Friday, November 20, 2015

US Intelligence on ISIS

Thoughts on ISIS/ISIL:

1. What is the significance of the underwear bomber sitting in front of an ISIS flag? 

2. What about this declassified report from judicial watch discussing the rise of ISIS in 2012?

3. What about the 50 CENTCOM whistleblower reports that senior intelligence agents were downplaying ISIS and altering reports?

4. In the "so-called" apache helicopter video escorting the ISIS parade.  Is that an apache helicopter or a Russian M-24 Hind?  How do we know this is ISIS in these "technicals"?

5. Lastly.  It is my opinion that the establishment do want Trump elected, and that the media only have to act like thy don't want him but then at the same time they continually excuse his behavior and give "veiled support".  This is the opposite of Romney in 2012 where the conservative media were acting for  Romney but continually served up "veiled attacks" such as:

1. Romney isn't convincing voters enough to push over the top.  (allowing for false surges)
2. Romney and Bush are the same, no change
3. Average Americans can't identify/relate with Romney

It is my opinion that the establishment will elect trump like they elected similar "clowns" like Schwarzenegger in California and Jesse Ventura in Minnesota. This is why so many Republicans are staying in the Race because they divide up the electorate.  Anyone voting for anyone else but Trump are unlikely to switch over to Trump after their guy drops out.  They only let people leave if their 0.5% of voters is inconsequential and doesn't hurt Trump by dropping out. 

6.  In the next year we should see the US and EU and Israel finally take on Syria and then Iran.  Obama is also talking gun control in 2016 via executive order. If all these events take place including Trump winning the election, I believe Russia and China will exploit a window of opportunity to take on the WEST with Obama ("a child") still at the helm before a "wildcard" Trump takes office.

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