Saturday, November 15, 2014

Water: Energy, Purity, Health

I have saveral posts on this blog that talk about the 10 great questions. Some of these questions have been answered but those answers have not yet been widely adopted. Others have yet to be answered. The questions are: Religion, Government, Economy, Energy, Health, Water, Food, Education, Housing, and Transportation.

I was watching a Ted Talk today on water and it was discussing a 4th phase of water called EZ water that forms on waterdroplets and hydrophilic surfaces that explains many of the unusual physical properties of water such as cohesion and capillary flow.  It turns out that at these boundaries, there is a significant separation of charge that is energized by infared light that could be harnessed in the development of free energy batteries.  This EZ water phenomenon could also be used to purify water and its interaction with NIR light could be a secret to improved health and healing.

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