Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stand Up For America Without Fear

One day a family member criticized me for talking about the illuminati and the great globalist conspiracy saying the whole subject was a product of a dilusional and paranoid fear. The amazing thing I realized was that people like my family member can't talk about these issues because they are the ones who are affaid. Fear is the major tool used by the conspiracy to control others. The illuminati ritual symbolism is focused on death precisely to prey upon people's inherent fear of death. Many people who have joined the illuminati wish they could get out. But many keep silent because of their fear of pain, and torture, and grusome ritual murder they have witnessed others suffer who have broken their oath. Fear is the reason why people don't want to talk about the true reality of what is really going on. Many people like living in the safe fantasy world. Most people like living in the Matrix. Well, not me. I talk openly about impotant political, religious, economic, scientific and cultural issues because I want to be a part of the building up of the perfect society. But this perfect society is call Zion and Jesus Christ is King and Lord over it.

In case any of you doubt that the conspiracy is real, just consider the warning of the Book of Mormon about the secret combination that will seek to overthrow the freedoms of all lands. Consider the words of Paul that warns of spiritual darkness in high places. Consider the warning in the Doctine and Covenants in the Word of Wisdom about conspiring men in the Last Days.

In addition, I was talking to a new aquaintance while on vacation this week. He said he worked in the Nuclear Energy industry and told me that the illuminati approached him and the other co-workers seeking to recruit them. He told me he was offered a gold ring with the all-seeing eye enclosed in a pyramid, 3 valuable gem stones, and a skull. He told me he refused but that others accepted. He told me there was annother person in the community distributing tapes about the illuminati support of drugs, prostitution etc. This person then told me the person distributing tapes became very paranoid saying the illuminati had targeted him. Thus aquaintance then told me this person disappeared a few months later and to this day is not sure what happened to him.

Topics any informed friend of liberty and freedom should be aware of:

Bohemian Grove (midsummer encampment)
Cremation of Care Ceremony
Bildeberg Conference
Allen and Company Media Conference at Sun Valley
G8 and G20 Conferences of Central Banks
Council on Fereign Relations
Tri-Lateral Comission
World Bank
International Monetary Fund
Bank of International Settlement/The Tower of Basel
Columbia: Washington DC, London, Vatican

Special Drawing Rights/New International Currency
Credit Default Swaps/Basel 1/Basel 2, 2007
Mark-to-Market/Reserve Requirements/Contraction of Money Supply
Fractional Reserve Banking/Money Multiplier=M3/M0

Denver Airport Murals
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Vision of the Red Night Sky by Apache Shaman

The Man Who Would Be King/El Dorado/Stargate
Soylent Green
Clash of the Titans
Wizard of Oz/Wicked
2001/2010/Eyes Wide Shut (R)
Manchurian Candidate
Bourne Identity
Spies Like Us
Independence Day
Toy Story 3
Star Wars

Scottish Rite
York Rite
Order of Malta (St. John)
Skull and Bones
Knights of Columbus
Knights Templar/Hospitaller/Teutonic

Babylonian Mystery Religion
Prosperity Doctrine/Oneness/Charismatic Movement
New Age Movement
Age of Aquarias/Procession of the Equinox
Mayan Calander 2012
Mind, Body, Spirit/Mind over Matter
Visualization/Possitive Attitude
Noetic Science

FEMA/Home Land Security/Northcom
Federal Reserve Bank/FHA/HUD
National Forrest Service/Federalization of America

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
Executive Orders concerning FEMA and Martial Law
REX-84/Continuity of Government
Operation Redlight/Operation Blue Beam
Operation Ardent Sentry

Bill Copper
Pat Tillman
John Webb
Aaron Russo
Alex Jones
Alberto Rivera

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