Monday, November 05, 2012

Globalist Agenda

I just wanted to post a reminder about what the true intent of the globalist/Gadianton/Fabians/Special Interests is. The Special Intetests that control Washington DC and many other countries around the world have set up Russia and China to attack the US. If you read "Perestroika Deception" you will know that the fall of the USSR was false. The Russian Oligarchs like Boris Berezovsky still control that country, and other Globalist control them.

One day, Russia and China will attack the US beginning with a nuclear firststrike on military targets. The Russians have been violating treaties and modernizing their nuclear arsenal for many years while the US has been unilaterally disarming. There is no more MAD. If the US is hit, we will not retaliate. Clinton took our missiles off automatic launch and you know Pres. Obama would never push the red button. He'd stand us down just like he did in Benghazi. If Romney wins the election this attack could come Dec 21-23, 2012. (see Denver airport mural and George Albert Smith Vision) ... irport.jpg

If you read Cleon Skousen's "the Naked Capitalist" you will understand the end goal is not Communist rule. The Globalist want the US to give up national soveignty and abandon the US constitution to NATO or some other globalist construct to save us from Communism.

If the US abandons the US Constitition and joins some globalist government, the Globalists will sterilize us through GMO and immunizations and blame it on the radiation. From then on, the only way to conceive will be through a test tube.(Like movie "Children of Men")

At that point, when the Globalists will have total control over reproduction; they intend to breed humans like dogs. The #2 goal on the Georgia Guidestones after depopulation is to control reproduction and improve fitness and diversity. Tragically, if we let the globalist breed humans like dogs, they will breed us to be slaves like dogs through genetic subtraction.

Sure, a certain new transhuman breed may be able to swim faster, but we will never be strong enough to ever stand up against our breeders; just like no dog breed is strong enough to stand up to the wolf from which it originated. The Globalist wolves will then become a master race, genetically superior to the rest of humankind.

The tragic part of the coming breeding program is that people will naively think it's great to pick their baby's eye color.

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