Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Politics Letter

Dear Bro. Skousen,

I was listening to your latest interview several weeks ago on the Alex Jones show. I had asked you in a previous email why a good LDS member you would go on shows like Alex Jones and CoasttoCoastAM. Probably a similar reason a good LDS like me keeps up with what these shows are discussing. I can understand that shows like these are likely the only ones that would help you reach your audience.

That said, a comment you made at the end of your interview with Alex Jones really got my attention. I believe the question was edited out of the YouTube version of the show. If I wasn't hallucinating at the time, you made the quick but strategic comment "That is our purpose to get people to rise up against their governments." and Alex Jones was like "Yeh, that's right." I am curious if you will ever get invited back after pulling that comment. My jaw literally dropped after hearing that bombshell of a comment.

There is some internet hearsay prophecy attributed to Joseph Smith via Milton Musser and Martin Harris about a second Civil War in America beginning in Chicago and linked to the devaluation of the US Currency. Reliable or not, Alex Jones was discussing specifically today how Chicago was being set up to stage huge demonstrations, which will lead to riots which will lead to martial law and gun confiscation. Military, local law enforcement, Home Land Security together with foreign troops have been testing and rehearsing different elements of a future response within the US.

Anyways, when I first started to listen to Alex Jones because of work acquaintance "James deMedici" (yes related to the popes) whose Father is a major local if not national Tea Party Organizer (goes by the name Tony Powers). Tee-Shirt designs James showed me mocking Obama ended up on CNN. Anyways, this got me interested in trying to figure out what the purpose of Alex Jones was. I was curious what his show was designed to get people to think and to do. I had come to the same conclusion that I think you have. With all the Dystopian movies out there (especially V for Vendetta), are sure to get many of my generation who are abusing marijuana with now record high THC levels are sure to play their anarchists role in the coming Chicago demonstrations. A few broken windows and torched cars will give HLS and SPP (sec and prosp partnership) the excuse they need to jump into action.

Also, it looks like Saudi Arabia has turned. No more cheap oil I suppose after they took out loans when oil was 140$/barrel and wallstreet speculators dropped it to 40$/barrel when they needed at least 85$/barrel to repay loans for that new university over there. And after Wikileaks and then all this CIA/Massad/MI6 involvement in Middle Eastern civil unrest, we have just alienated our major supplier of oil. It looks like Saudi Arabia is fully intent on making up for lost profits over the past 2 years. Too bad Elder /Senator Reid Smoot's National Parks Act prevents us from drilling in ANWR and Bakken. Sounds like the plot to "Evan Almighty." Too bad all LDS in government couldn't be awake like Elder N. Eldon Tanner who secured mineral rights for Alberta. Interesting that it is said that Elder Tanner who was also a successful banker, oilman, and politician was the one who supposedly tempered Elder Benson.

What is the deal with all this UFO stuff? Is it just fear. Is this going to lead to some new new age religion? CosttoCoastAM has been pushing this forever. But it seems like AlexJones is on the other side talking about suppressed technology and Project Blue Beam. It seems there has been a flood of UFO sightings this year and some increasingly good video (Brazil, Japan, Jerusalem, and American Fork). Even Rev. Louis Farrakhan is commenting recently that a disclosure is eminent. I really enjoyed his radio speech on Libya but was surprised when he indirectly called Obama a "blackface" in the white house. Additionally, the UN has appointed some kind of ET ambassador M.Othman (=mothman?). Then there was some crazy UFO referendum in Denver last election. I can't figure out what this UFO business is all about unless certain people that TPTB really want to control believe it. I am of the opinion that its all suppressed human technology (magnetoplasmadynamics) and satan convincing people that he is an "ascended" inter-dimentional being and not a "fallen angel" who covets a body, marriage, and family.

Dr. Carol Rosin, Warner Von Braun's assistant, has been on a crusade telling us that of the many threats that the NWO have cooked up for us the last 2 after international terrorism, include ET's and Asteroids. Recently NASA has announced the presence of comet Elenin that is entering the solar system. This object should come between the Sun and Earth about Sept-Nov this year. However, it turns out that the Chile, Christchurch, and Japan EQ's have occurred when the Elenin object (Eleven-NIne? ELE?) was aligned with the sun and moon. The next alignment is supposed to occur Sept 27th, 2011. These EQ's have got conspiracy nuts concerned that this object may be some sort of massive Brown Dwarf that has a lot of debris with it and may cause severe earth changes. At the least, the Earth should pass through its tail producing a 1833-like Leonids event. The so-called discoverer of Elenin is some unknown Russian Astronomer "Leonid Elenin." Hopefully, TPTB do not decide to exterminate the Mormons again, like they did before in 1833 after seeing that sign (see Wiki-Leonids). I would ignore this Elenin object if Joseph Smith had not made the comment about the "Sign of the Son of Man." Since there has been a mega-EQ with each of the past 3 alignments, I am looking out for the next alignment on about Sept 27, 2011.

An acquaintance of mine completed a FEMA mass morgue and immunization center in downtown Salt Lake City at the old Union Pacific station. He was the interior designer for the job. This is the building next to Gateway Mall. So, together with the FEMA coffins, bodybags, residential centers, cemeteries, and MRE's we now have Mass Morgues and Immunization centers. It looks to me like the Wasatch Fault could be the next mega EQ. And with all the liquefaction (ie Mexico City), I expect significant devastation.

Brother Skousen, I have not read your "Strategic Relocation". In general I agree that living in the Rocky Mountains among the LDS has its advantages. However, I have also read James Wesley Rawles "Patiots" containing a random occult reference to ouroboros and William R. Forstchen's "One Second After" with as foreword by Bohemian Grove member Newt Gingrich. I have heard you praise Rawles several times. in my opinion these other books are pure predictive programming. They teach people to isolate themselves instead of band together.

I am of the opinion that the Book of Mormon teaches us to band together. While many people are not LDS. For the LDS people, one excellent response would be to gather to our church buildings, pool our food supplies, and resources, and gain a defensive advantage through our numbers. We already agree on leadership structure, so that is a big plus vs banding with neighbors. If you try and do as Rawles and Forstchen recommend, if the roaming bands of brigands don't get you, the local government will try and seize everything, or the invading Communist Armies will get you.

If instead, you turn to the Stakes of Zion and the Priesthood for protection, the church buildings are already RED CROSS shelters, you would already be sharing, so that decision doesn't have to be made every day as people come knocking on your door, and the government will likely not confiscate the resources of a large and orderly group. And when it comes to invading Communists, we will hope that they like the LDS and will leave us alone. The LDS church has been disseminating information on how to convert LDS buildings into shelters.

I know you said that you don't have time to respond to every email. But any thoughts would be appreciated.

David D. Brosnahan MD MS.

You are correct that I don't have time for such extensive questions about subjects that are very subjective. But I'll try to give a short reaction
I certainly did not say what you claim to remember---at least in those words about rising up against governemnt. I did talk about building a resistance movment, but not those words---that would have been very uncareful of me.
I don't think you understand the grip the globalists have on Saudi Arabia. They are no more able to turn on the West than any of the other petty oil tyrants of the Middle East.
The Musser Harris prophecy is bogus
N. Elden Tanner was a socialist like Hugh b. Brown and did not temper Benson. Tanner was a good man and great administrator but clueless on conspiracy. Benson liked him because of his goodness but they steered clear of talking politics.
UFOs are "real" except in the sense that they violate the natural laws of gravity and inertia, which means they operate in a spiritual dimension, and that can't happen unless they get limited permission from God's forces. I think there is a Satanic dimension there.
The only alignment that influences earthquakes is the Moon, as per Bergland's work. I'm not buying the comet story.
FEMA mass morque. There are Dozens of these stories floating around, and very few true. When ever I send someone to go inside the facility, with few exception, it turns out to be false. Evidence please.
Isolation vs. Gathering. You have not heard me "praise Rawles several times", except to say that he has the largest survival blog in the world and has a lot of influence. I've never liked his militaristic redoubt ideas, though I try not to attack others who are doing some good in getting people prepared.

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