Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whats up with FLDS Warren Jeffs?

Warren Jeff's leads a religious sect of polygamist known as the FLDS Church. One of their major settlements is Hildale on the border of Arizona and Utah. Being of the border of two states had the advantage that when authorities came from Utah, residents would all run to the AZ side and visa versa.

The FLDS Church has nothing whatever do do with the LDS, Mormon or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You cannot be polygamist and be Mormon. The LDS Church immediately excommunicates anyone for polygamy. The FEDs have pretty much left the FLDS group alone. Except more recently, the group started another settlement in Texas. However, in Texas, the sect had nowhere to run too. When Texas authorities arrived, Warren JeffSSRIs arrested and convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault.

The whole Warren Jeffs affair was big in the news 4 years ago during the Romney campaign. Now that it is campaign time again, I am not surprised to see Jeffs and the FLDS group in the news again. The media know very well many Americans mistakenly confuse the FLDS with the LDS Church.

Recently, the FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, who is being held in a Texas prison, has been permitted to pass communications on to his religious sect and the messages have been very unusual and apocalyptic.

According to media reports, Jeffs has called his FLDS group to repentance. As part of this repentance, Jeffs has made some very unusual requests; among them are: everyone is to be rebaptized, they are to stop polygamy and only live with one wife, they are not to have any sexual relations at all for the next year, and they ate to pay 40% tithing to the church.

Media reports say that many of the FLDS are leaving the religion. But this doesn't mean that they will become LDS. You can't be polygamist and LDS. But, what I assume will happen is that many will join other very small related polygamist groups scattered throughout Idaho, Montana, Utah and Arizona.

However, if the call to celibacy wasn't enough, Warren Jeffs has also been making numerous apocalyptic prophecies. In reality, none of his prophecies are anything new. Which is actually the interesting part of whole situation.

1. Predicts great earthquake that will cause the prison walls to fall.
2. Predicts a great burning of Babylon which he defines as the United States of America.
3. Predicts invasion of foreign armies from 3 fronts; east coast, west coast and from the Southern border.
4. Tsunami along East Coat of US, Seattle, Australia.

Here is the link to a google map keeping track of the many Warren Jeffs apocalyptic prophecies.

Jeffs is also calling the United States to repentance and says God will pour out these judgements on the US if it doesn't repent. The specific things the US must do to avoid judgement is:

1. Free Warren Jeffs and associates from prison.
2. Cease to persecute FLDS
3. Remove all homosexuals from US Military.
4. Stop all offensive/preemptive wars and aggression against other nations.

Now, what do I think about these prophecies? Well, I agree with the stop of preemptive aggression. I also think it was a mistake to reverse "don't ask don't tell". As far as the apocalyptic judgements go; everyone should know that Russia and China are getting ready to execute a massive nuclear firststrike on America and invade with the help of Mexico from the east coast, west coast and from Mexico. The international community is fed up with the bullying of the US and have settled on a plan to divide up the US into 4 republics. This is nothing new. If the US goes to war with Iran, that will be the last straw. I am many others like Joel Skousen have been talking about this for some time.

So If I think some of Jeffs predictions are plausible, where is he getting his revelation? Having read the several letters he has published from jail, these are not inspired of God. How do I know? Because even through God does judge the wicked, he is also compassionate, and with the judgement always communicates a message of compassion and sorrow about having to pass judgement on the wicked. I sense no compassion or godly sorrow in Jeffs letters. There are other reasons as well but this is number one .

So where do Jeffs predictions they come from? 1. Satan 2. SSSS technology claims to send a signal to your brain making think you are hearing a voice in your head. Rumor has it that SSS technology was used at Guantanamo Bay to convince Muslim enemy combatants that Allah was commanding them to confess. Also, during Gulf War 1, thousands of Iraqi soldiers were convinced to surrender 3. Insanity.

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