Friday, August 24, 2012

Ron Paul vs LDS Attack; Terahertz Scanners

I thought Ron Paul would need to run 3rd-party to hurt Romney. However, the RNC's blatant persecution of Ron Paul supporters is doing the damage on its own without Paul having to run at all. The LDS piece on NBC Brian Williams last night was much more of a subtle attack beginning by saying the Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith in the First Vision. Conversely, the attack on Ron Paul is obvious. They want Ron Paul supporters to take sides against the RNC. When it comes to attacking the LDS Church, the attack must be subtle to prevent people from taking sides.

Question: why is government ramping up surveillance when a future EMP attack will eventually wipe out all the infrastructure? Is surveillance what they want or is it division? Or are they sending info to China?

Alex Jones generates considerable fear and suspicion over possible health effects of the airport body scanner. While I am no fan of body scanners, I wanted to address any fear over possible health effects from Terahertz radiation. First off we should first realize that all CCD cameras potentially can see through clothing. To prevent embarassing pictures, CCD chips use IR filters to filter the terahertz/Infrared light that passes through clothing but not water. These airport scanners are based on the same technology. There is no good evidence that terahertz/infrared light causes any physical harm. Terahertz/Infrared light is non-ionizing and cannot penetrate through liquid water. Conversely, 2.45 GHz/915 MHz microwaves (microwave oven) cause heating from dielectric effects/ absorption by water. In the case of Terahertz radiation, the scanner works because water reflects these wavelengths rather than absorbing them.

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