Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mitt Romney and Red October

I have been watching some movies with my son Devin.  Devin was curious to watch the Netflix movie, "Mitt", about Mitt Romney's failed presidential candidacy in 2012. If you are really awake about how global government works, this movie on Netflix will not just make you disappointed that Romney lost the election but feel deep dispair at realizing how "the powers that be" electronically stole the 2012 election.  Also, about how clueless Mitt was about how his own globalist advisors sabatoged him and his campaign, and how we were all led to falsely believe that 8 million less republicans voted in 2012 for Romney than voted in 2008 for McCain.  "Mitt" was created to rub our nose in his defeat, and to try and convince us that Romney is a flawed candidate who can never win a national election.  The only flaw Romney has is not recognizing the Bohemian Grove/CFR/Bilderberg, anti-Westphalian/neo-feudalist, Fabian Globalists for who they really are.

Tonight Devin and I were watching "The Hunt for Red October". We really enjoyed the movie.  Devin had just finished reading the book.  I had to remind Devin what a clever piece of propaganda the movie is.  The movie should cause great concern about how the unscrupulous "National Security Advisor" ran-the-show and made all the important policy decisions over the generals, but also the president himself.  Unfortunately, having known several secret service agents, the President really is the last to know anything and we have a whole generation of Jack Ryan-want-a-be's in government who are convinced that keeping secrets and telling lies for "National Security" is somehow keeping America safe.  The truth is all the lies and secrecy only keeps the bad guys in government safe. In reality all this CIA black-ops stuff has only resulted in destroying US credibility in the world. Most people in government are good but these good guys never are permitted to see the dark side of government.

The FBI is bringing charges against FIFA and their selection of Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. Like the Olympics,  should it be any surprise how much corruption is involved in the decision.  However, with the US investigating and prosecuting an international matter, if US and Western sponsors boycott the 2018 World Cup in Russia,  this will only serve to further anger Russia and China against US policy.

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