Friday, September 18, 2015

China Feigns Weakness

Bill Gertz reports on a book by Michael Pillsbury’s, "The Hundred Year Marathon", which reveals new details of covert support for China, along with a continuing flow of U.S. technology and intelligence for the past 45 years.  Michael Pillsbury is a longtime Pentagon China analyst who has worked on China policy and intelligence issues for every U.S. administration since Richard Nixon.

For more than four decades, Chinese leaders lulled presidents, cabinet secretaries, and other government analysts and policymakers into falsely assessing China as a benign power deserving of U.S. support.  The secret strategy, based on ancient Chinese statecraft, produced a large-scale transfer of cash, technology, and expertise that bolstered military and Communist Party “superhawks” in China who are now taking steps to catch up to and ultimately surpass the United States. 

The Chinese strategy also is aimed at gaining global economic dominance, he says, noting that China’s military buildup is but one part. The combined economic, political, and military power is seeking to produce China as a new global “hegemon” that will export its anti-democratic political system and predatory economic practices around the world.

The world economy is currently set up under the Bretton Woods Agreement to benefit America with the promise that America would help the Third World develop. Instead of helping the Third Word, many in China believe America has instead exploited the Third World for its own gain.  And in China's view, they don't see why the world economy shouldn't be set up to benefit China instead of America especially if the Americans are too fat and stupid to notice let alone do anything to stop them.

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