Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nuclear Contamination

USS Ronald Reagan and USS Essex were directly off the coast of Japan when the Fukashima disaster happened and were showered by a plume of radioactive fallout.  Now mamy sailers are suing TEPCO for strange cancers and illnesses they attribute to the exposure. I remember the USS Reagan and Essex possition being reported at the time and feeling like the sailors on the USS Reagan and Essex were bring used in some sort of military nuclear experiment.

The sailors aboard these 2 ships cleaned the decks and likely ingested contaminated water and food. US Military officials say they made no attempt to move the ships out of the plume immediately or limit exposure because their nuclear detection equipment was inoperative.  

However, this excuse seems very improbable considering how the USS Ronald Reagan is a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. All nuclear reactors have nuclear physics personnel  who have callibrated equipment to measure any exposure and contamination of the ship and crew.

We know the USS Ronald Reagan and Essex were contaminated because several ports refused to allow these ships to enter their port.  The personnel were forced to hang out for several months our at sea.   On the bright side, of the 4000-member-crew, only 70 are sick so far. Those with strong immune systems resisted the exposure. 

Nuclear Generals Fired

(Pantex US nuclear warhead assembly)

Air Force Maj. Gen Michael Carey and Naval Vice-Admiral Tim Giardana are 2 of the top commanders over the US nuclear  arsenal. In September 2013, someone from Dyess Air Force base called the Alex Jones show and reported a very irregular nuclear warhead transfer from Dyess AFB to South Carolina. At that same time we have SC Senator Lindsey Graham threaten that if the US didn't to war with Syria; terrorists with nuclear weapons could attack Charleston harbor.  Kind of an oddly paranoid statement to make.

Employees from Dyess AFB (Abilene, Tx) denied that any warheads were stored there. However, Pantex is the the only US warhead assembly/disassembly plant located not too far away (Amarillo, Tx), it is plausible that warheads were stored at Dyess.

Then on October 2013 we have the Obama administration who has already sacked numerous high level military brass, sack 2 generals in charge of the US nuclear arsenal for 1. getting drunk on a trip to Russia and 2. gambling.

Infowars adds to the story about the 2 sacked nuclear generals.  I find the circumstances of the firing to be very strange.  Also, that the reasons were publicized by the media to be even more strange.  I'm not sure these 2 disgraced generals were allowed to make any public statements.  Anyways, Infowars claims these 2 generals actually foiled a nuclear false flag attack and the sacking was done as retribution.  

I don't know if this tall tale is true but I think there are more irregularities on the government side of the story than the Infowar side. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Metabolic Manipulation: Alternative Cancer Treatment Paradigm

Up to now, traditional cancer treatment involves a cocktail of super-expensive cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs that target rapidly dividing cells. The aim of our current treatment strategy is to give the patient just the right dose of poison that will kill the cancer but not the patient. With only a few exceptions, the focus on most cancer treatments has been to target rapidly dividing cells by directly damaging DNA (cisplatin, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide), indirectly damaging DNA (MTX, 5-FU), inhibiting DNA repair enzymes (etoposide), or by targeting key enzymes necessary for cellular division (paclitaxel, vincristin). The problem with this paradigm is that this selective killing isn't selective enough. However, this strategy is not the only one out there.

Another promising paradigm for cancer treatment would be to focus on the manipulation of metabolic pathways of cancer cells. Scientists are discovering that cancer cell metabolic pathways may be unique or at least more limited than normal cells. And it is these metabolic limitations that could be exploited. First off, we know that all cells in the body can generate energy using several anaerobic and aerobic mechanisms. These metabolic pathways include: anaerobic glycolysis, aerobic respiration (TCA cycle), oxidative phosphorylation, lipolysis (ketogenic), and gluconeogenesis,

One of the first identified biochemical hallmarks of tumor cells was a shift in glucose metabolism from aerobic oxidative phosphorylation to anaerobic glycolysis (the "Warburg effect" or "Warburg hypothesis"). Now, scientists have revealed that cancer cellular functions and growth are primarily dependent upon the anaerobic metabolism of glucose, fructose and lipid (lypolysis). Aerobic respiration via the TCA-cycle and Oxidative phosphorylation is very complex and requires intact mitochondria. Because of that complexity, mutated cancer cells can rarely depend on aerobic metabolism for energy. Instead, they rely primarily on the much simpler anaerobic glycolysis; using glucose and fructose as fuel. Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Laureate, was first to measure and explain the mechanisms behind the large amounts of lactic acid produced by cancer cells.

However, when glucose levels are low, cancer cells are in a pinch. They can't do aerobic respiration, so lacking glucose, they instead turn to ketogenic lipolysis for energy. But cancer cells have the complex machinery needed to transport lipids into the cell. Instead, in a low glucose environment, they use their damaged oxidative phosphorylation pathway and other pathways to generate high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These ROS are then secreted into the cells microenvironment where they damage nearby cells. In this way, cancer cells begin to parasitize nearby cells and literally eat their host alive.

New studies suggest that cancer cells may not generate ROS themselves, but instead, reprogram neighboring stromal fibroblast cells to generate high amounts of ROS for them. The ROS then damage neighboring cells resulting in lipid peroxidation, and the production of lactate, and ketones which the cancer cells can use for energy. Through this mechanism, tumors do not need much of a blood supply. Understanding how cancer cells metabolize energy, we can now develop new strategies to kill them.

Together, the medicines, herbs, and vitamins listed above should do two things. First, a low-fructose diet together with Metformin and DCA will serve to inhibit both gluconeogenesis and anerobic glycolysis and force cancer cells into lipolysis. While we want the force the cancer into a ketogenic state, a ketogenic diet and dehydration are discouraged because scientists believe that cancer cells may thrive on lactic acid and ketones. That said, this first strategy should force the cancer cells to depend primarily on lipolysis for energy.

Next, iron chelation is added to inhibit ROS formation. Antioxidants like Vitamin C, E, Co-enzyme Q10, and Cumin are added to prevent remaining ROS oxidative damage to surrounding tissues. Also, anti-inflammatory and immune modulating agents such as aspirin, cimetidine could be added to reduce inflammation and boost cellular and humeral immunity. All together, cancer cells should not be left with any alternative energy alternatives. Then, at that point, cancer cells would turn cannibalistic and should undergo autophagy.

The hope is that a paradigm focused on metabolic manipulation, will be not only more effective at curing cancer, but will avoid the terrible side effects of traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy. However, until this new paradigm is proven, it will most likely be necessary to test this new paradigm in between rounds of traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy.

Metabolic Manipulation: A New Cancer Treatment Paradigm

Mebendazole:  tubulin disrupting agent  induces apoptosis via Bcl-2 inactivation in chemoresistant melanoma cells.  Healthy melanocytes were unaffected.

Aspirin: inhibits the activation of a transcription factor that leads to cancer cell growth and inflammatory response (via cytokines IL-1 and IL-6).

Cimetidine: prevents histamine binding and indirectly enhances local anti-tumor response via IL-18 signaling to the immune system's natural killer and T cells.

Dichloracetate (DCA): DCA inhibits pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (PDK), an inhibitor of pyruvate dehydrogenase, a key enzyme in glucose metabolism. DCA blocks anerobic glucose metabolism in cancer cells from glycolysis inducing apoptosis. [orphan drug used to treat lactic acidosis].

DCA in doses over 25 mg/kg can cause demyelination and peripheral neuropathy by oxidative stress. However, taking adequate antioxidants like ellagic acid can prevent this side effect.

Ellagic acid is an antioxidant found in blackberries, cranberries, pecans, pomegranates, raspberries, strawberries, walnuts, wolfberry and grapes.  Ellagic acid prevents the demyelination side-effect from DCA allowing patients to take higher effective doses.

Metformin: suppresses the AMPK/mTOR/S6K1 axis and several protein kinases. Metformin may also specifically target the cancer-initiating stem cells, thereby preventing cancer relapse when used in combination with cytotoxic chemotherapy (dandelion root hypothesis). [Beware Cimetidine and Metformin are secreted by the same cation pump in renal tubules]

Low Fructose Diet: Pancreatic cancers use the sugar fructose to activate a key cellular pathway that drives cell division

Black Cumin Seed: Nigella sativa oil containing thymoquinone has been demonstrated to reduce the growth and size of tumors in rats.

Co-Enzyme Q10:
 (Ubiquinone) lipid soluble antioxidant that stimulates the immune system leading to higher antibody levels, greater numbers and/or activities of macrophages and T cells and increased resistance to infection.

MitoQ: Ubiquinone-based antioxidant that concentrates in mitochondria.

Vitamin C and NAC: both human lymphoma or human liver cancer cells which produce high levels of free radicals were suppressed with these antioxidants in a DNA damage independent mechanism. Researchers believe that the antioxidants destabilizing a tumor's ability to grow under oxygen-starved conditions.

Desferrioxamine: iron chelator that binds iron and limits a key limiting metabolite needed for tumor growth. High iron levels also inhibit the immune system.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Perfect Economic Storm

Several major economic factors are now beginning to converge into what could become a perfect economic storm.  Let me try an list them.

1. Woodrow Wilson in 1913 signs the Federal Reserve Act giving a private central bank control over US currency and credit that the US Constitution says is the job of Congress.

2. Private Federal Reserve Bank (FED) raised interest rates and constructed money supply causing the Great Depression but blamed the depression on the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act.

3. Both American political parties abandons tariffs and protectionist economic policies, sign NAFTA and GAD, and begin exporting jobs and industry to China.

4. Bank of International Settlement Basil 1 Accords raised reserve requirements on Japan causing the "Lost Decade" in the 1990's

5. Bank of International Settlement Basil 2 Accords raised reserve requirements in 2007 triggering the housing collapse.

6. Bank of International Settlement Basil 3 Accords will raise reserve requirements again and will imcrease liquidity requirements that may effect and eliminate the inter-bank REPO lending market. Basil 3 was supposed to be implemented Jan 1, 2013 but has not yet been implimented.

7. ObamaCare greatly ncreases the cost of healthcare which will both decease the money supply and money velocity (circulation) in the economy.

8. FED may begin to decrease Quantitative Easing and begin to increase interest rates.  This will affect the intra-bank REPO interest rate and may cause banks to become insolvent.

9. Banks keep a fractional reserve to handle day-to-day business.  They don't like to hold cash in reserves because of inflation.  So, they usually hold bonds but increasingly credit-default swaps. Banks borror from each other when they need cash using the LIBOR or REPO market.  

10. Banks also borrow cash from each other on the REPO market using US bonds as collateral so they can invest in other more speculative and risky investments that earn more than US bonds.

11. US Banks are also highly invested in credit-default swap derivatives which are Bond insurance policies. Bond Insurance derivatives are paying a better return than US Bonds.  Monthly insurance premiums are divided up and paid out to credit-default swap holders.

12.  If the US ever stops QE printing and cannot sell its bonds to float its deficit spending and cannot pay the interest on its national debt, then the bond insurance holders (US Banks) have to pay.  Instead of a bailout, banks may conduct a Cypress-style bail-in and could confiscate money out of private segregated accounts.

13. Chinese Middle class is forbidden from investing outside their country and are invested in Chinese real estate.  China has been building 12-24 ghost cities each year.  Some see this as a huge housing bubble ready to collapse.  Others say it takes several years to sell the housing but they are selling. 

14. If there were to be a Chinese housing collapse, it would be 10x worse than the US and affect global markets x10.  However, unlike the US, China does have the demographics to keep pace with the building.

15. Or the US could just continue to QE print and China could just continue to build ghost cities until WW3 and we could all just wipe the slate clean and start over.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Safety Society System: Money for Labor

The connection of money being a fungible proxy for labor is a great realization and gets to the heart of how to fix our economic system. Anyone can tell our current Private Central Banking Controlled system is corrupt but not many can say what to replace it with.

Capitalism is NOT free market. Capitalism vs. Communism is a false dichotomy. Satan knows humans love to take sides.  See how easy the Russian Communists party members divided up Russian assets and became Russian Capitalists? Capitalism gives unelected economic power to those with the capital. And NO we did NOT vote with our dollar.  Also, there are no capitalist term limits. 

We need an economic system that is Constitutional and Free Market without the need for the Capitalists to decide what they will invest in or what they will short.  Problem is that the US adopted European Fractional reserve banking and didn't even follow our own Constitution.  Another false dichotomy is that we would rather have the Capitalist decide what to invest in than the government.  How about an economic system that lets the people decide?

Gold is not a viable system by itself because there never is enough gold to grease the economic engine.  This has led countries to attack their neighbors (Rome), to get more gold.  Especially when a country has a trade deficit with China.  In more recent history, countries like Great Britian have flooded other countries with drugs to drain it of its gold reserves (Opium Wars). 

What happens now is the US pays the Private Federal Reserve to print our currency. Every dollar is linked to the sale of a bond.  So, every dollar really is a certificate of debt that must be repaid with interest.  When the FED just prints money without selling a bond it devalues the currency and causes inflation that  is a hidden tax on the value of our savings.  Inflation is just like a Cyprus-style bail-in where the government goes into your private segregated account and takes 15%. In the fiat system we pay either way. If we sell bond we owe interest to the bond holder, if the FED just prints, our dollars are devalued by inflation which is a hidden tax.  It's a lose-lose system.

It is unbelieve how our fiat fractional reserve system works today.  When FED-member banks borrow $100 from the FED at prime interest rate (currently 0%), they can then lend 10 x the money or $1000 out to the people at 6% compounded interest.  After all is repaid, that is the creation of $2000 for $100.  The FED-member bank just repays the original $100 or 200$ if there is some interest.  If the FED loan is more highly leaveraged through derivatives investment, that $100 can create $10,000 in fiat money.  This is called the money multiplier.

You realize if a FED-member bank borrows $100 from the FED for free at 0% and then buys $1000 in US bonds earning 1% interest, to float our national deficit.  That 1% compound interest is free money to them. We are paying people to borrow money from us.  Lenders are supposed to charge interest to lend not pay interest to lend. The US is actually paying to lend right now.  Thats why the Mega-bankers have been giving themselves huge bonuses following TARP and QE. 

This is how the Petro-Dollar system works.  Britian has a deal with Saudi Arabia to only sell oil in dollars. What's in it for Britian?  The deal is that Saudi Arabia must only deposit their dollars in City of London banks.  If Saudi Arabia earns $1000 in the sale of oil and deposits $1000 in a City of London bank, the western bank then can lend $10,000 and earn back $20,000 or more in principle and interest via fractional reserve lending.  Just imagine what kind of money is created when $1 billion is deposited. Just imagine the economic power.  Remember, Saudi Banks operate under Sharia Law which is prohibited from this kind of fraudulent lending.

Fractional Reserve lending goes back to the Middle Ages and Templar Houses where a crusader or traveler on pilgrimage would deposit his gold. The Templar house would issue gold certificates and found they could issue many more certifucates than the gold they had in deposit.  

This sort of thing was legitimized later by DeMedici banks with double entry ledgers where it was shown if a bank lends $100, the borrower deposits the $100 back in the bank.  So the bank can then lend $90 at 10% fractional reserves.  The $90 goes back into the bank as a deposit.  So the bank lends $78. The $78 is deposited and $65 is lent....  ect ect down to the last $1.  This is the justification for turning $100 into $1000 loan.

Safety Society System (True Democratic Constitutional  Economic System)
The key to the Safety Society System (SSS) is to create a bank that is immune to failure. To do this you have to understand how and why banks fail.  

Banks fail because they operate on fractional reserve principles.  When a bank loses its reserves it becomes insolvent and it cannot lend and it cannot pay its depositors.  Banks lose their reserves in 1. run on bank  2. stock market, derivatives, or bond market crash.  So, to prevent banking failures, SSS must be full reserve and the US Treasury must create all money and control and prevent inflation.

Banks operate by fractional reserves.  They only keep less than %5 in deposit.  All the rest is lent out.  1. If more than %5 come to withdraw their money, the bank is insolvent and fails.  This is a "run" on the bank.  2.  Because of inflation, the bank must keep its %5 reserves in investments and not cash to keep up with inflation.  However, if there is a bond default, derivatives failure or stock market crash, even though the bank has billions in loans, if the bank loses its %5 reserves, the bank can't make new loans, it becomes insolvent and fails.

Again, to prevent banking failures, SSS must be full reserve and the US Treasury must create all money, control and prevent inflation.

The US Constitution says in Article 1 Section 8 that the Congress via the US Treasury should have the power to "coin" or "print" or "create" all the money and regulate its value. This simple statement solves everything. What the US Constitution calls for is a perfect economic system that is full reserve and inflation-less. Right now the FED-member banks create most of the money via fractional reserve lending out-of-thin-air.  Money does grow on trees if you're a FED-member bank.

The only reason we have mega banks in the US is Britian used to manipulate gold and silver triggering panics and crashes and cause small fractional reserve banking failures  in the US and then convinced us we needed to consolidate banking power in big mega-banks and ultimately the FED in 1913. Consolidation of power (giving up liberty) is never the right answer to achieve safety.

The secret to control Inflation is given by the Milton Freidman equation M x V = P x G
M = money supply (printing)
V = velocity (money circulation)
P = price or inflation
G = real growth (GDP)

What we need is an on-demand system where money (M) is created at the precise moment that money is needed (G) . What creates the booms and busts in the US system is periods of not enough money or too much money in the system at any time.

In reality, money creation doesn't begin at the printing press.  In reality, money creation begins with loan origination.

Here is how SSS works:
1. An individual goes to the local SSS for a home loan.  

2. Community SSS bank is non-profit and earns money on loan origination fees and monthly service fees just as your local bank or credit union does now.  SSS just earns enough to pay overhead.

3. If the individual or group (business loan) is credit worthy (skilled employment),  the US Treasury will create money (digital), at the exact time the loan is qualified for and approved. (quality/skilled labor = money).
US Treasury creates %100 of money, and local SSS determines loan qualification (power to the people).

4. The US Treasury charges a fee/tax on all money created.  This fee/tax makes it so savers have an advantage over borrowers. The US government generates most all its revenue on this loan origination fee and tarrifs.  No Income tax.

5. The US Treasury Loan origination fee/tax controls the amount of money supply (M) in the system to control for and prevent inflation.  Too much money in the economy raise fee/tax.  There is NO inflation in this "on-demand" system because (M) never exceeds (G). 

6. SSS bank only loans money for real repossessible assets like land and real estate.  (how banks fail is they are invested in stock or derivatives and the stock crashes, and there is nothing of value to repossess)

7. SSS never loans deposits.  If an individual deposits $1000 in their local SSS, that $1000 stays there on the books forever and is never lent out or invested by the bank and then lost in a bad investment.  If there is no inflation, and the bank is non-profit, the SSS bank can keep your deposits as cash forever.  This Full Reserve Banking makes it impossibke for a run on the bank to crash the bank.

8. Skilled/employeed Individual qualifies for takes out a fee-based, no-interest home loan.  Individual repays loan on a monthly basis and earns equity on month 1.  (no amortized mortgage schedule). 

9. If the individual loses his job or becomes ill, monthly payment is deducted from equity.  The home loan becomes an instant "reverse mortgage".  This serves as an immediate mortgage insurance policy.

10. If the individual loses all equity in the property, he is in default and the bank repossesses the property, sells the property and prevents any loses. The SSS bank never loses money because it always has a real asset (land or building) to repossess.

11. Real estate must be insured. Value is placed on quality building, fire-prevention, building in flood-safe areas, fire-resistant materials. 

12. Real Estate should NOT appreciate in value.  This generates inflation. M>G. Real Estate should retain value only.

13. Loan money created by US Treasury is backed by land and real estate it is being used to purchase.  Currency is 100% backed by land and real estate.

14. Value of goods and services is determined by the amount and quality of labor needed to produce the good or service.  House price determined by amount and quality of labor needed to produce all needed materials and labor needed to construct the house itself. 

15. Venture capital business investment must be a separate institution (Restores Glass-Steagall). Still a need for Mitt Romney and Bain Capital but it must be separate from SSS.   SSS can lend for the land and building only. SSS loans can also be made to mine local natural resources.  Federal Lands and mineral rights must be returned to the States (end National Parks Act).

16. Every country on Earth can start their own SSS system.  Every country can educate their people and build homes.  Every country can be first-world.

17. If a community wants an aquarium or museum or hospital.  The community passes a voter referrendum for a 1% sales tax .  With the projected revenue, they qualify for their fee-based no-interest loan.  The money is created.  The building begins.

18. Repaid money (digital)  is returned to the US treasury and retired/cancelled/destroyed.

19. Tarrifs needed to protect prices local manufacturing and industry from slave-produced goods in corrupt foreign countries.  Free Trade is NOT Free.

20. US Revolutionary War was fought over control of credit and currency, NOT taxation without representation. US Civil War was fought over Tarrifs and Protectionism NOT states rights and slavery.  If we don't remember and preserve the purpose they died for, what good is remembering?

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Differences Between Male and Female Brains

Women have made and will continue to make important contributions in all areas of human endevor and scholarship.  However, in spite of what some would have us believe, the brains of men and women are created differently. 

Researchers studying the connectivity of the brain have found what most everyone already knows, that the male brain has more connections between his occipital (visual) cortex and temporal cortext (motor).  This front-to-back connectivity generally leads to better performance on spacial-motor tasks. 

On the other side, the female brain has better connectivity between the right and left sides of the brain. This specialization endows women, generally speaking, with better verbal and emotional skills. 

These findings provided additional scientific evidence to support traditional gender roles.  Men tend to do better outside the home performing physical tasks while women excel at nurturing family relationships in the home.  These traditional roles are not just by-products of upbringing and environment but actually hard-wired into our brains.