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Random Health Issues

High fructose corn syrup = 1/2 fructose 1/2 glucose
Sucrose (cane or beet sugar) = 1/2 fructose 1/2 glucose

If you want natural sugar that every cell in your body uses as fuel and does not go to the liver to get detoxified and does not get converted to triglycerides and does not inhibit leptin, and does not contribute to insulin resistance, you should use 100% dextrose = 100% glucose.

Back Pain, Lumber Strain, and Sciatica

1. Acute Medical Management. Muscle Relaxation, (Valium 5-10mg TID), Anti-inflammatory (Motrin 800mg TID),(Naproxen 500mg BID), (Diclofenac 75mg BID), Opioid (Hydrocodone 5/500mg q6hrs), +/- Steroid (Decadron 16mg x1)(Prednisone 60mg Daily x 5days).

[Avoid Flexeril, Robaxin because they generally don't work well, Valium is best]

2. Physical Therapy. Daily Gentle Stretching as tolerated (hold knee to chest while supine), (twist upper shoulder opposite knees while supine). Massage Therapy: deep massage. Posture: use lumber support or firm pillow in lumbar area while seated in the car, or on couch or recliner to maintain proper lumbar curvature and prevent slouching. Restrict lifting.

[Avoid Chiropractors]

3. Weight loss (Weight Watchers or free Exercise Program.

Concern Over Immunizations

Immunizations are an excellent idea. Generally serious side effects from immunizations are much less than documented rates of complications from illnesses such as Tetanus, Pertussis, Measles, Polio, and HFluB. However, there are concerns about additives in certain vaccines.

1. Thermiserol is a mercury-based preservative. Having worked with organic mercury in the lab I will tell you that it tends to denature protein and coagulate in the bottom of a vial. If there is a link with Autism, this may explain the 1/100 rate as 1/100 children would get the injection of the denatured mercury per bottle of 100 doses.

2. Squalene Adjuvant is an additive to potentate the immune response. Squalene is sometimes conjugated to a surfactant. In reality, the surfactant is the adjuvant itself and Squalene is an important precursor for the production of Cholesterol, Vitamin D, Cortisol, and Sex hormones. If a person were to develop autoimmunity to Squalene, it would leave them sterile, immunocompromised, and demented.

3. SV40 is a monkey virus found in the older polio vaccine that was produced in cell cultures using monkey kidney cells. SV40 is a proto-oncogenic virus that inserts cancer-causing genes into the human genome that manifest much later in life when a person becomes immunosuppressed. in this case the virus inhibited p53 tumor suppressor gene. SV40 can be vertically transmitted from infected parents to offspring.

4. B-HCG linked Tetanus Toxoid. Tetanus Toxoid vaccines were reported conjugated with human pregnancy hormone in Mexico and the Philippines. This combination resulted in autoimmunity to the pregnancy hormone and spontaneous miscarriages and sterility in women.

"Clinical profile and Toxicology Studies on Four Women Immunized with Pr-B-hCG-TT," Contraception, February, 1976, pp. 253-268.

[the entire issue is dedicated to this]

5. H-ras, bcr-abl, src, and C-myc proto-oncogenes (tumor causing) carried by DNA or RNA viruses or simply DNA plasmids that can contaminate vaccines. Typically, vaccines use an Vitamin E analog as an additive to prevent immediate tumor formation at the injection site thus concealing the inoculation.


Preventing Opioid Addiction

Doctors can be partly to blame for the rise in opioid addiction. Here is how to best educate patients in the responsible use of opioid analgesic to to prevent addiction.

1. Prescribe the correct pain reliever for the specific kind of pain. Use steroids and NSAID anti-inflammatories for inflammation. Use muscle relaxers for muscle spasms (Valium is best, avoid Flexeril). Use Lyrica or Elivil for neuropathic pain.

2. After a combination of pain relievers are used, add opioids last for breakthrough pain. Because opioids mask pain and do not work in the site of pain, the patient must rest. Patients get in trouble when they mask pain, engage in routine activity and feel worse and are worse when the opioid wears off. Plus, the opioid alone may not work well for different kinds of pain prompting higher and higher doses leading to problems with tolerance and withdrawal. Then the patient can't tell what was the original pain and what is withdrawal pain.

3. Remember exercise, weightless, deep massage, and physical therapy can all be very helpful for pain disorders.

Kidney Stones, Phosphate and Fluoride

Most Kidney Stones are a combination of calcium and oxalate. In addition to genetics, there are dietary factors tgat can lead to stone formation. Calcium is everywhere. You cannot and should not exclude it from your diet. It will leach out of your bones if you don't get it in your diet. In reality dietary calcium is protective against stone formation as it binds oxalate in your stomach preventing absorption. Thus oxalate from nuts and veggies forms a harmless precipitate in your stomach and is excreted in your stool (number 2). If oxalate is not bound by calcium in the stomach then it will be absorbed and excreted by the kidneys (number 1) and available to meet up with calcium leading to stone formation.

While I would never recommend excluding nuts and veggies. The real dietary concern is eating too much phosphate and fluoride that binds up calcium. If you take in too much fluoride and phosphate, that will bind up the calcium before the calcium can bind up the oxalate. High phosphate and phosphoric acid is found in Dark Sodas like Coke. Coke's phosphoric acid is commonly used to clean battery cables and unclog gastric tubes. High Fluoride can be found in many instant sweat teas.

Fluoride and Atherosclerosis and Heart Attacks

When you look at X-rays and CT scans of old people, everything is calcified. Calcified plaques in coronary arteries can lead to clot rupture, Thrombosis and acute MI. Also, calcifications of the arteries leads to high blood pressure. Furthermore, calcifications in the brain and other organs leads to dysfunction like thyroid disease.

Fluoride is one of the most reactive and toxic substances known. Taking Fluoride is not any smarter than ingesting Mercury and Arsenic as they did 1-200 years ago. Sure, Fluoride might kill bacteria in your mouth, but the issue is what else does it do in your body over a lifetime.

Fluoride in toothpaste is NaF or sodium fluoride. NaF is not absorbed by the body. However, some of the NaF is aways in equilibrium with water and forms a small amount of HF. Hydroflouric acid easily absorbs through all tissues all the way to the bone. HF is called a weak acid, but this is a bit of a misnomer. The weak part refers to its dissociation constant. As HF is absorbs deep into the body tissues. Then when the F- ion disassociates, it then is ready to react and do damage to whatever it sees first.

Since Calcium binds so well and so permanently with F- and is used as the antidote for HF exposure, calcifications tend to show areas of increased fluoride damage in the body.


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