Monday, July 12, 2010

No significant Event

I am not sure what was up with many psychics and psychic computers out there like WebBot and TimeWaveZero. Many psychics and these computer programs were predicting some big event on July 11, 2010 associated with this third solar eclipse occurring on Av 1 on the Jewish calendar for 3 years in a row. WebBot says it aggregates language from bulletin boards and blogs and analyzes it for emotional content. Based on the level of emotional content on the internet, WebBot claims it can predict impending events. TimeWaveZero is a program that uses algorithms based on the Huang-Ti sequence of the I-Ching, and Ben Franklin's magic square to predict global events. According to TimeWaveZero people, history seems to follow the ups and downs of these random number sequence sets. However, other than the bombing in Uganda killing 64, there wasn't a big event yesterday. I think all these groups involved in forecasting the future need to take lessons from Paul the Psychic Octopus who went 8/8 predicting World Cup 2010 winners.

There seems to be a storm of negativity about the immediate future on the Internet. It seems everywhere is info about dire warnings about 2012. People are telling us that the Mayan Calendar is predicting the end of the current Age. Personally,while I believe mysticism and shamanism to be evil, I do recognize that conspiring men are planning a series of terrible events to simulate the tribulation period of the Bible. However, for how to prepare for this time, according to Amos 3:7 Our Heavenly Father promises to reveal His secrets through His prophets and no other way. Today, the current and living prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ is LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson. While Satan may reveal what may happen via an octopus, webbot, psychic or shaman, President Monson and the LDS 12 Apostles with him have actually told us what to do to prepare for the tribulations preceding the building up of the New Jerusalem and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Famous psychics, masons, theosophical society members and Satanist to avoid include: Timothy Leary, Terrance McKenna, Edgar Cayce, St. Malachi (112 popes), Nostradamus, Alister Crowley, Anton LeVay, Manly P. Hall, Albert Pike, Adam Weishaupt, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Ann Rand, etc.

Here is the gist of what these people believe:
1. God is only a spiritual reality.
2. Our mortal existence is not real.
3. Our thought and desires create our reality.
4. The body is just a vehicle for the spirit.
5. Reincarnation occurs endlessly until a person crosses over to a higher spiritual or astral plane.
6. By going into trance-like states via drugs (DMT, mescaline, psilocybin, LSD), ecstatic meditation, blood and sex ritual or hypnotism a person can commune with the higher spiritual realm and reach a state of higher consciousness.
7. If you have a desire or appetite, the universe put it there and you must learn never to deny yourself but to always "Do as you will".

Here is the truth:
1. God is a divine and glorified embodied spirit with a body, parts, and righteous passions.
2. The fullness of joy and the fullness of being can only be experienced through the body and spirit together.
3. Satan and his minions never got a body in the pre-existence and were cast down to Earth as spirits and they are prisoners here. Lucifer is a disembodied prisoner on Earth.
4. Satan covets to possess and destroy our bodies
5. God has commanded that man never pray to the dead but only pray to Him as Our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ. He may send an angel to answer the prayer, but if you pray in any other way you allow Satan the ability to deceive you.
6. Trance-like states allow Satan to possess and control you.
7. Satan and his minions will have the same power to possess you after death until you are finally delivered and resurrected by Jesus Christ at the end of the Millennium.
8. Lucifer knows he never had a chance, is lost, and is destined for eternal misery and the blackness of darkness forever and only wants to take as many of us down with him as possible before he is cast into the Abyss.
9. Righteousness is learning to allow your eternal spirit to control the desires of the flesh. Therefore the purpose of life is to do "not as you will, but as God wills".
10. It is impossible to thwart the work of God and the building of Zion, enemies of Zion only disqualify themselves from the blessings of Zion and Eternal Life.

Justin Williams, the creator of the Blackjack slideshows published at the UK Telegraph, posted at a conspiracy theory website that his slideshows were a social experiment designed to reveal and study the reaction of doomsday predictors. In his post on the forum Justin says people who discuss conspiracy cling to negative prophecy in the Bible as a sick way to deal with their problems. Mr. Williams says that people who talk about endtimes secretly want it to happen, they want God to solve all their problems instead of working to solve their own problems. Justin Williams then goes into a rant about how conspiracy theorists see conspiracy in every little thing as a manifestation of their hatred for humanity and blaming everyone else for their own problems which, in reality, are purely the consequence of their own selfishness and materialism.

I disagree with Mr. Williams assessment. First off we need to remember that it is Mr. William that created the derranged UK Telegraph slideshows discussing Nuclear terrorism, martial law, civil war, and fake UFO coverup (case destiny). My interest in all this is that I love America, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and that if there are any threats foreign or domestic, I am going to be on vigilant look out. This has nothing to do with God or the endtimes. I don't see any signs that the endtimes are imminent. For me, this has to do with watching out for evil things that evil people may try to do to good people.

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