Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hollywood, with movies like the "Terminator", and "I, Robot" tell terrorizing stories about robots with artificial intelligence taking over the world. In my view, robotics and technology is not a problem but a grand solution. Much of our agriculture, industry, manufacturing is done by unskilled labor. Recently, the US has off-shored these unskilled jobs to China and the third world. In the US, undocumented migrant workers stream across the border to do this unskilled/minimal skill work.

In my mind, unskilled labor should be done by machines and robots. All production and manufacturing should be automated and robotic from start to finish. The only human workers should be the skilled and well-paid engineers and technicians who keep the machines and assembly lines running smoothly 24/7. There is no reason in my mind why my iPhone and many other devices couldn't be made by a automated robot from start to finish (Eg Lego Factory). Human labor is the most expensive and inefficient component of the manufacturing process.

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