Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nuclear Generals Fired

(Pantex US nuclear warhead assembly)

Air Force Maj. Gen Michael Carey and Naval Vice-Admiral Tim Giardana are 2 of the top commanders over the US nuclear  arsenal. In September 2013, someone from Dyess Air Force base called the Alex Jones show and reported a very irregular nuclear warhead transfer from Dyess AFB to South Carolina. At that same time we have SC Senator Lindsey Graham threaten that if the US didn't to war with Syria; terrorists with nuclear weapons could attack Charleston harbor.  Kind of an oddly paranoid statement to make.

Employees from Dyess AFB (Abilene, Tx) denied that any warheads were stored there. However, Pantex is the the only US warhead assembly/disassembly plant located not too far away (Amarillo, Tx), it is plausible that warheads were stored at Dyess.

Then on October 2013 we have the Obama administration who has already sacked numerous high level military brass, sack 2 generals in charge of the US nuclear arsenal for 1. getting drunk on a trip to Russia and 2. gambling.

Infowars adds to the story about the 2 sacked nuclear generals.  I find the circumstances of the firing to be very strange.  Also, that the reasons were publicized by the media to be even more strange.  I'm not sure these 2 disgraced generals were allowed to make any public statements.  Anyways, Infowars claims these 2 generals actually foiled a nuclear false flag attack and the sacking was done as retribution.  

I don't know if this tall tale is true but I think there are more irregularities on the government side of the story than the Infowar side. 

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