Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump Wins

Despite polls saying that 58 percent were either concerned or scared of a Trump presidency, Donald Trump wins the presidency handily against Hillary Clinton. How did Trump win? How were the mainstream media polls so wrong? 

1.  Some political analysts are saying that Trump mastered the modern media. Just like Lincoln and newspaper, FDR and radio, JFK and television, Obama and the Internet; Trump mastered the medium of reality TV and social media were often times the twitter troll and the villain garner the most interest. 

2. The media say that their polls did not reflect the groundswell of rural and less-educated American's who turned out to for Trump.  This was especially true in the "Rust-belt" were "Reagan Democrats" showed that they did not want 4 more years of the status quo, with  few jobs, and bad water.

3. Hillary ran a poor energy campaign.  Hillary wasn't out campaigning like Trump and looked weak and even ill at times.  In addition to questions about her honesty with regard to her 350,000 "yoga" emails, there were questions about her overall health. Hillary  continually had coughing fits, took sick days, had mysterious fainting spells and was seen being helped walking up stairs. 

4. Clinton ran on the wrong campaign message.  Clinton ran on a "status quo" campaign message. Voting for Hillary meant 4 more years of continued Obama policies.  The "status quo" resonates with the people recieving welfare and disability, but not with the American worker who didn't like the current status and direction of the US economy, unpopular foreign policy, continual war, and immigration.  Most people also didn't appreciate Obamacare and Big Pharma biting them in the pocket book this last year.

5. Romney was said to have lost the election 4 years ago because of his 47% quote, immigration policy that alienated latino voters, and because the media questioned his honesty calling him a policy "flip-flopper" on abortion. Yet, somehow, on the very issues that Romney lost on, Trump was able to minimize, divert attention, and even double down. No one has been a bigger policy "flip-flopper" than Trump, no candidate has made more media gaffs, but many people still decided to "hold their nose" and vote for him anyways.

6. As far as the Left's characterization of Trump as being a bigot and misogynist. Trump has very talented women and ethnic minorities in positions of authority in his businesses.  I think people didn't agree with the Left's characterization of Trump.  I think most people saw that Trump's immigration policies were motivated by economic issues and not prejudice.

7. Trump's moral character, ego, and temperament are still big issues.  We will see if these weaknesses turn out to be his achilles heel.  These later issues were why I wrote in Derrell Castle in Georgia (a safe Trump state)  However, had I been in a battleground state I may have voted differently.   I believe that moral issues and a return to virtue are the only way to "make America  great again". 

Now Trump comes in as a Republican  president, with a Republican House and Senate.  Now that the US is 21 Trillion in debt, is it too late.  Can the US economy be saved? Will Trump make good on his promises to take back moral ground from the Progressive movement?  Will we see a repeal of Obamacare and Roe v. Wade? I'm not sure ground will be made up on same-gender marriage as Trump is supportive. 

The first time I heard the Media give excuses for the outrageous things Trump was saying (mostly name calling people he thought were being rude to him), I had the feeling " The Donald" could win in the election in the same way Schwarzenegger won California and Jessie "The Body" Ventura won Minnesota. 

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