Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beware New Age Aquarian Occultism

It was a real wake up call the first time I read the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and realized that world leaders, artists, US presidents, and CEOs have been meeting at secret meetings like Bohemian Grove, Bildeberg, G20, Council on Foreign Relations and implementing the exact details found within the "Protocols". Even more startling was to realize many of our leaders practice occultism or espouse this New Age/Aquarius Movement ideology. In the past, when I read the Book of Mormon and secret combinations, I used to think about communism, or Islamic extremism. Now I have only recently woken up to the true reality of thie "monolithic conspiracy" that JFK spoke of.

The New Age Movement is not new. This idealogy has it's roots in the Babylon Mystery Religion. It has surfaced and reserfaced again and again throughout history, recycling and repackaging itself. It has even found it's way into Christian religion, mainstream science and psychology and philosophy. On a superficial level this ancient philosophy finds expression in humanism, noetics, hypnosis, wiccan, astrology, modern freemasonry, and virtual reality. At it's core it is Luciferian. Oprah is one of the biggest proponents of New Age phylosophy. Oprah has been quoted as saying there are millions of ways to salvation and one way is as good as another. True Christians understand that Christ is the only way to salvation.

The most popular New Age philosophy involves the practice of self hypnosis via visualization. Athletes practice this before competition which results in entering a disociative state usually while listening to heavy metal music. In this dissociative state, a person can be vulnerable to demonic possession. This kind of dissociation can also occur through psycho-active drug use. In that case, it is known as shamanism. Mediums and Shaman use various techniques to cause disociation and allow suggestion and possession. When satanic spirits appear as spirit guides, effect healings, and answer prayers it is easy for many to become suduced and deceived. Superficially, the New Age movement teaches "do what you will", "success via self-affrimation and greater self-esteem" and a literal "mind over matter." Christianity on the other hand, teaches "not my will but thine be done". Another interesting New Age philsophy is "positivity vs. negativity" vs. "truth". The error that Abinadi taught the Priests of Noah was that the measure of beauty is truth and not just having a possitive attitude.

Ultimately, those at the highest ranks of this religion knowingly worship Satan as Satan with human blood sacrifice, infanticide, fire, and sodomy. People innitially are suduced by the promise of prosperity, need for spirituality, materialism, and immediate gratification. This philosophy is all about having what you want when you want it. Christianity on the other hand waits upon the the timing and will of the Lord. Ultimately the New Age Movement is a lie. It is inherently self-centered, materialistic, hedonistic, and oppressive. There is no freedom in this philosophy because ultimately Satan will possess your body and rule over it in this life and forever.

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