Monday, August 01, 2011

War and Invasion

This post should not be construed to be interpreted as portraying a anti-china sentiment. The Chinese are great people. War and conflicts are usually the result of manipulation by special interests behind the scenes.

Daniel foretells that after goat (Greece/Alexander the Great) breaks the 2 horns (Medes and Persians/Iraq and Iran), that the horn of the goat will then be broken and the Empire will then be divided into 4 parts. Daniel then prophesied that the King of the North would fight against the King of the South. This prophecy was fulfilled by Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire which fell apart after his death. The King of the North (Selucius the Selucian Dynasty) fighting with Ptolomy of Egypt (Ptolomaic Dynasty). This fighting continued until the coming of Jesus Christ. Why does the Bible tell us this story? First, Israel and Jerusalem seemed to always get caught up in the middle of the wars between Selucius and Ptolemy and Second, history will repeat itself.

Except this time, America is the Goat and Russia is the King of the North and China will become the King of the South. After the conquest of America and after America is divided into 4 parts (google divided states of America), China and Russia will be left to fight it out for King of the Mountain. What is the plan for Utah after the war? The UN and UNESCO and Agenda 21 has declared the Rocky Mountains from Glacier National Park to Grand Canyon to be a huge World Wilderness Preserve. The people living there (mostly LDS) will have already been forcably relocated after Earthquakes and Disease has devistated the area.

Pres. George Albert Smith was shown a vision of WW3. He declared that it made WW2 look like a training exercize and the Great Depression look like a Sunday Picnic in the Park. Pres. Smith foretold that China and Russia's military stength would exceed that of the US and the at some point, China and Russia would strike the US with a surprise nuclear attack and then invade. The Burning of Babylon and the Invasion of Heathen Armies was seen and described by Joel and John in Revelation.

So far our war with China has been an economic war. The US has suffered ideological subversion and demoralization. We have been convinced to squander our birthright for a mess of pottage and have given away to China our industrial infrastructure. China has used our trade deficit to buy up natural resources in Australia and Africa. China has built ports, roads, rail-lines all over Africa, and built ports in South America. Most South American and Central American governments are now Pro-China led by Hugo Chavez. It may not be politically correct to be pro-Russia, but Pro-Communist China is the height of political fashion. The only hold out is Columbia who has been supplying the world with cocaine for the last Century. China has control over the Panama Canal, and has built ports in the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, and is leasing several US ports. There is a deal being worked up in Idaho where a Chinese company wants to biuld a 50-square-mile self-sustaining city south of Boise. Now that Americas ATF has been caught giving weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels and American Banks were caught laundaring drug money, Mexico is now leaning even further away from America than ever.

The Tea Party is encouraging us to stand up and fight for freedom and for Constitutional values. Both sides would love the civil war that would result from a repeal of Gov Welfare Services. I am all in support of the Constitution, but these Constitutional issues are not at the heart and foundation of our problem as a nation. The first step in the enemies plan of ideological subversion was demoralization. Therefore, the only way we can save the Constitution is to preach repentance and regain our morality as a nation. A moral people would have much less need for Gov entitlements.

However, I fear America has traveled too far down this road for it's course to change. The calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets will be fulfilled in every detail. Babylon must fall, so that only Zion should remain. Gods blessing is being taken from the Gentile nations and is returning to the ancient remnant blood of Israel. The heathen armies may invade America with the support of Mexico and all of Latin America, but when those armies march against the LDS, the spirit and hearts of the Lamanite people will turn. I believe we are not to even fight. Christ taught us that he would fight for Zion.

D&C105:14 For behold, I do not require at their hands to fight the battles of Zion; for, as I said in a former commandment, even so will I fulfil—I will fight your battles.

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