Monday, July 22, 2013

Extra Thoughts on the United Order

While all of this may sounds good. Implementation is a bit more involved. We live in a totally federally controlled system that would completely obstruct any type of implementation of a United Order system. 

1. Government must get out of the welfare business.  Welfare is the duty and business of religion and not government. An individual abusing drugs falls under the jurisdiction of religion and needs religious discipline and rehabilitation. If a person sells recreational drugs or otherwise harms another person, that is the jurisdiction of the state.

2. You would need a Constitutional national banking system called the Full-reserve Safety Society System (see other posts).  All loans are fee-based, no-interest, no inflation. The real-estate is the backing for the on-demand loan.  The quantity and value of labor involved determines the cost.

3. Education reform where elementary school teaches reading, writing, arithmetic, visual art, music, citizenship, geography, health and natural science. (Gayle Brosnahan centers method).  

High school would teach math, physical science, history, literature, performing and visual art, government and economics, physical fitness, ROTC, health science, as well as engineering, electronics, computers, automotive, agriculture, wood and metal working.

During or after High School students would choose a vocation and apprenticeship. Students would apprentice during the day and get a 4-year degree at night that would be focused on developing knowledge and skills that would assist them in their field like medicine, engineering, science, electronics, construction, agriculture, etc. 

High school  students could matriculate into a vocational school early working during the day and taking classes at night.  Vocational school would begin at 16.

4. Business Reform: do away with the business culture.  No bosses, no-mid level managers; only partners. No assist staff, apprentices do the support work. Journeymen would help teaching. Like the Boy Scouts, skills would be journeyman led and taught.  All workers can one day become the master.

5. No retirement. No pensions.  Workers with less costs can work less hours and do more administrative responsibilities.   They know the business and therefore can better handle the business of the business.  No MBA required.  When a workers becomes disabled, then he is entitled to disability benefits from the bishops storehouse.  These end-of-life costs not added to the cost of products and services.  Cost of a product is only the quantity and value of labor.

6. Medical reform. Oklahoma Surgery Center is cash only and charges 20% what a hospital charges for a procedure. Considering that insurance only covers 80% and patient pays 20%, that means insurance companies provide no value and can be eliminated.

7. Insurance reform. all catastrophic insurance covered by a neighborhood bishops storehouse.  Bishop storehouse administered by the Church covers all catastrophic auto, fire, heath, and disability claims only as family and extended family is unable and needs assistance.

8. Religious reform: churches teach and require 1 Cor 5:11 virtue, discipline, and rehabilitation.  Churches also provide charitable insurance coverage for the fatherless, widow and truly disabled.  This would really get the congregation praying and fasting.

9. Tax Reform: No federal income tax.  Only federal fees on borrowing money (Safety Society System) and tariffs on imported goods.

10. Military Reform: officers training and state militias only.  Close all over-seas military bases and use our military to protect our borders.  The US can be 100% energy, food and manufacturing independent and self-reliant. We should be an example and not a bully.

11. City Reform: 1000-family cities only

12. Career Reform: end insurance, end IRS, end most government bureaucracy. Sports, visual and performing arts should be amateur-centered and performed after work and on weekends.  Artists and athletes should also be workers and producers. 

13. Social reform: women are welcome and encouraged in all levels of education, scholarship, careers and administration. However, when children come, a mother's primary duty is to see to the nurture of her children.  "Why save the whales when your own children need saving?"  

14. According to Paul single woman with children should remarry by someone who can financially support them. Marriage should be encouraged.  However, polygamy could also be considered as long as the family receiving them does so willingly and has the financial ability to fully support a second independent household living in their own separate home. (Don't sign me up).

Polygamy is forbidden by the LDS Church.  However, I don't get the hypocrisy of Christianity that is okay with our youth engaging in rampant no-commitment-recreational-casual-soul-and-country-destroying fornication but condemn voluntary and responsibly church-managed polygamy for the purposes of welfare of the fatherless and the widow as was historically practiced by the LDS Church and taught by Paul (1Tim 5:16-17) and Moses (Ex 21:10).

15. Humans should all be trained to do skilled labor.  Apprentices, robots and machines should do unskilled labor.  Administrators should be retired master craftsman who still practice in a limited way if possible.  There should be no money elite. No capitalists. No money aristocracy.

16.  Elected leaders should be elected based on virtue and NOT merit.  And elected leaders don't need protection.  If they get shot, the people will elect more. We don't need national security = preserve the power of the special interests/ruling elite.

We are never going to fix our society until we get serious and get real and address the causes of poverty and corruption in our society.  Unfortunately, maybe it will take a complete collapse before anyone feels motivated enough.

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