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David Horne and George Albert Smith Vision

I grew up knowing David Horne and his family. David Horne was an Engineer at HAFB and is friends with my Father. The Hornes live in the same LDS Stake as my parents (Monument Park). I was classmates with his daughter Heather, and my father, brothers, and I participated with him in the same HAM Radio clubs. He was my personal tutor and examiner when I was HAM radio certified. He attended my wedding and the weddings of all my siblings. I have been in his home several times and I have exchanged several emails and phonecalls over the years discussing HAM Radio (MARS) and other things. I've been living in Georgia for 11 years, so I don't see him often. I did not know about the GAS vision until 5 years ago. I have since emailed him and he has verified and stands behind the account.

David Horne was involved in several HAM Radio volunteer groups like ARES, MARA, and Air Force MARS. Because he worked at HAFB, he started a AF MARS group in Salt Lake. It was a small group which included my father and sibblings. My MARS call sign is AFA5KN. The benefit of MARS was exellent practice passing messages via HAM radio which many other groups talk about but rarely do. Also, extra frequencies and repeaters not available to regular HAM radio. But most of all, MARS members had access to free very old decommissioned, military electronics and radio gear to be used for MARS and not for sale.

David Horne was always a pepper, even in the 80's before it was popular. I think some of his prepping likely led to a house fire about 10 years ago. My dad was there to help out when it happened. Bro. Horne wanted my Dad and I to have older tube-based radios in case of EMP by Russia, and he worked to get 3 very nice Collins KWM2's for my Dad, myself, and my sibblings. HAM Radio can be very expensive, and we had very little money, and access to free or cheap equipment was the only way our family could afford to participate in the hobby. 

David Horne to my knowledge never discussed the GAS vision in any public setting. My Dad was aware of it. But having attended many Stake Emergency Prep meetings and MARS and ARES meeetings, I never heard Bro. Horne mention it until I read the account 5 years ago on-line. Bro. Horne never wrote a book, went on the radio or held a fireside discussing GAS vision. He never sold his MARS gear for money and was upset with me when I confessed to him that I sold my Collins Radio years ago so I could buy an ICOM (way easier to operate).

What I'm trying to say is, that I think David Horne really had an experience with GAS. I think Bro. Horne believes he is telling the truth. He has acted his whole life in a consistent manner with regard to the experience. Maybe not correctly, but consistently. I can't say that he could possibly remember everything correctly, but I would be very surprised if it was discovered that he made it all up.

I have several siblings and friends who struggle with mental illness.  I am an emergency medicine physician and initially stabilize people with severe mental illness.  Bro. Horne definately has a introverted "engineer's personality", but he has never demonstrated any disordered thought or behavior.  He has remained happily married, an active and faithful LDS member, and maintained consistent employment. 

I cannot say and have never said the GAS vision is doctrine.  I could never say that because the account of this possible prophetic utterance has not come through the established, appointed, and accepted channels of LDS Church leadership.  It has not been publically taught or endorsed by modern Prophets or Apostles.  However, it is not the kind of thing that could be taught over the pulpit.  

President Monson shared a parable in an article "Are we prepared", warning that 'setting fires would send the chickens (members) into a molt' and some members would become overly stressed and cease to be productive.  I agree.  Having known about the GAS vision for 5 years and David Horne for 30 years, I have been a bit troubled by this account. But in my case, the account has been a blessing in a way because I have been more motivated to better repent, get my food storage, and to get my house in order.  

When I discovered the GAS account, I had recently "woken up" to the reality of global conspiracy thanks to my grandfather Ted Barley who warned me of global conspiracy the last time I was was with him before he died, as well as listening to an excellent scientific lecture by Steven E. Jones on 911 and explainations of the reality of conspiracy by Willam Cooper, Gary Allen "None dare call it conspiracy", Joel Skousen and then learning about Bohemian Grove and understanding what this and similar organizations were. When I first "woke up", I was paranoid about everything.  I thought the sky would fall at any minute.  The GAS vision, at least, put my mind at ease over the past 4 years. Now that times seems up, and I'm not looking forward to going back to how I felt before where every threat of impending economic collapse bothered me since 2008. 

I am not afraid to publically stand up for and defend the character of David Horne. I have never said I know the GAS vision is true, but am willing say that I believe it to be plausible.  So many details of the vision habe already come to pass. But on one hand with the media saying Trump and Putin are best friends, on one hand, according to the media it seems conflict between the US and Russia is not eminent.  Yet on the other hand, with Pres. Obama's claims of Russian hacking and pledges to retaliate, things could escalate at any time. 

Believing in the GAS vision as plausible, as I have been obliged to do, has not been easy.  My wife does not believe it and understandably resents it. She is a wonderful mother who is raising 6 beautiful children who like any children need to be raised in a safe, secure, and trusting environment.  So, we don't talk about conspiracy or the GAS vision; especially not around our young children.  I have shared it with my eldest son, but I've had to carefully manage his fears as well.  Fortunately, my wife believes in following the prophet and being out of debt, and prepared.  So, while we may not have every preparation, we have what we will need. 

If nothing happens with regard to the GAS vision in the next week or month "during a holiday after the election but before the inaugaration", I will keep on doing the same thing I've been doing to this point. My wife and I both have great careers and our 6 children are an absolute joy to raise.  Ruth is enjoying being a member of Kiwanis, and Ruth and I are going to be becoming managing board members of a non-profit foundation.  Together with our church callings, Ruth and I will remain busy and productive.

Today, the electoral college cast their votes for Trump or Clinton.  However, improbable, I was predicting a Schwartznegger, and Ventura-like win for Trump. But, I'm not an insider, and don't know anything for sure.  The thing with prophecy, is that it doesn't become clear until after its been fulfilled.   I am not sure if there will be any civil unrest and gun confiscation before the attack or after. Could an electoral college win for either Clinton or Trump today spark civil unrest?

Many are saying that in the nationalism vs. globalism conflict, with with Brexit vote and the election of Trump, that God is giving the West a reprieve and that our appointed destruction will be delayed. However, the main issue with God is not nationalism but virtue, and the US has not repented as a nation of our immorality, infanticide and drunkenness and Trump has been masquerading as a social liberal in conservative clothing. 

Also, the media tells us that Russia, China, and Israel being happy with Trump bring elected.  However, Trump seems to be pro-oil and coal.  That would mean that the price of energy could fall and Russia depends of 50$/barrel oil.  Trump is pro-military modernization.  That means Russia and China will loose their current strategic military advantage over the US.  Also, Trump is pro-money printing, which means China will continue to receive valueless USD in exchange for manufactured goods without the power to raise prices because Walmart/Target dictate the price and not the manufactures. 

Trump seems to be pro-Israel and ready to buck the status quo, and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  However, the US government just extended sactions on Iran for another 10 years which seem to be more Iranian subsidies.  Israel has been waiting of the US to deal with Syria before they strike Iran. Will Israel just decide they can't wait any longer and take on Syria and Iran on their own, betting on a pro-Israel Trump to forgive them down the road? However, if Israel does strike Damascus, according to Isaiah 17:1-3, that will be the straw the breaks the camel's back with regard to Russia and China being provoked into striking the West.  

Unfortunately, when a simple push of a button can change the world forever in less than 1 hour, Isaiah warns that their wouldn't be signs of trouble until te prior evening, and by the morning, it would be all over. Jesus Christ warned that the world would be marrying and giving in marriage (business as usual) until the end. That makes prediction difficult. 

I was thinking, had the attack occured on Christmas or New Years, GAS likely would have recognized what holiday it was. However, if the attack happens on MLK Day (Jan 16), GAS wouldn't have identified the holiday because MLK Day has only been a national holiday since 1983.

The problem with judging this prophecy before it is potentially fulfilled or not is that with manipulated media, we don't have adequate situational awareness.

"The Soviet Union"

The Soviet Union does still exist.  The Communist party and the KGB/GRU are still active as ever (Putin, Cuba). The fall of the Soviet Union was a farse, and the seemingly pro-western governments of Eastern block nations are all secretly pro-Russian and when they are not, (like Poland in 2010), your airplane crashes with the entire executive government on board. 

"military might dwarfed that of the United States"

Russia currently has superior nuclear, hypersonic missile, supercavitating torpedo, stealth submarine, tank (Armada), and space weapons capabilities.  Putin just recently talked about their current superiority over any "potential aggressor". 

"I saw the United States withdraw its missiles to appease the Soviet Union, and then the war began."

President Obama has cancelled or cut funding missile defense programs according to the Heritage Foundation.  Romney called out Obama for withdrawing missile defense from Poland in 2014 as a "gift to Russia". These so-called anti-ballistic missiles were secretly tipped with nuclear warheads as Putin has indicated on several occasions.

"entangling alliances"

NATO, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. 

"take away the guns of the people" 

this might happen after the nuclear first-strike when a decapitated US gives its sovereignty over to NATO or similar "League of Democracies".

"on a holiday after the election but before the inaugaration"

MLK Day, January 16, 2017.  It was only made a holiday in 1983, so GAS wouldn't have identified it.

Yes, I agree that if the GAS vision is not fulfilled on Dec 16, it's bunk.

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