Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fatal Flaw of Math. Perfect Economy

SSS and MPE are very similar. The difference is SSS pays off debt much sooner than MPE.

35 Pay the debt thou hast contracted with the printer. Release thyself from bondage. (Doctrine and Covenants, Doctrine and Covenants, D&C 19)

In addition to the problem of Velocity and MPE not retiring money fast enough from the economy, I will tell you what will happen with the MPE eternal debt/slave system:
1. mortgage $2000/yr or $166/mo for 50 years = $100,000
2. car $2000/yr or $166/mo for 10 years = $20,000

Because it is now so inexpensive to live in a house and drive a car, wages will decrease, and instead of being in debt for 30 years, people will be indebted for 50. You must realize most employers will only ever pay a minimum "living wage". But when the banks own the house for 50 years and not the people who live in them, then the banks can dictate what happens. Payments will match depreciation. The banks will penalize you for having more kids = faster home depreciation. 
$166/mo doesn't seem like a lot, but when wages fall.  And they will, the potential increased monthly payments will discourage families from having children. Again, most employers only pay enough to cover expenses.  Wages will fall to just meet these payments.
MPE is a slave system
SSS is a liberty system 

Don't let the promise of a $166/mo mortgage blind you to the sinister evil behind of MPE.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Do Aliens Visit Us?

5 . . .  But there are no angels who minister to this earth but those who do belong or have belonged to it. (Doctrine and Covenants, Doctrine and Covenants, D&C 130)

1. There are other inhabited worlds.
2. No extraterrestials visit this Earth. 
3. alien and ufos encounters are demonic manifestations
4. ufo sightings could involve sighting of advanced globalist technology
5. alien abduction could also be military human experimentation, hypnosis and mind control
6. this does not exclude the people of the city of Zion (Enoch's people) who may reside on another planet but still belong to this Earth.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Convert Church to Shelter

1. Following nuclear strike on the US, no one will venture our for 3-5 months due to fallout.
2. After that the only people left will be the prepared and the cannibal.
3. Once safe to emerge you go straight to the Stake Center.
4. Better to consecrate than turning away cannibals daily.
5. Gather together with surviving Saints, pool resources and talents.
6. Lawless looters, raiders, and brigands will prey on the weak like a pack of wolves.
7. Do not "bug out" and isolate yourself.
8. Convert Stake Center into shelter.

How to covert Church Building into shelter:
1. block off parking lots
2. board/brick/armor/sandbag up and secure all entrances
3. board/brick/armor/sandbag up and cover up all windows facing street.
4. Use only one entrance and exit (rear-facing metal single door)
5. Check in and out, have 24-hour station at entrance
6. 24-hour watch
7. divide duties: cleaning, food prep, activities
8. Send search parties out to get resources.
9. Send search parties out to check on member status.
10. assign families small classrooms
11. Divide single men and women into separate common sleeping areas.
12. HAM radio. Send out search parties with radios.
13. Keep chapel closed off for use only on Sunday. 
14. Do not use chapel for sleeping or storage.
15. Morning and Evening Ward prayer, scriptures, devotional, flag ceremony.
16. Strict moral standards and Sabbath observance.
17. At the point of gathering, it will be safe to venture outside but power, water will be disrupted so we will need to immediately build latrines.
18. identify clean water sources such as homes with well water, generator and fuel to run the pumps.

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center came out with a list of "hate groups".  Looking down the list it seems like if you are pro-US Constitution and anti-Socialism then you might make the list because you are against helping out poor people or minorities.

I am pro-helping out the poor.  However I believe that welfare according to the Bible is the work of religion and not government. I believe in a separation of Church and State and the State needs to get out of the business of religion.  

When the State does welfare it is wasteful, and there is no accountability.  There was a TED talk on NPR on this few months ago about problems of State aid to Africa. However, when religion does welfare it also teaches and expects morality which is often at the root cause of most poverty.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book of Mormon NSA Warning

Robert Lockard at the Huffington Post talks about a possible warning and parallel in the Book of Mormon against NSA surveillance. Lockard talks about the tall tower built by King Noah to see the Lamanites afar off. However, it seems apparent that the tower served another purpose and may have been use to spy on the true believers of God.  After King Noah discovered Alma and his followers were congregating at the waters of Mormon, he sent his armies to destroy them telling the Armies that the people were organizing in rebellion against him.  Luckily we have freedom of speech, religion, and assembly in America?

12 And it came to pass that he built a tower near the temple; yea, a very high tower, even so high that he could stand upon the top thereof and overlook the land of Shilom, and also the land of Shemlon, which was possessed by the Lamanites; and he could even look over all the land round about. (Book of Mormon, Mosiah, Mosiah 11)

32 But behold, it came to pass that the king, having discovered a movement among the people, sent his servants to watch them. Therefore on the day that they were assembling themselves together to hear the word of the Lord they were discovered unto the king. 
33 And now the king said that Alma was stirring up the people to rebellion against him; therefore he sent his army to destroy them. (Book of Mormon, Mosiah, Mosiah 18)

Danger of Antichrist and Rapture Doctrine

I have been listening to Evangelical preachers (Greg Laurie) on YouTube talk about the End Times.  Some espouse a pre-Trib rapture of the Church, others make a  distinction between the Tribulation period (Trumpets) and the Wrath (Vials) and preach a post-Trib, pre-Wrath rapture.  But there is one element that both camps agree upon and that is on the issue of the doctrine of the AntiChrist.

Evangelical preachers are programming their listeners to believe that if anyone comes around and brokers a peace between Israel and the Middle East making it possible for the Jews to rebuild their Temple; he is the AntiChrist.  Preachers are also saying that the Jews will follow this AntiChrist leader as their Messiah and convert to a false religion that will attract many people from the developing world.

Well, I will tell you what this new religion will be.  As I have said in other posts, when Christ saves the Jews at Armageddon and they are converted and sanctified, the Jews will join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and be sent out on missions and convert the world. This kind of marvelous work and a wonder is definitely going to get the world's attention.

What amazes me is how Satan can so easily construct an opposition to the truth. Never mind the Bible teaches the restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem and the restoration and conversion of the  Jews.  Many cannot see that the AntiChrist reigns now and has been in control for the last 1500 years or so.

Interesting comment on why America is not mentioned in the Bible.  The preacher said he believes the US will not play a major role in End Times because 1. it will be destroyed by nuclear attack, 2. fall from its position of power. 3. 50 million true believers will be raptured leaving the US weak to just go along with globalist government to fight against Israel at Armageddon. However, I believe America = Egypt in Isa 19, and Babylon in Rev 18 who is burned with fire.

Those comments got me really thinking about the danger of a rapture belief.  Can you think of a better cover story for 50 million US citizens being killed?   All those people weren't rounded up and killed but mysteriously disappeared and were taken up to God in the rapture.

The second reason a pre-Trib rapture doctrine is dangerous is because it lulls people into a false sense of security. Believers are fooled into thinking they don't need to temporally prepare for the Tribulation period like Noah because they won't be around for it.