Monday, April 18, 2011

Wasatch Fault/Salt Lake City Earthquake

There has been continual earthquake swarms in Nevada and Yellowstone over the past couple years. While many are concerned that these may be signs of increasing pressure along these fault zones, I am concerned that pressure may in fact be building along the Wasatch Fault in-between. The Wasatch Fault in the Salt Lake City valley in Utah, is long overdo for a major 8-9+ magnitude earthquake. Additionally, because Salt Lake, Provo, and Ogden reside on a dry lake bed, liquefaction during a major earthquake would produce widespread devastation (ie Mexico City).

Over the past year, many on the internet have noticed a correlation between major Earthquakes and alignments between the Earth, Sun, and Comet Elenin. If you haven't heard about this new comet, named by unknown Russian Astronomer Leonid Elenin (made up person and name?), it will be passing between the Earth and the Sun this coming fall and likely could produce a spectacular light show/meteor shower like the famous 1833 Leonids with up to 10,000 falling stars per hour. Since Comet Elenin has entered the solar system, several major earthquakes have occurred when this comet, the sun and the earth have fallen into alignment. This correlation has led many to speculate that Comet Ele-nine could be something more than just a comet such as a brown dwarf star/hot jupiter/planet X that would bring considerable debris and earthchanges along with it. I am hoping for just a cool lightshow and no earthchanges.

Alignment Date Location
Feb 27, 2010 Chile
Sept 4, 2010 Christchurch
March 11, 2011 Japan
Sept 27, 2011 (Salt Lake?)

Another reason why I suspect Salt Lake to be the target of an upcoming supermegaquake if not the next one, is that FEMA has completed a mass morgue and vaccination center in Downtown Salt Lake. The reason I know this is a friend of mine was the interior designer of the facility. So, together with FEMA coffins, bodybags, residential centers, MRE purchases, and newly constructed national cemeteries, it looks like FEMA is all ready for something big.

Let, me be clear. I do not necessarily believe that the alignment of this Comet/Brown Dwarf Elenin object is causing Earthquakes. The key to the tribulation is most of what is happening is human-caused as opposed to the wrath period. I think that if HAARP technology can trigger EQ's, TPTB could be choosing to trigger EQ's during Elenin alignments to draw attention away from HAARP.

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