Thursday, October 13, 2016

Muslim-Orthodox Alliance Against The Great Oppressor

Some think that John the Revelator used the Greek numbers 666 (Chi Xi Stigma) to reveal the identity of the entity who would deceive the world and fight against Zion. Some interpret this biblical code as a gematrian cypher for Emperor Nero. However, others also see these as modern symbols of Arabian crossed swords, Muslim Bismillah, and Communist hammer and sickle. Could John's warning also point to a great alliance of peoples in the Last Days?

In the video above, Sheikh Imran Hosein, an authority on Muslim Eschatology, calls attention to the impending nuclear conflict between Russia/China and the West which he refers to as "the Great War". He calls for Muslims to ally themselves with Orthodox Christians to fight against the West (the Great Oppressor) and realize a re-fulfillment of the prophecy to conquer Constantinople. (The Star and Crecent was an astronomical conjunction on the night sky on the night Constantinople fell). 

Sheik Imran Hosein refers to Western atheism, arrogance, imperialism, corrupt economic practices, but mainly legalization of same-gender marriage to justify the Muslim world allying themselves with Russia and China in the coming WW3. 

Interesting detail in Sheik's talk was his explaination of how President Clinton's war in Kosovo served to turn Orthodox Christianity against the West. 

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