Sunday, August 14, 2016

Georgia Guidestone Cornerstone

This video shows a group of people show up to the Georgia Guidestones monument in Elberton Georgia and remove a cornerstone with dates and symbols from the top of the English pillar and then break the stone in pieces and hand out the pieces to observers. 

The group seems like normal US citizens. Also, this act of vandalism is performed during the day and with an Elberton county sheriff deputy overseeing the event. 

The inscription on the cornerstone was the numbers 8,14,20,16, MM, JAD which some believe could point to the date 8/14/2016.  MM is master mason or master mahan and JAD is latin for Judicie Anno Mundi or Judgement Day.

The interesting detail about 8/14/2016 is that today is the 10th of Av on the Jewish Calendar but because the 9th fell on Saturday, tisha b'av is observed today.  Tisha b'av is the day of mourning and fasting by the Jews for the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. 

My opinion about this video is the vandals of the Georgia Guidestones cube are not vandals but have been specifically instructed to remove the cube and fracture it into pieces and hand the pieces out to their party. In my opinion the man removing the cube and dividing it up is acting very deliberate and premeditated.  Could this act represent a ritual foreshadowing the judgement upon America and its resultant division?  

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