Saturday, October 08, 2016

RF/QE/VLF Heating, Tropospheric-Mesospheric Coupling, Sprites and Hurricanes

Dr. Michio Kaku says that the human race is on the verge of transitioning from a level 0 civilization to a level 1 civilization.  A level 1 civilization has a global language, government, culture, religion, economy and communication system. In addition, Dr. Kaku says that a level 1 civilization has the technology to harness all the power of our planet.  This includes controlling weather, earthquakes, and vulcanism. So, if we are on the verge of becoming a level 1 civilization, do we have the technology to control the weather?  Yes!

Lightning is not a common phenomenon of hurricanes.  This is because hurricanes lack the updrafts of a thunderstorm. However, more recent superstorms like Sandy, Wilma, Katrina, and Matthew have been observed with considerable amount of lightning in its eye wall.  Also, Hurricane Matthew was recently observed to have a very unusual amount of mesospheric sprite lightning. These sprite discharges were observed from Puerto Rico as hurricane Matthew was passing over Haiti killing 877 (latest count). 

Dr. Michio Kaku also says anyone who resists the globalist transition of the human race from our current Westphalian type 0 civilization into a global type 1 civilization is a terrorist.

History Channel Documentary on HAARP with demonstration of ELF effect on clouds. 

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