public. The Cold war has been fought in these countries since the end of WW2. It's like WWE but real people die. North Korea has been created to continually pose a threat to Japan and South Korea. They are continually launching missiles over these countries into the sea. Even the Jewish/Palestinian conflict is a set up. Conflict in any of these countries has the potential to bring about WW3.

North Korea has allegedly attacked and torpedoed a South Korean ship. Wars have been started for lesser offenses. In response, South Korea has cut off all trade with North Korea. Also, the UN and South Korea are doing two provocative naval exercises off the coast of North Korea. Pres. Obama and Sec. Clinton both have shown full support of South Korea. Obama is now chair of the UN Security Council. South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak is quoted as saying, "North Korea will pay a price corresponding to its provocative acts."

This situation with North and South Korea reminded me of the movie "The Day After." In the movie, there is a skirmish between East and West Germany. At the same time, the US government is constantly doing drills. Both sides threaten each other and the escalate things until Russia invades West Germany. In the end, there is a full out nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union where Kansas City is targeted and destroyed. Pres. Obama and many others in the government have been warning about a nuclear attack on US soil from Iran. However, I do not believe that are anywhere near the point of a nuclear weapon despite all their centrifuges and ability to concentrate U235. This movie reminded my of Oil Storm that was shown just before Hurricane Katrina and I can't help think that like Oil Storm, 'The Day After" predicts what will happen in Kansas City. Kansas City is the North American hub for the NAFTA superhighway. I don't think the globalists have the patience to use imminent domain to finish the project after the fight they had in Texas. So, I think the writing is on the wall, so to speak. I think I especially wouldn't be around Saturday October 16th, 2010. Sat, Oct 16. was the day in the movie when the bombs went off.

Much of the military footage for "The Day After" was shot and used previously for the brief film "First Strike." This video documents a scenario, where the Russians attack first with an air burst EMP, and then strategically hit bombers, subs, and missile silos. The US is so badly crippled it cannot retaliate and does not retaliate. If US response is anything like the Gulf BP Oil Spill, heaven help us.

But there was something that I learned that caught my attention last night and that is that when astronomers point radio telescopes at Jupiter, Jupiter does not show up. Jupiter is invisible. Accordingly, the astronomers in the show called Jupiter the "Stealth Planet." Radar and Radio waves can see Jupiter's moons, but Jupiter itself doesn't reflect any radar. The principle behind Jupiter's Stealth is not geometry or special coatings and materials like US stealth. Jupiter absorbs all radar and radio waves based on the principle of plasma stealth.

Plasma Stealth technology was developed by Nikola Tesla after JP Morgan showed favoritism to Edison, and cut off funding to Tesla and his ideas of wireless power transmission. Tesla was forced to return to Russia where he continued to work on various secret projects that shrouded with mystery and secrecy. Some of this work has to do with HAARP, mind control, death rays, earthquake machines, ultra low frequency radio, etc. Another project was Plasma Stealth.

Plasma Stealth involves creating an envelope of ionized gas around an object. Like Jupiter, under specific conditions, the plasma envelope will absorb all incident radio waves and even microwave energy. The plasma envelope can by created by energizing the skin of a missile or airplane with high voltage, high frequency electrical current. Also, lazer can be used. If the Russians have perfected the Plasma Stealth technology, nuclear warheads could hit us at any time and all of our early detection and early warning systems wouldn't know anything about it.

But, I don't think world wide annihilation is what the globalists want. What they will do with America is what they did on Cumberland Island in Georgia. The Carnegie's own the island which is next to Jekyll Island where the plan for the FED came from. The Carnegie's decided to make the Island a nature preserve and sold it to the Federal Government for cheap. The US Forest Service maintains it but Carnegie family members and friends still live there. This is what we can expect for other areas the globalists want to rewild. The rich will still keep their summer homes there where the rest of us are herded into reservation cities and pre-fab housing.

Something big is coming up. I have nothing to do with it and I have no idea how to stop it. I am convinced, the current economic depression we are experiencing is the 1st Trumpet of the Apocalypse. The American Empire is an Empire of Economy and not land. Therefore, while the Roman Empire was first hit by the Goths and Alaric the Visagoth by land, the Pax Americana can expect to be hit in the wallet. The Second Trumpet for Rome was being hit by the Vandals by sea. For us, the BP Gulf Oil Spill is the Second Trumpet of the Apocalypse. I have no confidence that this oil spill and the toxic Corexit being using to disperse the oil will be resolved any time soon. The people responsible won't stop until the sea is turned to blood, the fish have died and the shipping industry is destroyed. Come hurricane season, who knows what several hurricanes in the gulf will do when they mix up all that oil. Who knows what will happen to Florida nd East Coast when the oil sheen hits the Gulf Loop Current. Who knows what will happen to the blue fin tuna who spawn in the Gulf, or the Monarch Butterflies who migrate across the Gulf of Mexico. The US doesn't need the loss of yet another pollinator after seeing the loss of many bees and also fireflies in recent years.

However, the next Trumpet of the Apocalypse is still more concerning. For the Roman Empire, the 3rd Trumpet was the attack by Attila the Hun. Attila followed the river valleys in his conquest. This is why the Bible says that the rivers were made bitter or "Wormwood." For us the word for wormwood is also "Chernobyl." Therefore, when Pres. Obama, and Alex Jones, and others say they are concerned about a nuclear device going off in the US. That makes me concerned. When the US is having drill after drill such as NLE2009 and NLE2010 that practice a response to a nuclear device going off on US soil in a major US city, that gets my attention. When the US and FEMA has purchased 500,000 plastic grave liners which lay in fields in Madison, GA and Conyers, GA and in Indiana, that gets my attention. And when the US has just built several huge cemeteries in Phoenix Arizona, Southern California, Indiana, and Houston TX, that really gets my attention. (If you don't believe me just look up FEMA coffins and FEMA cemetery on YouTube). The 3rd Trumpet just might be a fulfillment of what happened in "The Day After". The globalists I think want to take Kansas City so they can build their NAFTA Superhighway. They may want to rewild the central United States area. Any nuclear device detonated anywhere in the Missouri/Mississippi watershed area would contaminate all water and farmlands below. In this way, a 1/3 part of US rivers would become "wormwood" or bitter.

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