Thursday, February 25, 2016

Romney Testing Media

I have written before how Mitt Romney is clueless when it comes to how the real world works.  Despite being LDS and specifically warned about the reality of conspiracy in the Book of Mormon, Romney loaded down his 2012 presidential campaign with CFR Globalists and seemed surprised that his campaign was sabotaged and he lost the election in the home stretch. Romney doesn't understand that US Presidents have been members of or at least controlled by secret organizations like the Bohemian Club for the last 100 years.

Romney just came out with some last-minute advice for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to attack Trump on his tax returns. Up to now, Romney is probably sitting perplexed on why tax returns were such a big deal in 2012 and yet no one in the media or any campaign has even brought up the issue in 2016.

Wake up Mitt!  Cruz and Rubio won't attack Trump on his taxes neither will the media make an issue of it because Trump is exactly the guy the establishment has wanted all this time. Cruz and Rubio might say they don't want to run a negative campaign so they don't feel to make it an issue.  The media won't make it an issue claiming that since Cruz and Rubio aren't interested, then why should they be interested.

Even if Trump is forced to disclose his tax returns and a "bombshell" is discovered, I expect the media to go on making excuses for Trump (as they have this entire campaign) telling us that despite the revelation, Trump supporters don't care and are still supporting him.

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