Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NATO Out, Cannabis In?

With the unconstitutional attack by US forces of Libya, Germany and Italy are pulling out of NATO. The constitution requires that only the Congress can declare war. However, Pres. Obama approved military action in Libya against Qaddafi, telling the American people that our actions in Libya and now Tunisia are not war, but "Humanitarian Kinetic Actions." Also, Pres. Obama has told us that the decision to attack Libya was authorized by NATO and therefore, somehow doesn't need approval from the US Congress. However, instead of strengthening and legitimizing NATO, we see just the opposite as powerful allies abandon ship. A weakened NATO alliance could give China and Russia more confidence in launching their eventual strike on America.

In other news, Ron Paul and Barny Frank are co-sponsoring legislation to legalize cannabis. If the US were to legalize the use of cannabis, the US would be following the pattern of legalizing alcohol in 1933 before going into the depths of the Great Depression and WW2. However, the coming new Depression and world war will make the Great Depression and WW2 look like a picnic in the park.

Cannabis proponents use the failed War of Drugs to support their side when the reason the war is a failure is because the SPECIAL INTERESTS who control Washington control and profit from both sides of the drug war. They grow it, ship it into the US, sell it, then bust people for using it.

Becoming Intoxicated is evil and dives out the Holy Ghost. A person who uses a substance to get an ARTIFICIAL HIGH stole that feeling. The Brain reinforces productive behavior that supports the survival of the species through neurochemical rewards/positive reinforcement. If a person is taking a drug to artificially stimulate their brain's reward centers, they are stealing that HIGH. They didn't earn it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Possible Fort Peck Dam Failure?

There are 6 dams on the Missouri River from Montanta to Kansas City, MO. These dams were originally built for the purposes of flood control. The problem with these dams is that the upper dams are very poorly built and are already holding record water levels with record snow pack about ready to melt and overwhelm them. What is supposed to happen is that lake levels are supposed to be low in winter ready to receive spring runoff. If the Fork Peck Dam fails, the resulting wall of water would destroy all other 5 dams like a row of falling dominoes. If all 6 dams on the Missouri River fail, the resulting flood would destroy cities, and nuclear power plants all along the river including Kansas City and St. Louis. A dam failure and the resulting flood would be the worst disaster in US History.

The third trumpet in Revelations has to do with the curse of the rivers and wormwood contamination, or nuclear contamination. Could a dam failure and a flooding of nuclear power stations along the Missouri River constitute a fulfillment of John's 3rd Trumpet? I was thinking before that the Japan Tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster could have fulfilled John's 3rd Trumpet, but a catastrophic dam failure along the Missouri would also fit. (false 3rd Trumpet?)

D&C 121:33 As well might man stretch forth his puny arm to stop the Missouri river in its decreed course, or to turn it up stream, as to hinder the Almighty from pouring down knowledge from heaven upon the heads of the Latter-day Saints.

The Fort Peck Dam is an embankment/hydraulic fill dam and has already failed once during construction. Teton Dam, Kaloto Dam, South Fork Dam, Lower San Fernando Dam are just a few examples of earth-fill or hydraulic fill dam failures.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Banker Occupation in Greece

Business Insider Magazine is reporting that the IMF is asking Greece to give up national Sovereignty in exchange for a banker bailout. Last year Deutsche Bank asked Greece to put up thousands of Greek Islands as collateral on new loans. However, it turned out that the money from Deutsche Bank to Greece came from the FED via secret TARP loans at a record low 0.01% interest rate. This year, the IMF is asking Greece to hand over rights to levy taxes on its own people. According to many, these requirements look like Greece has being taken hostage and is being expected to pay a ransom to financial terrorist. The problem for America, is that the IMF is seen as being controlled by Wall Street and other western Special Interests.

Giving up taxation in exchange for a bailout is akin to the Lombard/Florentine Banking failure of the 1340 which was engineered by the Venetian Black Nobility/Order of Malta. This banking failure was set up by the Mongol Invasion of China and Europe, and executed through a manipulation of the wool/linen and gold/silver markets (gold florin). The aftermath precipitated the the 100-Years War, the Dark Ages, the Black Death, and culminated in the siege and destruction of Constantinople in 1453. But at this same time, we also see the rise of the Medici Family Bank, the fall of feudalism, and the Renaissances. Many of these multinational banks in Italy were involved in lending to local towns to build grand cathedrals in exchange for control over taxation, mining and resource rights.

According to the Max Kaiser Report on RT, the Prime Minister of Greece is facing allegations of treason for purchasing billions in credit default swaps which were sold off to friends who stand to make billions more when Greece defaults. In another note, Max Keiser points out other news stories that US Congress Representative and Senators are caught investing on insider information.

Anyways, the crux of the matter in Greece will be whether or not they accept the IMF bailout like Ireland or exit the Euro like Iceland. However, there are several approaches Greece could take: 1. Military coupe and default, pull out of the Euro, and re-institute devalued "new drachma". 2. Privatize national assets, pay debts, and then re-nationalize later al la Argentina. 3. Accept IMF bailout and stipulations. 4. Renegotiate debts which could hurt French and German banks. Each of these pathways would have different consequences for Greece, Europe, and the United Sates. The Greek people are protesting in the streets because they do not trust their government to do what is in the best interest of the Greek people.

Long-story-short, German and French banks took free US TARP/Stimulus money and lent it to Greece in the form of Bonds to bail out Greece and then bought insurance against default from US Banks in the form of Credit Default Swaps (CDSs). If Greece can pay back these loans, they will have to give up Greek Islands, utilities, natural resources, taxation etc. If Greece defaults, then US Banks will have to pay the default. There are no US Bank reserves to cover a Greece default and pay the insurance (AIG). So, if Greece defaults, that liability will end up being transfered onto the backs of the American taxpayer. And this is on top of the fact that the original money for the loan came directly from the US taxpayer. So money is stolen from the US taxpayer and given x10 to Greece and the US Taxpayer will then be forced to pay even more if Greece doesn't pay that loan back with utilities, resources, and real estate. The French and German Banks profit either way Greece goes.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Nuclear Terrorism Looming?

"WASHINGTON — The United States is running out of a rare gas that is crucial for detecting smuggled nuclear weapons materials because one arm of the Energy Department was selling the gas six times as fast as another arm could accumulate it, and the two sides failed to communicate for years, according to a new Congressional audit.

The gas, helium-3, is a byproduct of the nuclear weapons program, but as the number of nuclear weapons has declined, so has the supply of the gas. Yet, as the supply was shrinking, the government was investing more than $200 million to develop detection technology that required helium-3." -New York Times

We were told by the media that if Osama Bin Laden were to be killed, that Al Qaeda would retaliate by detonating multiple nuclear bombs in major cities. However, only one destination in a major city would be enough for the US military to try and seize Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and for the US military to remain entrenched in North Africa and the Middle East. CIA operatives were found trying to deliver nuclear material to Taliban in Pakistan. A nuclear incident would have given the US an excuse to seize Pakistan nuclear arsenal.

The specific threat is that Al Qaeda planted 160 suitcase nukes all over the US. 13o suitcase nukes were supposed to have turned up missing from Russia. Now we have the complicating issue with Fukushima spewing out radioactive material which is saturating radiation detectors at our ports. Saturated radiation detectors or high volume of contaminated cargo will make it nearly impossible to identify nukes being shipped in. (One device was found in San Diego-see youtube) And now the New York Times is saying we are low on Helium-3 isotope that is used in sensitive nuke detectors.

Lastly, Pres. Obama himself told us in his UN nuclear summit in 2010, that terrorist setting of nuclear bombs in America was our number 1 security concern. I remember being rather stonished when I heard this statement because I never heard the mainstream media talk about these threats in as serious a tone.

And then there is the added details of predictive programming. #1 TV Series Jericho: dramatizes these exact events and their aftermath. #2 Operation Blackjack: UK Telegraph cartoon series. The author came on a forum to tell everyone the series was a hoax, but this man expressed such a complete loathing of his fellow man. #3 Alex Jones has been hinting at it. #4 Evony-type games that have been teaching players to make alliances and raid their neighbors resources.