Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Independent Monetary System

There are numerous conspiracy videos online designed to make the opposition look silly. And they are very effective. Truth is the Book of Mormon warns us about conspiracy infiltration. Washington politicians talk endlessly about "special interests". And we are all helplessly watching the US econony swirl the toilet.

All the stuff about central banking control and the FED is mostly true. The problem is that our money is controlled by the Fabian Globalists. We can't fix this country without 1. Repentance. 2. developing an independent monetary system.

Gold is not a good system. The problem with Gold alone is there just isnt enough (hoarding). This is a major excuse for fractional reserves. No currency has ever been 100% gold backed. Every gov that issues gold-backed currency always prints more $ than gold

The correct monetary system will be a full-reserve/monetary-based system where currency is based on land, real-estate, and all proven natural resources (gold also). Think of the third world. Every country has land and can build houses and buildings and has some natural resources. Therefore, every nation should be able to print their own currency sufficient so that their people can buy and develop the land, build houses, and mine their natural resources.

Loans are the point of money creation. Loans to buy land, loans to build houses, loans to mine resources should be interest-free/non-profit/fee-based. There should be no inflation. This system is called the "Safety Society System".

We could fix the world economy right now if we could get rid of all the Gads. Thats what gives me hope is knowing there is a solution. I've written several posts on SSS that explain it in more detail.

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