Saturday, December 29, 2012

Economy and Family

ByuTV is featuring a documentary highlighting the problems of declining fertility rates worldwide. World population has been stable for millennia however in the past several hundred years the population has experienced exponential growth. The reasons are not because women were having more children but because of modern sanitation, vaccines, and antibiotics, more children are surviving into adulthood and living longer.

A critical connection the documentary makes is that strong families are integral to a growing and prosperous economy. Consequently demographic and family considerations may be even more fundamental to economics than most economic theories.

GDP (economic growth) = population grown x productivity.

Therefore, if population is in decline, economic growth cannot continue unless there is an commensurate increase in productivity. However, the problem the documentary points out is the same factors that are eroding worldwide fertility rates and future population growth are also eroding productivity.

The major factor eroding worldwide fertility us the decline of family values. However, study after study also provide strong evidence that declining family values also limit individual productivity. Children born into broken homes and who are only children have lower IQ, lower cognitive and non-cognitive skills. Consequently, the social capital in the society is diminished.

The result is that several factors are leading to the weakening of families:

1. Sexual Revolution: reliable birth control has separated the idea of sex from reproduction has led to the exploitation of women where men co-habitate with women, get their needs for companionship met; but leave the relationship ambiguous for as long as possible, denying women marriage and children.

2. Environmental Extremism: With the booming population, public opinion shifted against family and children. Environmentalist started warning that people were liabilities and not assets and that overpopulation would put a strain on limited resources, pollute and destroy the environment. They even fear-monger that population would lead to catastrophe.

3. Feminist Movement: Education and voting rights are good, but women have been focused on education and employment and have put off or set aside concern for marriage and family. Less women are getting married. More women are getting married later in life and consequently having less children.

4. Illegitimacy: 40% of children today are born out-of-wedlock. Children born outside of traditional marriage have limited social and economic resources and will be, on average, less productive, more prone to addiction, less educated, less intelligent on average, and less happy.

5. Industrial Revolution: in an agrarian-based economy or a cottage-industry society, more children means more workers. In the machine age, child labor within the family is no longer required. Instead, modern families focus on increasing the productivity of children through education.

6. No-fault Divorce: Ronald Reagan passed the first bill as Governor of California making divorce cheap and easy to obtain for any or no reason. Easy divorce leaves children with a broken social support structure and limited financial resources. Also, expected divorce leads to children being seen as a future liability.

7. Pop Culture and Materialism: Advertisers target young adults while they are emotionally immature, have limited world experience, and long-term planning ability. Advertisers get young adults to focus on consumerism, materialism and hedonism over saving, planning, and making preparations for future family life. Pop Culture also reenforces all the other negative forces on the family.

8. Secularism: people of higher spiritual and religious faith tend to have higher birth and fertility rates, stronger families, and more productive, intelligent, and educated children. Secular people seemed to be locked onto being programed by the media and pop-culture telling them not to reproduce.

Consequently, the documentary says the cloud of of a demographic decline may have a silver lining. Because people of faith have more children, it may be that the coming secular-based demographic winter may be followed by a spiritually-based demographic spring.

[Optimism aside, some are not so confident about the conclusion, though, because the maintained or even increased birth rate among people of faith is so easily overshadowed by the high birth rate among the unwed, poor, and disadvantaged. I am not sure there will be enough of the faithful to provide a social support network for the needy.]

[Most of the needy are people of faith and are not taught virtue. I say, after some cleansing, the faithful will care for and convert the needy and return them to virtue]

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Burden of Damascus

I remember learning that the great prophecy leading up to the Great Flood was that it was to occur after the death of Methuselah. God was merciful and Methuselah was the oldest living human at 969 or 960(Jasher). Methuselah means "his death shall bring"

[By the way if you take all the names of the Patriarchs from Adam to Noah, the names prophesy of Christ. The names together read:

Adam = man
Seth = appointed, placed, set
Enosh = mortal, human
Kenan = sorrow, low, humble
Mahalalel = blessed God, praise of god
Jared = descent, shall come down, descending
Enoch = dedicated, teaching
Methuselah = his death shall bring
Lamech = despairing
Noah = comfort, rest

Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest."]

Could there be a parallel prophesy for the Last Days. Except this time the prophecy involves the oldest city in the world and not the oldest man. Isaiah 17:1-3 warns:

"Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. . . The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim,"

I'm not sure what this means for Damascus or Ephraim but it doesn't sound good. I'm keeping my eye on Damascus.

Book of Mormon Prophecy

I think it's generally accepted that some stories in the Old Testament are types and shadows of the Last Days such as Noah's Ark (Christ said so), Joseph in Egypt (Pres. Hinkley said so), Joshua and Fall of Jericho (John in Revelation said so).

What about the Book of Mormon. Are some Book of Mormon stories prophetic in the same way as these OT stories?

1. The peaceful submission to foreign occupation and miraculous deliverance of Alma in Helem.
2. The militant resistance to foreign occupation and suffering by Limhi in the City of Nephi.
3. Peaceful submission of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's towards the attacking kindred Lamanites.
4. Miraculous preservation of the 2000 stripling warriors of the Army of Helaman.
5. Success of Captain Moronihah in converting occupying enemies to Christianity vs. militantly retaking their lands. (word mightier than the sword)
6. Nephi being given the sealing power to seal the heavens and interrupt a terrible war with a great drought and famine.
7. The gathering of the people together in the center of the land by King Lachoneas against the Gadianton armies.
8. The calamitous destruction and cleansing of the land by Earthquake and fire preceding the appearance of Jesus Christ in America.
8. Threatening of the believers on the eve of the predicted sign.
9. Mission of the 3 Nephites
10. Abinadi being burned and prophesying those who burned him would suffer the same fate and that his death would be a type of things to come (Alma 25:10)
11. Alma and Amulek watching the righteous die in Ammonihah while only a remnant fled with Zeezrom to Sidom.

I guess we won't know until whatever happens happens. However, I think we easily draw parallels with some Book of Mormon stories:

5. Nephi being given the sealing power to seal the heavens and interrupt a terrible war with a great drought and famine.
(parallels with 2 witnesses in Jerusalem)

6. The gathering of the people together in the center of the land by King Lachoneas against the Gadianton armies.
(parallels with the future gathering at Adam-ondi-ahman)

7. The calamitous destruction and cleansing of the land by Earthquake and fire preceding the appearance of Jesus Christ in America.
(cleansing preceeding the Second Coming)

8. Mission of the 3 Nephites
(mission of 144,000)

The question is if there are any other Book of Mormon stories which serve as types and shadows of future events?

1. Alma in Helam vs Limhi in Nephi (this was brought up in a recent General Conference).

2. Abinadi's death and prophecy that his burning would be a type of things to come. (Alma 25:10, D&C 112:25)

3. Alma and Amulek witnessing the burning of the righteous in Ammoniahah. Only a remnant fled with Zeezrom to safety in Sidom.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Call Out Expectation

A few years ago I was preparing a lesson on the Last Days out of the "Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith" LDS Sunday School manual. I remember being astonished at the following quote. I realized that I may have subconsciously expected something that may or may not be so.

LDS believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and in the calamities that are foretold to precede His coming. LDS understand that the Bible does not teach a pre-Trib Rapture, but teaches a post-Trib, pre-Wrath Rapture (ye shall have tribulation; not appointed us to Wrath). That means believers like Noah and his family need to be prepared for the Tribulations that surely will come.

“[I] explained concerning the coming of the Son of Man; also that it is a false idea that the Saints will escape all the judgments, whilst the wicked suffer; for all flesh is subject to suffer, and ‘the righteous shall hardly escape’ [see D&C 63:34]; still many of the Saints will escape, for the just shall live by faith [see Habakkuk 2:4]; yet many of the righteous shall fall a prey to disease, to pestilence, etc., by reason of the weakness of the flesh, and yet be saved in the Kingdom of God. So that it is an unhallowed principle to say that such and such have transgressed because they have been preyed upon by disease or death, for all flesh is subject to death; and the Savior has said, ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged.’ [See Matthew 7:1.]”12

This was a surprise to me when I read this quote by Joseph Smith republished in a current LDS teaching manual. I realized that I subconsciously believed the Saints would always be warned and always be safe. I subconsciously have always believed that like Lehi in Jerusalem and Alma at the waters of Mormon that faithful LDS would be "called out" and forewarned of any and all danger.

However, this quote got me thinking and realizing; some things you can't warn the public about. Imagine getting up and announcing an Earthquake or a nuclear detonation. Something like this happened in Italy this year. You just can't do it. You can talk about preparedness, but I wonder how many people in the church have the expectation that the Brethren would warn them. Or, how many like me are subconsciously expecting some sort of "callout" before anything bad would happen affecting the Saints.

Elder Bednar commented on this a few conferences ago. Elder Bednar closes his remarks by testifying and inviting:

"I bear witness that parents who consistently read and talk about the Book of Mormon with their children, who share testimony spontaneously with their children, and who invite children as gospel learners to act and not merely be acted upon will be blessed with eyes that can see afar off (see Moses 6:27) and with ears that can hear the sound of the trumpet (see Ezekiel 33:2–16). The spiritual discernment and inspiration you will receive from the combination of these three holy habits will enable you to stand as watchmen on the tower for your families—“watching . . . with all perseverance” (Ephesians 6:18)—to the blessing of your immediate family and your future posterity. I so promise and testify in the sacred name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen."

Elder Bednar seems to be putting the responsibility of warning and watching on the members and not the Brethren. It seems to me that we have to be the "watchman" for our own families and not rely on the Brethren because there will be no "one size fits all" solution and any public announcement would trigger panic and mass hysteria.

I admit that many believe any throughts or study on this is prideful. They think members shouldn't take responsibility in this area beyond what the Church tells us. Some believe watching with perseverance and studying the scriptures to understand the signs of the time is going beyond the mark and feeding a dangerous gospel hobby leading to apostasy. Maybe it is, but the quotes above and the church teaching on self reliance and taking the Holy Ghost as a guild suggest otherwise.

I wonder if something were to happen catastrophic many church members may apostasize thinking the church should have warned its members. I wonder how many members have a subconscious expectation like I did that the LDS leadership who we sustain as prophets, seers, and revelators would give the LDS a "call out" warning before Tribulation strikes?

Look, I am not saying no warning will be given. I don't know what will happen or when. What I'm saying is, when it comes to a "call out" or specific warning; if warning comes --wonderful. If it doesn't, that's okay too. I don't expect it.

My concern is that there are persons already in the Church feeding this expectation of a "call out" and even openly critical that the Breathren are not more vocal on speaking about revelations and visions many have already received about the Tribulation.

Remember that Alma and Amulek were expected to watch believers cast into the the fire. Only some believers got out of Ammoniah and escaped to Sidom. What made the difference between the righteous that escaped to Sidom and the righteous that were martyred in Ammonihah? I don't know.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Abinadi's Fire

"Behold, even as ye have done unto me, so shall it come to pass that thy seed shall cause that many shall suffer the pains that I do suffer, even the pains of death by fire" (Book of Mormon, Mosiah, Chapter 17:15)

The Book of Mormon tells the story of Abinidi who was a great Ancient American prophet who testified to the King and corrupt priests of the people concerning their wickedness and immorality. In consequence of Abinidi's boldness, the King ordered Abinadi be burned by fire. Abinadi's final prophecy foretold the same fate to the king and his priests that he had suffered. And according to the Book of Mormon not long thereafter the king was killed by his people for leading a cowardly retreat.

The Book of Mormon was written for our day. The people chronicled in the book never had it. The details selected by another ancient American prophet named Mormon we're written as a witness and a warning to the Gentiles who would inherit America after the collapse and destruction of the Nephite civilization. It is believed that the overall plot themes are prophetic and foretell what will eventually befall the Gentiles in the Last Days.

The same is true of the Bible. Jesus Christ Himself tells us that the Last Days will be like the days of Noah before the Flood. Therefore, as we read about Joseph in Egypt's preparation for the 7 years of famine and we read about Noah's preparation in building the Ark, we see how God's people are preserved through terrible calamity. John the Revelator makes the connection between Joshua and the fall of Jericho and the 7 Trumpets of Tribulation that will sound before the fall of Babylon. This pattern has been and can be applied to foretell the fall of Jerusalem, the Roman Empire, and the eventual fall of our current western civilization.

The Bible also gives specific warning like in Isa 17 which warns Ephraim that when 'Damascus ceases to be a city, (one of the oldest cities in the world), the fortress of Ephraim will fall.'. Daniel 8 warns about the division of Greece when Alexander the Great (goat) attacks Syria and Iran (ram). Joel 1-3 warns of an invasion of heathen armies. Rev 18 warns of the future burning of Babylon where the merchants stand afar off and mourn its burning. Zachariah 5 foretells of burning judgement upon Babylon brought about by flying missiles (megillahs). Also, the great prophecy regarding the gathering of the Jews back to Israel (fig tree nation) and the rebuilding of the temple and the eventual gathering of a great army at Armageddon.

The Isa 17, Damascus warning is a lot like the pre-flood prophecy surrounding Methuselah. Methuselah was the oldest man ever to live upon the Earth at 969 years old. Methuselah means "his death shall bring" and the prophecy foretold that the Great Flood would occur following his death. Similarly, Damascus is the oldest continually inhabited city in the world and it's complete destruction in Isa 17 foretells a great judgement upon Ephraim and the world.

In the Book of Mormon, there are additional plot elements that may also be prophetic. Some of these include:

1. The peaceful submission to foreign occupation and miraculous deliverance of Alma in Helem.
2. The militant resistance to foreign occupation and suffering by Limhi in the City of Nephi.
3. Peaceful submission of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's towards the attacking kindred Lamanites.
4. Miraculous preservation of the 2000 stripling warriors of the Army of Helaman.
5. Success of Captain Moronihah in converting occupying enemies to Christianity vs. militantly retaking their lands. (word mightier than the sword)
6. Nephi being given the sealing power to seal the heavens and interrupt a terrible war with a great drought and famine.
6. The gathering of the people together in the center of the land by King Lachoneas against the Gadianton armies.
7. The calamitous destruction and cleansing of the land by Earthquake and fire preceding the appearance of Jesus Christ in America.
8. Threatening of the believers on the eve of the predicted sign.

Of course we cannot forget the central warning of the Book of Mormon to the Gentiles that if we allow secret combinations and conspiracies to overrun our government, the support of these 'special interests' will lead to our destruction.

Currently we are hearing about conflict with Syria that should get our attention. When Iraq was in a protracted war with Iran, Western interests provided Saddam Hussain with biological and chemical weapons. Just before the Gulf War 2, Russia transported most of those weapons to Syria. The media is telling us that King Assad may be desperate enough to use those chemical weapons against Tel Aviv or the rebels in Syria. If that were to happen, it is easy to see how a nuclear-equipped Israel could fulfill the Damascus prophecy.

But what about Abinadi's story? Why did Mormon bother to tell us this story? Who in our day would represent a modern righteous Abinadi suffering death by fire? If nuclear war is the fire, could Japan or Damascus serve as Abinadi? I don't think so.

Maybe there is no future parallel here but some see the great FEMA preparations over the last decade since Katrina and it is clear with how SuperStorm Sandy was poorly handled that FEMA has not been preparing for hurricanes all this time.

FEMA seems to be preparing to handle something much worse involving many more casualties. (DMORT, mega-morgues, FEMA cemeteries, MREs, SRS nuclear evidence processing center, FEMA Residency Centers). Could FEMA be preparing for a future mega quake? Or maybe a nuclear detonation in a US metropolitan area. Will there be an Abinadi sacrificed that would give Western powers the excuse to deal with Syria and Iran? And will those actions against Iran precipitate a response by Russia and China against the West?

There is an unofficial report of an LDS Tongan Patriarch Yohani Wolfgramm receiving a vision of the tribulation that will befall the northern Utah Area. Patriarch Wolfgramm is reported to have predicted the election of George Bush Jr and a financial failure during the 3rd year of his 2nd term. Following the financial problems there would be a great drought throughout America followed by a nuclear bomb that would detonate in Northern Utah and then foreign invasion. My question is, if the Northern Utah detonation was isolated or part of a more global coordinated attack? Could Patriarch Wolfgramm have been shown Abinadi's fire?

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Great Secret

Moses 5:49 For Lamech having entered into a covenant with Satan, after the manner of Cain, wherein he became Master Mahan, master of that great secret which was administered unto Cain by Satan; and Irad, the son of Enoch, having known their secret, began to reveal it unto the sons of Adam; 50 Wherefore Lamech, being angry, slew him, not like unto Cain, his brother Abel, for the sake of getting gain, but he slew him for the oath’s sake. 51 For, from the days of Cain, there was a secret acombination, and their works were in the dark, and they knew every man his brother. 52 Wherefore the Lord cursed Lamech, and his house, and all them that had covenanted with Satan; for they kept not the commandments of God, and it displeased God, and he ministered not unto them, and their works were bominations, and began to spread among all the sons of men. And it was among the sons of men. 53 And among the daughters of men these things were not spoken, because that Lamech had spoken the secret unto his wives, and they rebelled against him, and declared these things abroad, and had not compassion; 54 Wherefore Lamech was despised, and cast out, and came not among the sons of men, lest he should die. 55 And thus the works of darkness began to prevail among all the sons of men.

The secret combination = enslavement.

Satan cannot create or procreate. Therefore, all he can do is steal and subjugate. Therefore, the "secret" involves how to enslave people. However the "really great secret" is knowing how to enslave people without them knowing it. And getting them to love their slavery. If you are my unknowing slave, I don't have to steal because you will give me what I want voluntarily. The "great secret" is how to create the "Matrix" with you (Master Mahan) at the top of the pyramid.

If people know they are slaves, they will eventually rebel or escape or pray for deliverance. They key is to enslave people in such a way that they don't know they are enslaved or even love their captivity.

If TPTB are successful in getting the US to give up our sovereignty to join with a NWO agsinst Communisn, they plan to domesticate man through eugenics. They will sterilize us and reproduction will only be possible via test tube. Then as we pick babies hair and eye color, and traits, we will be voluntarily weakening the species through generic subtraction. There will appear different "breads of man" that on the exterior appear "diverse". However, like the dog, the transhumanist man will never be capable of standing up to the wolf.

Back in the days of Enoch and Lamech; the "sons of God" (humans) intermingled with the "daughters of man" (Neaderthal) creating the Nephalim/Giants (Cro-Magnon).

Just like the Nephites wickedly practiced polygamy for money and gain "more children = more workers", ancient man used Neandertal to create a race of hydrid slaves we know as the Cro-Magnon.

Modern genetics and anthropology proves humans and Neaderthal did mix and even that we all have some Neaderthal DNA in us. This may be why humans don't live as long as we once did. Our genetics had been corrupted.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why the Patraeus Affair Matters

Our country is not at war with just Communism or Fabian Globalism. The great conflict is against Satan. Accordingly, the greatest threat to American freedom is sin not socialism.

Consequently, when our Presidents and Generals betray their own families and spouses, how can we trust them not to betray their country? If our battle is against sin and Satan; how can we allow Satan to enter in, corrupt and control the leaders of our own nation? How can we be certain that compromised leaders won't be blackmailed?

The Founding Fathers intent was that the American People elect leaders based on virtue and not merit. However, the current publicity over Generals Petraeus, Allen, and now Ward (AfriCOM Commander) looks like a purge of anyone who knows anything about what really happened at Benghazi.

Why do American 4-Star Generals have unpaid "social liaisons"? I don't even know what that is. I guess we all have associations with all sorts or people. However, with my work experience, the only thing more challenging than associating with the social elite is associating with the "wanna-be but never-will-be social elite".

With the recent retirements and dismissals of Generals Ham, Petraeus, Allen, Ward, and McChrystal; who is running our military?

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

2012 Election Perspective

Despite the biased media telling us a vote for Romney was a vote for the lesser of 2 evils. When it comes to pervious elections with Gingrich, Bush, Dole, and McCain; I was excited to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and felt like they could really change things in America and restore this nation to its former greatness.

When I woke up this morning, I had a heavy heart for America. I don't think that the Bush or Obama policies of war and bailouts are the right direction for America. I was hoping for real change that only a Romney-style restructuring could deliver.

What's more, as a married, white, Christian American, I now feel powerless in America. Not that I have anything against any other social group. However, speaking for my demographic; the media told us last night that while married, white Christians overwhelmingly voted for Romney, we were told the election was determined by Black and Latino minorities, single white females and the younger voter.

Its just a total shock to realize the married, white, Christian demographic no longer has the electoral power it used to have in America. What is also sobering is that all the trends show that the minority and single female demographics are growing rapidly. The married, white, Christian demographic has lost political power in America with no signs of improvement in the future.

In reality, despite the media's mischaracterization of the election, this is not a race issue. The issue at the heart of the election is there are more people in America that believe in government socialism than those who believe in personal responsibility to be both self-sufficient and care for the poor.

But 2008 is different than 2012. In 2008, traditional American Christian families helped elect Pres. Obama. This time, Pres. Obama won purely off the votes from black, Latino, single women, and collage-age demographics. For the first time, the traditional American Christian family may no longer be able to determine the political course of this nation. The 47 percent it seems has now become the 51 percent.

I will add that I didn't enjoy watching PBS show Rahm Emmanuel celebrate in Chicago as Florida and Ohio went to President Obama any wore that I enjoyed Baptist Southern Convention Ethics Chair Richard Land commenting on Romney's lose in the GOP Primary on PBS back in 2008. 

Monday, November 05, 2012

Globalist Agenda

I just wanted to post a reminder about what the true intent of the globalist/Gadianton/Fabians/Special Interests is. The Special Intetests that control Washington DC and many other countries around the world have set up Russia and China to attack the US. If you read "Perestroika Deception" you will know that the fall of the USSR was false. The Russian Oligarchs like Boris Berezovsky still control that country, and other Globalist control them.

One day, Russia and China will attack the US beginning with a nuclear firststrike on military targets. The Russians have been violating treaties and modernizing their nuclear arsenal for many years while the US has been unilaterally disarming. There is no more MAD. If the US is hit, we will not retaliate. Clinton took our missiles off automatic launch and you know Pres. Obama would never push the red button. He'd stand us down just like he did in Benghazi. If Romney wins the election this attack could come Dec 21-23, 2012. (see Denver airport mural and George Albert Smith Vision) ... irport.jpg

If you read Cleon Skousen's "the Naked Capitalist" you will understand the end goal is not Communist rule. The Globalist want the US to give up national soveignty and abandon the US constitution to NATO or some other globalist construct to save us from Communism.

If the US abandons the US Constitition and joins some globalist government, the Globalists will sterilize us through GMO and immunizations and blame it on the radiation. From then on, the only way to conceive will be through a test tube.(Like movie "Children of Men")

At that point, when the Globalists will have total control over reproduction; they intend to breed humans like dogs. The #2 goal on the Georgia Guidestones after depopulation is to control reproduction and improve fitness and diversity. Tragically, if we let the globalist breed humans like dogs, they will breed us to be slaves like dogs through genetic subtraction.

Sure, a certain new transhuman breed may be able to swim faster, but we will never be strong enough to ever stand up against our breeders; just like no dog breed is strong enough to stand up to the wolf from which it originated. The Globalist wolves will then become a master race, genetically superior to the rest of humankind.

The tragic part of the coming breeding program is that people will naively think it's great to pick their baby's eye color.

Romney Metaphor

Romney ends most rallies with his story of the Colorado scout troop that in 1986 had an American flag put in the space shuttle Challenger, saw the Challenger blow up as they watched on TV, and then found, through the persistence of their scoutmaster, that the flag had survived the explosion. It was returned to them by NASA officials. When Romney, afterward, was shown the flag, he touched it, and an electric jolt went up his arm. It’s a nice story. He doesn’t make its meaning fully clear. But maybe he means it as a metaphor for America: It can go through a terrible time, a catastrophe, as it has economically the past five years, and still emerge whole, intact, enduring.

--Peggy Noonan, Nov. 3, 2012

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Skousen's 10-Year Prediction

I subscribe to Joel Skousen's newsletter. I have heard his 10-year prediction of Russia and China teaming up to attack the west. Joel's 10-year preduction is based on his belief that China must first build a blue-water navy with aircraft carriers to project airpower over the pacific (Australia, Japan, Phillipines, Indonesia).

I actually think Pres Obama was telling the truth and gave something away when he mocked Romney in the debates saying the US didn't need more ships because they were obsolete like horses and bayonets.

When Obama went to India, he took a carrier group with him . While there, China parked a stealth sub off Los Angeles and fired a ballistic missile.

Translation...... Aircraft carriers are obsolete like Battleships were after WW1. Space has been weaponized and mach-10 stealth surface-skimming cruise missiles and cavitating torpedoes will sink any ship.

China plays like they want to build aircraft carriers, but it's all smoke and mirrors. The Chinese navy is composed of stealth subs, stealth missile boats, satellite weapons, and drones.

China doesn't need to project air superiority with aircraft carriers when they can just sink all the barges delivering goods to your dependent island. They can target you from space and with drones and fire ballistic missiles from subs or missile boats.

So, for these reasons. The Aircraft carrier is obsolete as Obama indicated in the debate.

Therefore, I don't think the Russian-Chinese attack on the US is 10 years off. If Romney wins, they will attack Dec 21, 2012. There is a Denver Airport mural depicting a 2012 attack (Mayan girl holding codex in shape of Russia). If Obama wins, we get 4 more years. [I have a picture of a young Obama posing in front of this airport mural]

Things that need to happen before Russia-China attack: Damascus ceases to be a city and is destroyed (Isa 17:1-3). US attacks Iran (Like Alexander the Great), Rioting/insurrection of poor at Romney Election thinking he will cut their benefits (just like Foeterati in Rome), Martial Law imposed covers tank movement. Gun Confiscation. Obama removes missile shield from Europe before he leaves office.

All this could happen in Nov-Dec. before Obama leaves office. But hoping for 4 more years.

Look at a young Obama posing in front of this Denver Airport Mural. What does it mean? Hopefully nothing.

But its hard to ignore the symbolism of the mural. You have a dead Jaguar (it's uncertain of its a Jaguar or a Leapord just like its uncertain if Obama is Kenyan or American). The dead Jaguar represents the death of America.

There are flames rising up in the background foretelling nuckear war.

There are 3 caskets with a dead African American, and a dead Christian American. The Native American in the middle is not dead but white eyes show she is undead. Coming out of the coffin is how you get baptized or initiated in Satan's church. This depicts the plan of the globalists to ally with the Native Americans.

Then there is the Mayan Girl with the Queztal Bird over her head, holding the codex in the shape of Russia. Could this point to Dec 21, 2012? Not that I believe in any Mayan foreknowledge. I dont. but the globalist could be using like they used the Egyptian Pyramids before the Great Depression.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Benghazi Attack

Had the WhiteHouse administration just called the Benghazi attack, a terrorist attack, from the beginning, the media and the American people and the people probably wouldn't be as concerned. Notwithstanding the tragic and terrible loss of 4 Americans including a US Ambassador and 2 Navy Seals.

But, the WH and even the President himself before the UN had to keep on saying the attack was a spontaneous demonstration over an obscure YouTube video.

Now we know the WH purposely lied and tried to coverup and misrepresent what happened in Benghazi. Why would the President lie about this. Why couldn't the President just say we were attacked when we were attacked?

But that's not all. When intel and emails came forward that the Benghazi attack was an attack, and the WhiteHouse doubled down on their story saying, we were just saying what we were told. So they blame the YouTube video story on bad Intelligence.

But know it has come out that drones were in the air, and live video, emails, panic flash traffic were sent directly from Benghazi directly to the WH situation room. Also, that military and intelligence and State Dept. were in continual radio communications throughout the attack.

So, now when it comes to the question. "why didn't they send help?" We have Secretary of Defense Panetta saying "you don't send in people into harms way unless you know what's going on". But as VP Joe Biden would say, 'that's a bunch a malarkey'.

The US Consulate in Benghazi came under attack. The panic button was pressed. On-call US special forces units in Tripoli and Italy who would normally respond were told to stand down and did not respond to the attack. Who gave the order? Gen. Petraeus says it wasn't him or AFRICOM.

But, that's not the end of it. Because it's not just Ambassador Stevens here. There is the issue of the 2 Navy Seals. Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty were staying in a safe house of Annex a mile from the US Consulate. When they realized the Consulate was under attack, they defied orders to respond to defend the Consulate. The Seals were looking for missing shoulder-fire missiles.

It turns out the American Heroes Woods and Doherty got into the US Consulate, helped 30 people to escape, could not find the US Ambassador who was hiding somewhere in the US Consulate, after making sure 30 people were evacuated from the Consulate, Woods and Doherty made their way back to the Annex.

But then unexpectedly, the mob started attacking the safehouse or Annex and 7 hours after the attack, the attackers brought in a mortar and stated shelling the Annex. All the while, Woods and Doherty were in contact with the military asking for air support. They had a laser pointed at the mortar position which would have guided a bomb or a middle from a plane or helicopter to take out the mortar position. No help was sent and 7 hours after that attack stated. Woods and Doherty were killed by Mortar attack on the Annex.

From YouTube video it is clear the attackers were after the Ambassador.

1. How did the attackers know Ambassador Stevens would be at the US Consulate in Benghazi?
2. Why was security being handled by Libyans and not Americans?
3. Why was Ambassador Stevens no-where to be found? How could have everyone there just lost him?
4. Who and why where the seals at the annex told to stand down?
5. How did the attackers find our about the location of the safe house (annex)?
6. Why were the navy seals held up in the safe house denies air support (Spectre Gunship) and allowed to be killed by mortar fire?
7. Finally, why would to WH lie to the American about the attack being a 'spontaneous demonstration' and then lying again about being given bad intel, and lying again about not knowing what was going on?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Agenda: Grinding America Down

This is an excellent documentary explaining the Fabian Socialist and Globalist agenda to destroy America by destroying American from within by corrupting morality and traditional family values.

The problems with this documentary is that it maintains the false left-right paradigm and doesn't acknowledge the neocon right-wing agenda. Also, it calls for more education as a solution and not a "return to virtue". You can't educate a demoralized individual. Darkness doesn't comprehend the light. Finally, the documentary doesn't say what to do with the X% of dependent Americans. Caring for the poor is still an individual responsibility.

To be clear, it is important to understand that this documentary is done by insiders because Communism is not the enemy. The part I liked was the confessions about their attack on morality and the family. Insiders articulate it so well.

However what will happen at some point is Russia and China will attack the US. Then at that point, the Fabian Globalists are betting that Americans will give up our national sovereignty to some form of neocon globalist government to save us from calamity. Communism is just a distractor.

This is the crux of Cleon Skousen's book "the Naked Capitalist" where he analyzes the book "Tragedy and Hope" by Carroll Quigley, where Quigley spells out the whole plan.

The key is that the Fabians are not Socialists but Globalists. And it is likely that when America meets crisis, we will voluntarily give ourselves over to them and abandon the Constitution in favor of a globalist government to save us.

This documentary purposefully leaves out Satan's true Globalist agenda. Satan wants to rebuild the Tower of Babel society they call the "New World Order".

The problem with Communism is that you know your a slave. That is why Communism can never endure for long. However, in the Globalist System you are a slave but think you are free.

If we give up national sovereignty to the globalist, they will sterilize us via GMO and immunizations and blame it on the radiation. Then the only way to conceive will be through advanced fertility and maybe transforming stem cells (NPR just last month talking about in the future all children born in a test tube).

[Georgia Guidestones: guide reproduction wisely- improving fitness and diversity.]

Then the Fabians become our breeders where they breed humans like dogs by genetic subtraction to perform certain tasks. Yes, transhumanists might have a longer armspan, torso, and bigger feet and can swim faster. However, thats all we can do. The ruling class, like wolves, will become a genetically superior master race, bread to rule over the human family . The rest of us will be bread to be slaves.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Independent Monetary System

There are numerous conspiracy videos online designed to make the opposition look silly. And they are very effective. Truth is the Book of Mormon warns us about conspiracy infiltration. Washington politicians talk endlessly about "special interests". And we are all helplessly watching the US econony swirl the toilet.

All the stuff about central banking control and the FED is mostly true. The problem is that our money is controlled by the Fabian Globalists. We can't fix this country without 1. Repentance. 2. developing an independent monetary system.

Gold is not a good system. The problem with Gold alone is there just isnt enough (hoarding). This is a major excuse for fractional reserves. No currency has ever been 100% gold backed. Every gov that issues gold-backed currency always prints more $ than gold

The correct monetary system will be a full-reserve/monetary-based system where currency is based on land, real-estate, and all proven natural resources (gold also). Think of the third world. Every country has land and can build houses and buildings and has some natural resources. Therefore, every nation should be able to print their own currency sufficient so that their people can buy and develop the land, build houses, and mine their natural resources.

Loans are the point of money creation. Loans to buy land, loans to build houses, loans to mine resources should be interest-free/non-profit/fee-based. There should be no inflation. This system is called the "Safety Society System".

We could fix the world economy right now if we could get rid of all the Gads. Thats what gives me hope is knowing there is a solution. I've written several posts on SSS that explain it in more detail.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Brief History of Conspiracy

"in almost any situation the best explanation is incompetence rather than conspiracy". --Nicholas Kristof on Obama debate failure.

We know that "if we fail to learn from history, we will be doomed to repeat it.". However, we also know that, "history is written by the victor." unfortunately, in spite of what pop culture teaches us; the good guys don't always win.

Consequently, when it comes to the people that seek for ultimate power in this world, they are very interested in writing their own version of history so that even the well-meaning student of history is deceived and children of darkness can continue using the same secrets to dominate and enslave mankind as they have throughout our 6000-year history on this Earth.

1. In the beginning, we read how Satan was busy convincing Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. I think we can assume that God has created other Earths and similar things happened on those Earths. Except in the case of Adam and Eve, we read that Satan is cursed. That curse I believe limited Satan's ability to travel from world to world and Lucifer himself became confined to this Earth. While Lucifer has many spirits that follow him, (a third part of heaven) of all the worlds God has made, this is the one Lucifer is confined to, and this is the one where the Son of God would be born. Could it be possible that, even in the pre-mortal existence, Satan assigned followers to align with Christ, receive bodies, and infiltrate and subvert the good side?

2. After Cain kills Able we see some of the descendants of Adam making blood oaths and keeping secrets upon penalty of death. These early secrets involved how to acquire wealth and control and enslave others to your will. Why keep secrets? Because if everyone knew them, there would be no way to accumulate more material goods than your neighbor.

3. Early on, the economy of the Earth was agrarian and involved bartering goods produced at home (cottage industry). The Bible tells us that some the descendants of Adam (sons of God) looked upon the daughters of man (Neanderthal) and intermarried with them producing hybrid offspring known as the Cro-Magnon (nephalim). Why did humans and Neanderthal mix? Money and power. Multiple Neanderthal wives and hundreds of Giant Cro-Magnon offspring could be easily controlled, enslaved, and used to enrich their master. The Biblical flood washed the slate clean and the descendants of Adam were given another chance. [4000 bc - 2500 bc]
4. However, it didn't take long for the people of the Earth to descend again into corruption. At the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, the government and language and cultures of the people were unified. In addition to the tower of Babel itself, was the oppressive society required to enslave the people and coerce them into building these sorts of projects. Babel consolidated both political, economic and religious power into one. The people had one language, one government, one culture. and one god; but their god was not Jehovah. It is likely that Babel likely suffered some sort of severe decades-long drought that caused the breaking up of this first great post-flood Empire. [2000 bc]

5. While languages evolved and changed, so did the corrupt pagan religion of Babel. However, out of all of the nations, we read about Abraham being led by God to Melchizedek to be taught of the pure and original religion of Jehovah. However, another famine forced Israel to Egypt where the family was saved by Joseph in Egypt. After several hundred years of peace and prosperity, the Israelites fell into complacency, then apostasy and then bondage. Moses miraculously delivers Israel from Egypt and leads them back to Canaan. [1500 - 1000 bc]

6. After several hundred years of relative prosperity but continual war due to the failure of the tribe of Dan to take their inheritance. Israel is an island of true belief surrounded by an ocean of corruption. That corruption infiltrated northern Israel beginning with Dan and led to the eventual division and destruction of the Northern Kingdom by Assyria. The Southern Kingdom is prodded into repentance by Isaiah and the South is miraculously preserved. However, this repentance didn't last and the Southern Kingdom was eventually taken into captivity by Babylon. [500 bc]

7. After many years in exile, Israel is allowed by Persia to return home and rebuild the temple. But something happened following the fall of the Babylonian empire by Persia. During the time of Isaiah, if you wanted to practice the religion of Babel, you could openly practice it. The religion of Babel involves going to a designated grove of trees and engaging in religiously sanctioned drug abuse, ritual prostitution, sodomy, cannibalism, and infanticide. Whatever the people did in a grove reaffirmed their subservience to Satan. Conversely, everything that happens in the Jewish temple serves to reaffirm the believers devotion to Jehovah, the grove was the antithesis of the temple.

8. After the fall of Babylon, the religion of Babel goes underground, and becomes a Mystery Religion where only the elite and the initiated participate. And the region is shrouded in secrecy and symbols. The elite and initiated then create an alternative religion for the "Goyim" which is overly strict in its outward observance yet morally permissive. The religion of the masses emphasizes work and absolute submission to authority.

9. Something else happens about the time Moses delivers Israel. Money is invented. Now people can have a common medium of exchange, live in larger cities, and better specialize in the production or trade of a particular good or service. The creation of money does something else. The control of money facilitates imports and exports and the control of money and trade rivals the power of governments and religion. Before the rise of the Roman Empire, the Phoenicians dominate all sea trade. In modern terms, the Phoenicians are the original Walmart.

10. At the time of Jesus Christ, the Babylonian Mystery religion had infiltrated Jewish leadership as well as controlled the Roman Empire. It was this infiltration and apostasy of Israel that led to the martyrdom of Jesus Christ and the eventual destruction of Jerusalem, the temple, and scattering of Israel. The element of corrupt Babylonian religion within Judaism is referred to as mysticism or Kabbalah. Like Judaism, Christianity and Islam both struggle against Babylonian corruption in Gnosticism and Sufism.

11. The Greek and Roman Republics were great and initially successful experiments in direct and representative democracy. However, prosperity brought complacency, and these governments were soon infiltrated, ideals subverted and corrupted until they were transformed into Empires and destroyed from within and without.

12. The fall of the Roman Empire centered around a trade deficit with China and a welfare state promising free bread and circus. Roman sent gold to China in exchange for spices and opium. The need for more gold led to the need to expand their territory and bring in more tribute. However, there were not enough citizens to supply the Roman Legions. The Marian Reforms (Dream Act) granted Germanic Barbarians rights to land and citizenship if they served in the Legion. Later, when benefits were cut back, Odoacer, led the Barbarian Foeterati in an insurrection that was the fatal blow to the Empire.

13. Not long after the martyrdom of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire realized that it could not stop the spread of Christianity. They just could not feed enough Christians to the lions. So instead, they decided to take over control the religion. The Empire called many ecumenical councils, and blended pagan and Christian observance into a new state-sponsored religion.

14. At this time, the Catholic Church over-interprets the doctrine of "usury" by prohibiting the collection of any fees on lending. This prohibition did two things. 1. Because the average person could not cover the costs of lending, a credit black market appeared. 2. Credit-starved Europe languished for 1000 years in a serf/feudal, third-world state without development.

15. The earliest banking institutions were Jewish-owned pawn shops called Lombards. Jews didn't fall under the Catholic prohibition.

16. However, the Roman Empire had a problem. Even though they had killed off all of the Christian leadership, there were 4 other early Christian capitals that claimed equal religious authority to Rome: Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Constantinople. Rome was having increasing problems maintaining religious control. So, they had to destroy them. The problem is that doing so would not appear Christ-like.

17. The first thing Rome did is call for a crusade to take Jerusalem. However, you will remember the crusaders stopped off at Constantinople on the way to Jerusalem and sacked it. They also took Antioch.

18. Rome couldn't come up with a legitimate reason to attack Alexandria ao they devised another plan. They created another religion to do it for them. It has come out by ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera that it was revealed to him in a meeting at the Vatican that Rome created the religion of Islam. Islam was then used to destroy all the Christians out of North Africa, Spain, and finally Alexandria. It is said, the red fez represents a traditionally white hat dipped in the blood of Christians and Jews at the city of Fez, Morocco. The Muslims penetrated deep into Spain killing non-Catholic Christians and Jews until they met Charlemagne. The Muslims never attacked Rome.

19. The Catholic Church created 2 orders to administer the Crusades: the Templars and Hospitallers (Order of Malta). The Templars assisted crusaders and pilgrims in their passage and protection to Jerusalem. The Hospitallers operated the hospital in Jerusalem. Because its nearly impossible to protect gold from robbers, the Templars created a system of banks or Templar houses where pilgrims could deposit their gold, mortgage their land, and receive a ciphered document allowing them to make withdrawals at Templar houses along the way. This new banking system was so lucrative, subsequent crusades focused on cleansing Europe of the Jews and their Lombard pawnshops.

20. After hundreds of years the Templar became the most powerful order of the Catholic Church. Since many could not afford to pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the Templars in France encouraged small towns and cities throughout Europe to take out enormous loans and build magnificent cathedrals. They also sold them knock-off Christian relics promising them increased religious tourism to stimulate their economy. The "Pilgrims Guide" was published letting tourists know where to sleep and eat and which Cathedrals to visit. Many towns never could repay their loans and were forced to hand over control of taxation and industry to the banks.

21. Templar Houses start issuing gold and silver certificates instead of actual gold. Then they realize that most people never withdraw their gold from the bank and they can issue more gold and silver certificates than actual gold in deposit. And then they make loans for more money than they actually have in deposit. This, fractional reserve banking and lending is born.

22. King Philip of France had taken out large loans with the Templars to fund his war with England. The Templars created the "Sangre Real" myth (Christ's descendants intermarried with the Merovingian Line) to rival the King's "Divine Right". Philip tortured Templars (Friday the 13th) into true and false confessions and uses these confessions to convince the Pope to disband the order. King Philip seizes Templar assets in France, Elsewhere, Templar assets are transferred to the Hospitallers (Order of Malta). Templars flee and become the seed of Scottish/York Rite Masony, Rosicrucian, and Teutonic Orders.

23. Hospitallers became the Black Venetian Nobility and started Venetian and Florence Banks. Venetian Banks organized the Mongols under Ghangis Khan. The bankers transferred technology to the Moguls regarding the stirrup allowing them to shoot a bow and arrow white still in the saddle. The Mongols were used to scour China of its gold. Chinese gold was then used in Europe to crash the value of the Florin, bankrupt Florence banks, send Europe into a depression. At this time, the Mongols invaded Europe and spread Black Death. 50% of the population of Europe died of the plague. Europe then entered into the Hundred-Years War.

24. Constantinople forsakes the iconoclast movement. The Hundred-Years War ends with the Turkish siege and fall of Constantinople. Finally, Rome has destroyed the last rival Christian capital. Religious scholars flee throughout Europe and become the seeds of the Reformation. The crescent moon and star on the flags of Turkey, and many Muslim and Communist countries, represents the conjunction of a crescent moon and Venus on the night of the fall of Constantinople.

25. The De Medici Family restart banks in Florence, bankroll the Renaissance, and eventually buy the Papacy. Hapsburgs rule the Holy Roman Empire.

26. Power shifts to the Spanish Empire, followed by the French Empire, followed by the British Empire.

27. Nathan Rothschild receives word first that Britain's Duke of Wellington was victorious over France's Napoleon. Rothschild begins selling is consuls (stock) causing a market crash. Everyone assumes England lost. Then just before the official announcement is made that England was victorious, Rothschild buys up 1/2 the British Empire for pennies on the dollar in one move. Rothschild sons start banks across Europe. Rothschild Banks operate on fractional reserve lending.

28, America declares its Independence over desire to have control over currency and credit and not just "taxation without representation." Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, begins Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776. Illuminati driven out from Bavaria and taken in by Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Colberg-Gotha. British, and Dutch Royal Families are Saxe-Colberg-Gothe. Fabian Socialists/Illuminati sponsor the French Revolution and destroy the French Monarchy.

29. American Civil War fought over question of tariffs trade. North Industrializes early. South industrializes late due to dependence on slaves. Eventually the machine beats the man. South resents having to pay higher prices to the north for machinery. South prefers to purchase cheap slave-produced imports from India. Pres. Lincoln takes out a loan from Rothschild in London but later learns the Rothschild bank in France is funding the South. Pres. Lincoln stops repaying debt and starts printing greenbacks. North wins the war. Pres. Lincoln is assassinated by the bankers.

30. British sponsor Meiji Revolution in Japan and overthrow the Shogunate. British use Japan to invade China and loot the country for its gold.

31. 1911, Globalist Elite meet on Jekyll Island, GA to plan a private US Central Bank known as the Federal Reserve. Globalist arrange opposition leaders to the FED go on a cruise with JP Morgan to discuss the issue. The Titanic is sunk. Men are prohibited from entering into lifeboats at gunpoint. 1913, Globalist controlled Woodrow Wilson elected POTUS. Every POTUS since has been a puppet; republican or democrat. Federal Reserve Act pushed through over Christmas Holiday.

32. England fains weakness, and United States fooled into entering WW1 between British and Germans . WW1 is the beginning of the US Military Industrial Complex, and beginning of US Intelligence Service. Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Spanish Monarchy, Russian Monarchy abolished. Weakened England loses control over poppy and opium in Afghanistan. TC Lawrence sent to organize the Arabs against the Turks in Saudi Arabia. The Arabs given the land and helped to develop their oil if 1. They only sell oil in British Pounds 2. They deposit all oil proceeds in British Banks were the bankers can lend 10:1 on the amount of money deposited.

33. US purposefully provokes Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor in a false flag operation. Obsolete battleships left in dock and valuable aircraft carriers knowingly removed. United States fooled into entering WW2 between British, Germans, and Russia. US thinks it won WW2. General Eisenhower pulls General Patton's gas just as they have the German's surrounded and could have ended the war a year early. General Patton is late getting to Berlin and Poland, and FDR gives away all of Eastern Europe to Soviet Union. FDR and Churchill give millions of Cossacks who fought with the Nazi's against the Communists back to Stalin who has most of them murdered or placed into the Siberian Gulag Archipelago. General Patton wakes up to the reality of the conspiracy and is assassinated (Target Patton: the Assassination of General Patton). Japan, upon seeing the US coming from the South, and Russia approaching from the North was surrendering but the US dropped atomic weapons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the 2 cities in Japan with the highest percentage of Japanese Christians. US Transfers nuclear secrets and nuclear material for a bomb to the Soviet :Union.

34. US helps China hide gold from Japan in the Philippines. China is impressed that the US appears to not take any land following WW2. China lends the US 1 Trillion in gold in exchange for US Treasury Bonds to fund Bretton-Woods and to establish the US Dollar as the world reserve currency with a promise that the US would help develop the 3rd world. US supports

35. Cecil Rhodes sets up the Round table. Rhodes invests in gold and diamond mines in South Africa and triggers the Bohr War against the Dutch.

36. International Monetary Fund established to make loans for 3rd-world countries. In the end, a few people in the 3rd-world get rich, The people are worked like slaves to large globalist corporations. Corporations pollute the environment and then leave the people with a debt they can never repay. The IMF trades debt foreignness for eternal control over the countries own naturalization resources. America spreads central banking control. The US is responsible for the overthrow of legitimate governments in many countries, replacing them with corrupt leaders who support the globalist-supported central banking control.

37. Robert Welch, founder of John Birch Society warns that liberals and socialists in America desire to destroy America by weakening the currency, driving up deficits and debt. Nationalizing education, give up national sovereignty to international bodies and governments., and expanding social welfare programs. Robert Welch answer to the threat was to educate. However, Welch forgot to mention the demoralization of America. Therefore, without re-moralization, education is no good because darkness cannot comprehend the light.

38. Ben Bernake tells Milton Friedman that he was right all along that the FED and not tariffs (Elder Reed Smoot) caused the Great Depression by contracting the money supply. Ben Bernake makes several speeches about how contracting the money supply in a fractional reserve banking system will trigger a depression. and that the FED was responsible for the Depression and not tariffs. Bank of International Settlement Basil I Accords contract money supply in Japan causing Japanese Lost Decade. 2007, Bank of International Settlement Basil 2 Accords limit fractional reserve requirements, and together with LIBOR manipulation, and housing market abuse, triggering the Great Recession. Exactly what happened to Japan happened the the US. TARP, QE2, QE3 are zero-percent loans by the Federal Government used to supply banks with money which they purchase their own stock and are purchasing US bonds which artificially props up the stock market. Sterilization is keeping the money out of the real economy where it can trigger greater inflation.

39. After US helps Mujaheddin get Russia out of Afghanistan, unexpectedly, the Taliban take over and prohibit Bacha Bazi, and Poppy growing. Poppy growing emergent sent to Burma. Military takes over government to block globalist control. and opium production. Aung san suu kyi uses as propaganda against the military government. 911 used as a false flag terrorist attack to convince the US to go to war against Alqeada in Afghanistan. Yet, alqeada turns out to be Saudi Arabian supported. And once in Afghanistan, the US goes after Taliban referring to the new objective as "target drift". US and British forces have control of opium production and tell the media that they are phasing opium out slowly but stats show that opium production is up 300% since before the Taliban.

40. The US went to war against Iraq, Libya, and now Iran because these countries were selling oil in alternative currencies other than the dollar or attempting to establish a gold-backed rival currency.

41. Every President of the United States since Woodrow Wilson has been controlled by special interests and a member of the Bohemian Grove which is owned by the Bohemian Club in San Fransisco. Globalist meet and discuss world domination at Davos Switzerland, Bilderberg, the Boule, G20, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, International Monetary Fund, World Bank United Nations, Green Valley Media conference. etc.

42. The end goal is to provoke Russia and China to attack the US via a nuclear first strike and invasion. The goal is to have US citizens loose so much faith that they are ready to abandon the US Constitution to be saved by global governance.

43. Fabian Globalists want to implement the Georgia Guidestones. They want to bread humans like dogs to do certain jobs by genetic subtraction. The elite would keep their full expression of genes while the bread the rest of us. NPR reports scientist have just found how create egg and sperm from donor stem cells. Now they report one day babies will be all produced in a test tube and not in bed by the current method. But we should be excited because we can pick out our babies hair color.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Debate

I agree with CNN and NPR that Romney easily won the debate against Pres. Obama last night. Pres. Obama couldn't look Gov. Romney in the eyes the whole evening.

In spite of the clear victory the media attacks Romney on not giving enough specifics. However I'm not sure what they were looking for. Not sure how much more specific you can get when it comes to explaining that instead of raising taxes you can reduce deficits by cutting spending; then lowering tax rates while eliminating exemptions.

By lowering tax rates, government tax revenue increases as businesses pay less tax, hire more employees, reduce unemployment, and increase the number of citizens paying taxes. The State of Michigan demonstrated how raising taxes reduces government revenue because raising tax rates created more unemployment and less people paying taxes.

Not sure how much more specific Romney should've been about becoming more energy independent. What more can you say then he supports drilling in Alaska, drilling offshore, burning clean coal and building pipelines.

How much more specific can you be about healthcare then talking about Romneycare which has already been implemented and works in the state of Massachusetts. The State of Mass helps individual citizens pay for private healthcare.

The truth about specifics is that United States President isn't a dictator. The president should govern on principles and allow the legislature and the individual states to decide the specific details.

This is the problem with Pres Obama who thinks the President should appoint Czars and unelected boards that dictate to the rest of the country exactly what we should do.

It seems much of the mainstream media will concede that Romney easily won the debate but just claimed that nothing in Gov Romney said was true. Now we are seeing the mainstream media trying to debate Romney after-the-fact the way Pres. Obama was unable too.

What are the most compelling things about Romney and his vision plan for America is that it's not a nice sounding theory but is proven. Romney is not just talking about being able to return American to prosperity. Romney spent his life returning American business to profitability. When he was governor of Massachusetts he balanced the budget while lowering taxes. And at the same time getting everyone insured under RomneyCare and maintaining low unemployment and #1 schools.

There is no inaccuracies or lies or 1/2 truths or deception in Romney's record. Romney promises that he can do for America what he has already done for countess businesses, and for Massachusetts.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Latest Media Attack on Romney

The Obama campaign has released a video from 1985 where a young Romney is talking about the Bain Capital business strategy. The attack on Romney centers on the comment of buying undervalued companies and then in 5 to 8 years time harvesting their investment at a profit.

While it is nowhere stated in the video, Theo Obama campaign links this "harvesting" comment to bankruptcy and off-shoring and job loss. What the media leaves out is Romney's comment about helping companies "realize their potential value".

The important point here when it comes to bankrupt companies that the media continually fails to point out, is that this Romney's handling of bankruptcy is how bankruptcy should be performed. Romney's not picking a profitable company and leaving them bankrupt. If Bain capital chose to invest in a struggling company it was already failing and bankrupt. Instead of a government bailout like GM, the Romney strategy it was to reorganize and restructure the company keeping the profitable parts of the company and eliminating those parts of the company that were failing and not profitable.

The Romney/Bain Capital system is how bankruptcy is to be done and has nothing to do with off-shoring jobs to China it has to do with how bankruptcy should be handled and saving valuable US companies and returning them to profitability without needing a federal government bailout.

When a failing company goes through bankruptcy and restructuring instead of getting a bailout, do some people loose their jobs? Yes, but many more Americans keep their jobs, and a good American company is saved and returns to profitability.

When you save a bankrupt company from collapse, do the restructuring investors make money? Yes, because the one-time worthless stock rises as the company returns to viability and profitability.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tariffs and the Great Depression

My son in taking a social studies class in Middle School and came to me today after reading in his textbook that tarrifs caused or exacerbated the Great Depression. I was impressed that he remembered that I have discussed this issue with him and that I and many others disagree.

While textbooks blame the Hawly-Smoot Tariff Act for worsening the Great Depression, not everyone agrees that protectionist policies caused the Great Depression. Economists, Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz maintain that the FED and not tariffs caused the Great Depression. Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz said the FED's contraction of the money supply is what triggered the Depression. (A Monetary History of the United States, 1963)

The FED initially rejected this analysis, but a recent comments by FED chair Ben Bernanke demonstrates how he views this issue. In 2002, Ben Bernanke spoke at Milton Friedman's 90th Birthday and jokes that Milt was correct all along that the FED caused the great depression by contracting the money supply in a fractional reserve system:

"Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again."

Later in 2004, Ben Bernanke spoke at the Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia again expresses support for the monetorist theory of money, and the FED's role in exacerbating the Great Depression by increasing interest rates several times, and advocating several banking holidays which exacerbated cash and gold hording.

"Finally, perhaps the most important lesson of all is that price stability should be a key objective of monetary policy. By allowing persistent declines in the money supply and in the price level, the Federal Reserve of the late 1920s and 1930s greatly destabilized the U.S. economy and, through the workings of the gold standard, the economies of many other nations as well."

The American Civil War was fought over protectionism and tariffs among other reasons. In the beginning, the South didn't need to industrialize like the North because of slavery. But eventually the South recognized that machine-power beat man-power. As the South industrialized, they resented having to pay higher prices to the North for machines. The South preferred to buy cheap slave-produced goods and machinery from importers like the East India Trading Company instead if the North. This resentment over Tariffs vs. “Free-Trade” was one of the major economic reasons behind the American Civil War.

Unfortunately, FDR's blame of the Great Depression on tariffs is what turned the traditionally protectionist Republican Party towards “Free-Trade”. Famous Protectionist Republican US Presidents include: Lincoln, McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, and Hoover. Unfortunately, because of mistaken general consensus, the economic policy of “Free-Trade” has robbed our county of domestic industrial and manufacturing infrastructure, millions of skilled jobs, and much of our self-reliance.

LDS Apostle/US Senator Reed Smoot did not cause the Great Depression and War (WW2) did not end it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Armada Amassing in Strait of Hormuz

News reports naval vessels from many countries amassing in the Strait of Hormuz to prevent an Iranian blockade in response to an attack by Israel. A blockade by Iran on the Strait would send oil prices over $200/barrel. Oil at that price would destroy the US economy faster than Fed Chair, Ben Bernanke's announcement of QE3 which calls for the indefinite printing of $40 billion every month until the economy recovers.

The problem with all these ships in the Persian Gulf is that they are all sitting ducks to anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles. None of these slow-moving ships has any defense against modern anti-ship missiles. So, when Israel strikes Iran, Iran will sink every ship in the Gulf and blockade the Strait. In response, the US will again allow itself to be goated into going to war.

The consequences of being lured into war with Iran will be disastrous fit the US. Russia and China are making ready for the ultimate retaliation.

Cooperation vs. Winner-Take-All?

During the Democratic convention Pres. Obama made a critical and deceptive mischaracterization on Romney which has not been rebutted. Pres. Obama said that this election would come down to a difference of vision for this country. According to Pres. Obama the vision of the Republican Party was "winner-take-all" while the vision of Pres. Obama was an America where each citizen felt a responsibility to cooperate with and help one another. This "winner-take-all" characterization by the DNC of the RNC is a gross mischaracterization.

"Winner-take-all" philosophy is the philosophy of Ayn Rand and her godless, individualistic, objectivist, meritocracy. The philosophy of Ayn Rand is not the vision Traditional Conservatives have for this nation.

Traditional Constitutional Conservatives recognize we all have a sacred responsibility to help one another in this nation. However, it's not the job of the Federal Government to force people to help. Those that need help need to freely ask and those that can help should freely give. Traditional charitable giving blesses both the asker and the giver. Government welfare hurts both sides.

Ayn Rand was wrong about her Meritocracy. This nation is built upon the principle of self-government according to the "golden rule". Our leaders were to be elected on the basis of virtue and not merit.

Natural Child Birth

Let me be clear from the start. First, I recognize that modern medicine is far from perfect. And Doctors are even further from perfect. But the problems and imperfections in medicine are not a reason to reject the whole thing. Citizens need to educate themselves and keep what's good and try to avoid the bad parts.

Next, I think there is a place in medicine for Certified Nurse Midwives. CNMs should operate just like other midlevel providers like nurse anesthetists or PA,s. OB/Gyn specialists do not need to attend low-risk deliveries. Jesus Christ taught "the whole hath no need of a physician, but them that are sick". Pregnant females are not sick. However, and OB and a Neonatologist should be at hand as backup in case something goes wrong with the delivery. Doctors should not be seeing well patients and doing well checks. It's a waste. Doctors should devote their time to seeing the sick in all areas of medicine. Doctors should train nurses and PA's to see well checks.

When it comes to having a natural birth without any medication. I'm okay with this. I get that some women want to have the experience or want to practice techniques to deal with pain. Women have been having babies without medical intervention for thousands of years. However, we should never forget that giving birth historically was the most dangerous time for mother and baby. In the old days women and babies just died if anything went wrong. Today, third-world countries still suffer high infant mortality due to a lack of basic neonatal resuscitation. Women can go natural if they wish but should not put their baby at risk by depriving them of access to medical care or intervention in the case a routine delivery doesn't end up routine.

Last week my wife was invited to a meeting of women who had lost babies though miscarriage or stillbirth. In reality, the meeting turned out to be a group of women advocating for home-birth (very bad idea).

Ruth was concerned that this conservative group, who were advocates of midwifery and home-births, were using all the same arguments for abortion to defend home-births. Ruth was surprised when she heard conservative Christian women using the same arguments to support homebirth as liberal pro-choice movement does to support abortion.

One particular woman shared her grief at not being able to have a natural birth and "give birth" so-to-speak. After laboring at home for 36 hours, she was rushed to the hospital for a crash C-section. The entire incident caused this women great disappointed because the birth didn't go how she had planned. Instead of being grateful for medicine saving her and her babies life, she resented it.

My wife represented other polar-opposite end of the spectrum. Not only am I a MD, but Ruth's father is a neonatologist and teaches neonatal resuscitation all over the world. Ruth's brother, and uncle are both pediatricians. Ruth, summed up her feeling to this point by saying, having lost a baby at 32 weeks, she would have been happy however her baby would have been birthed.

I don't really understand this "give birth" concept which involves depriving your baby access to modern medical intervention. Again, the birth process is historically the riskiest the most life-threatening time for mother and baby. There is nothing "giving" about denying your baby access to modern healthcare if it is needed. Also, there is nothing "giving" about a mother planning a birth like she is planning her wedding. I feel that women who truly wish to "give birth" should make sure that the birthing process is more focused on providing for the needs of their baby first.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio is a hobby that has a lot of depth to it. There are so many facets that an operator/enthusist could explore. Here is a list:

HF: Using shortwave radio bands to communicate from 160-10 meters to talk regionally or long distance.
DX: Talking to radio operators who live in distance locations and countries.
Beacon: continuous transmitting station on a specific frequency for use in determining band openings and radio propagation quality.

VHF/UHF: Using higher frequencies like 2-meters or 440 MHz to talk to other radio operators locally.
Repeaters: setting up repeater radio with an antenna on a tower or mountain that facilitates communications throughout a local area. Repeater linking lets operators talk with operators in a neighboring location.
VOIP: Repeaters can be connected by the Internet allowing operators to connect to other EchoLink repeaters all over the world.
Satellite: using VHF/UHF to contact ham radio satellites and connect to operators in distant lands. Talk to astronauts on ISS.
Moonbounce(EME): using high power VHF/UHF to bounce radio off the moon and make distant contacts using line-of-sight, local frequencies.

Homebrew: building your own equipment.
Antennas: designing, constructing, and using your own antennas: wire, beam, vertical, phase-array.
Radios: building your own radio receivers or transcievers from scratch or kit.
Powersupply: building your own power supplies.
Antenna Tuners: building your own antenna tuner/match
Amplifiers: building your own amps.

Event Stations: set up a radio station during an event and publicize the event to other radio operators.
Contesting: participating in contests to see who can make the most contacts.
Paper Chasing: getting ARRLs awards for "worked all states", "worked all continents" etc.
QSL Cards: Sending and receiving colorful postcards that confirm radio contact with operators all over the world.

Digital Modes: Communicate via CW key or computer. Morse Code, Packet, Fast and Slow Scan TV, Teletype, PSK, Spread-spectrum, etc. Receive E-mail over the radio using an Internet-linked Gateway and TNC.
Software: design software to interface with and control your radio or to send digital modes over the radio.
APRS: automatic packet reporting system. Send and relay your GPS position or set up a weather station that sends telemetry data.

Community Service: provide volunteer radio communications for large events like marathons, triathlons, bike races, and parades.
Disaster Response: participate in disaster drills and provide communications in times of emergency.
Mobile Radio: use HF/VHF/UHF radio from your car, plane, boat, or hot-air balloon.
Emergency: use battery, solar or other alternative power in preparation for emergencies.
Weather: Skywarn nets pass information on storm conditions directly to National Weather Service.
QRP: low power radio communications < 5 Watts.
Direction Finding: Activity were operators race to locate a hidden source of radio transmission using a directional antenna.

Nets: Organize and hold weakly or daily nets on HF or VHF frequencies bring together radio operators with similar interests.
Trade: Attending HamFests, swap meets or traders nets and buying, selling, or trading radio gear and related electronic equipment.
Vintage Radio: restoring, collecting and operating antique radios.

Education: teaching ham radio classes and/or being a VEC or volunteer examiner. Developing learning materials, courses or teaching devices.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reducing Health Care Costs

ACEP, the professional association for Emergency Physicians has established a "task force" with a goal to see where we ED physicians can reduce healthcare costs. The focus of the group seems to be on "clinical decision" rules that are used by ED physicians to guide our decisions about when to order more invasive or expensive tests.

I am all about treating DVT as an out-patient with the appropriate setting. I treat and street lots of things like chf, afib, copd if the pt improves and can see their doctor the next day. I also think its important to know the various managed-care derived Canadian C-spine rules, Ottawa knee and ankle rules, and straight leg raise/hip fracture and various other clinical decision tools (San Fransisco Syncope, CENTOR criteria, PORT Score, TIMI/Grace Risk, PERC, NIH Stroke, etc)

However, when it comes to lowering healthcare costs, there is nothing more expensive than missing a diagnosis as well as missing the expectation of the patient. In many cases, I may suggest my initial impression based on a clinical tool to the patient. However, because the patient is not paying, their anxiety about their symptoms may exceed their trust of the ED Physician and our clinical opinions. The Media and other phycians don't help ED Physician public perception. ED docs are the least trusted and respected physician.

If the person is anxious enough about their symptom and clinical decisions and therapeutic/diagnostic treatment is not helping the symptom or the patient anxiety, the patient is going to probably get the X-ray, or the GI referral for the EGD/HIDA scan or be admitted to the Obs unit for a cardiac stress test (unless age 24 and low TIMI risk).

Using clinical rules to save money is great but a failure by the physician to validate/address patient concerns and expectations will result in greater healthcare costs by the patient going to another ED saying "the other ED did nothing for me". Or the patient bringing legal action against the ED doctor for a missed diagnosis and bad outcome because "that ED doctor didn't do anything for me". The jury rewards the plaintiff for any bad outcome (regardless of clinical rules).

Ignoring patient anxieties and mistrust of doctors clinical decisions negatively affects patient satisfaction scores. "they didn't do anything for me" perception will earn a poor evaluation score regardless of the quality of the clinical decisions.

Furthermore, many clinical decision rules depend on history and clinical signs. Patients are routinely very unreliable in giving a history anpanicking good effort in the physical exam. Therefore, clinical rules have limited application in many patients. Sometimes you don't know who is giving an incomplete history or who is not giving good effort on exam.

Finally, patients that can be successfully treated conservatively and discharged from the ED without testing need to have an availible primary source of care. Again, many times patient anxiety and perceptions and discouragement and not having access to usual source of care (frustration at not getting am appointment with their PCP) is projected onto the ED doctor resulting in greater mistrust and worse patient satisfaction with the ED.

Radiological testing and invasive diagnostics can be excluded in Patients who are triaged to main ED in referral-center Hospital with high pre-test probability of disease where their anxiety about having to pay for the radiological study and their trust of the ED physician and the clinical decision rule outways their anxiety about their symptoms and a clinical rule rules out the need for the more invasive/expensive test. The patients have to be dependable, have an available primary source of care, and give a good history and good effort in exam.

Radiological testing and invasive diagnostics should not be excluded in Patients who are triaged to main ED in referral-center Hospital with high pre-test probability of disease where anxiety about their symptoms outway their trust of the ED physician, the clinical decision rule, and the financial burden of paying for the radiological or other expensive diagnostic procedure. Tests may be ordered if patients are not dependable, have no primary source of care, and fail to give a good history and good effort in exam.

The answer to saving healthcare costs does not rest with the ED. We are the safety net. Yet it seems too much responsibiliy for patient satisfaction vs clinical decision is being placed on our shoulders. Give ED docs a break. We only have a few clinical labs, a few X-rays and a CT scanner at our disposal anyways. In a majority of cases, considering the incidence and pre-test probability of patients in my ED who are triaged to be seem by the ED physician vs ExpressCare/minor tx, I don't consider any ED test to be causing more harm than benefit. Also, if the patient is triaged to the main ED, getting the labs and CT doesn't prolong their stay. What prolongs a stay is to not order the labs and studies initially and have to reorder later.

In reality, incidence of disease and pre-test probability is such that most people triaged to the main ED in some future time I predict all patients will be getting a level-1 diagnostic which would include a noninvasive full body scan and finger-prick capillary action lab panel on a chip. A doctor wouldnt need to order anything.

If you want to save healthcare costs, then focus on primary prevention. We need stronger families because it's mommy and daddy that do real primary prevention and not your doctor. If your talking to your doctor (except ob or peds) about prevention then it's probably too late.

Second, we need to stop poisoning and abusing ourselves with pornography, recreational sex, alcohol, cannibis, tobacco, illicit drugs, fluoride, etc.

Various rules have already been compiled by MedCalc 3000

There are no institutional barriers. This is how I currently practice. The barriers in the way of my current practice are "socialist/liberal progressives" who have have been fooled by the "Bohemian Grove/Fabian/Bilderberg/Davos/New-World-Order/Global Governance elite" into forming all these "sustainable task forces" which are designed to destroy the foundations of self- and local-government established by the US Constitution. It's these same "special interests" who wrote Obamacare and have established physician reimbursement which will now be based on some arbitrary quality factor. Instead of focusing on the wealthy elite who profiteer off of healthcare, they turn us against ourselves by having "sustainable task forces" impose burdensome regulations such as penalties for ordering too many CT scans.

Sometimes clinical decision rules are wrong. I routinely look for at risk factors in addition to history and physical exam when deciding to order a test. many times a vague complaint "I feel bad" can turn out to be a silent MI. Missing the MI because the patient didn't say they had chest pain or were short of breath is what adds to health care costs. ED Labs are a very small cost in comparison. All ED labs are done on automated machines. Again, high incidence of disease in main ED reduces harm by false positives.

Most importantly, the largest contributors to the rising cost of healthcare is the federal government via inflation and then a steady decrease in federal and state government reimbursement. As government reduces reimbursement, healthcare increases costs to keep pace. Since when can anyone walk into a Walmart and walk out with a $500 TV and tell them they will take $250 and like it. Secondly, the beuracracy between the patients and the doctor adds to the costs. Why can't communities get no-interest loans to build their own non-profit hospitals? Why do hospitals need a board of wealthy investment capitalists to profiteer off physician labor and disease? It's these same wealthy globalist investors who turn our attention away from their profit taking and fool us into turning against ourselves to penny pinch in the name of "sustainable growth"

The way to reducing cost in healthcare is the same way you reduce costs in industry. The secret is to reduce the number of people involved in the process. The more people involved, the more inefficient and expensive the process. Just consider how many extraneous people stand between the patient and the doctor. The key is using technology to reduce the number of people required in the process.

I have made the point that if we really wanted to reduce healthcare costs, after first reducing overall visits to the ED by providing patients with readily available sources of care, it is my opinion that every patient seen in a major referral ED could have some sort of non-invasive head-to-toe body scan and micro-capillary blood and urine panel. You may argue, that indiscriminately running a panel of tests on every main ED patient would cause harm due to false positives. I would remind you that false positives are only significant when there is a low prevalence of disease in the population. But when it comes to ED patients, the prevalence of disease is much higher than the general population.

If you don't believe me that the prevalence of disease in the ED population could justifies panel testing. This is exactly the reasoning the CDCis using to support HIV screening of all patients in the ED. If the CDC can justify screening ED patients for HIV, then any other ED diagnosis is justifiable. But until we have the technology to do it, well just have to decide what few ED tests to order on an individual patient basis.

Factors Required To Apply Clinical Decision Rule to exclude additional test.
1. Accurate, precise and valid clinical decision rule.
2. Patient trusts physician clinical judgement.
3. This is not 2nd visit where clinical decision rule has already been applied.
4. Patient can give good history
5. Patient gives good effort on physician exam.
6. Patient has low pretest probability for disease.
7. Patient has availible primary care follow up.
8. Patient anxiety about disease does not exceed anxiety about cost or invasiveness of procedure or test.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ron Paul vs LDS Attack; Terahertz Scanners

I thought Ron Paul would need to run 3rd-party to hurt Romney. However, the RNC's blatant persecution of Ron Paul supporters is doing the damage on its own without Paul having to run at all. The LDS piece on NBC Brian Williams last night was much more of a subtle attack beginning by saying the Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith in the First Vision. Conversely, the attack on Ron Paul is obvious. They want Ron Paul supporters to take sides against the RNC. When it comes to attacking the LDS Church, the attack must be subtle to prevent people from taking sides.

Question: why is government ramping up surveillance when a future EMP attack will eventually wipe out all the infrastructure? Is surveillance what they want or is it division? Or are they sending info to China?

Alex Jones generates considerable fear and suspicion over possible health effects of the airport body scanner. While I am no fan of body scanners, I wanted to address any fear over possible health effects from Terahertz radiation. First off we should first realize that all CCD cameras potentially can see through clothing. To prevent embarassing pictures, CCD chips use IR filters to filter the terahertz/Infrared light that passes through clothing but not water. These airport scanners are based on the same technology. There is no good evidence that terahertz/infrared light causes any physical harm. Terahertz/Infrared light is non-ionizing and cannot penetrate through liquid water. Conversely, 2.45 GHz/915 MHz microwaves (microwave oven) cause heating from dielectric effects/ absorption by water. In the case of Terahertz radiation, the scanner works because water reflects these wavelengths rather than absorbing them.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hollywood, with movies like the "Terminator", and "I, Robot" tell terrorizing stories about robots with artificial intelligence taking over the world. In my view, robotics and technology is not a problem but a grand solution. Much of our agriculture, industry, manufacturing is done by unskilled labor. Recently, the US has off-shored these unskilled jobs to China and the third world. In the US, undocumented migrant workers stream across the border to do this unskilled/minimal skill work.

In my mind, unskilled labor should be done by machines and robots. All production and manufacturing should be automated and robotic from start to finish. The only human workers should be the skilled and well-paid engineers and technicians who keep the machines and assembly lines running smoothly 24/7. There is no reason in my mind why my iPhone and many other devices couldn't be made by a automated robot from start to finish (Eg Lego Factory). Human labor is the most expensive and inefficient component of the manufacturing process.

Robert Welch, JBS and Morality

Robert Welch was the founder of the conservative John Birch Society in 1958. JBS is dedicated to the mission of protecting traditional American Constitutional government from the encroachment of socialism by the progressive left and erosion of individual rights and freedoms as well as the protection of national sovereignty from international governance.

Amazingly. way back in 1958 Robert Welch articulated the exact agenda of the progressive socialist left and neocon right to surrender national sovereignty to international governance, grow the federal government, institute numerous expensive socialist programs, increase taxes, create overwhelming federal budget deficits, weaken the national currency through inflation, establish federal price controls, and federalize the education system.

Unfortunately, Robert Welch left out 1 critical area of attack which omission doomed his planned education remedy to complete failure. Mr. Welch forgot to mention the Fabian Socialist plan to attack and debase traditional American morality, values, and virtue. This was the critical omission.

Why was forgetting virtue so critical ? Mr Welch missed the immoral revolution of the 1960s that had already started in the 1950s. He should have realized that the JBS could not effectively educate an immoral generation. "Darkness cannot comprehend light" (John 1:5). Ideas of self-government, responsibility, individual liberty, don't make the same kind of sense to an immoral person like they do a moral one.

Immoral people tend to want what they see as best for themselves now. Moral people tend to choose that which is best for the most people in the long term. Moral people will choose that which benefits the majority even if it means they must make personal sacrifice in the short or even the long term. A moral person lives their life or gives their life for the good of their country. And immoral person would not and cannot comprehend why others would or could behave against their own self interest let alone understanding why they should.