Friday, December 23, 2016

Israel Ready To Attack?

This is an old YNET story from 2012.

After the failed coup against President Erdogan, Turkey has allied itself with Russia and now fighting instead of supplying ISIS. The globalist plan to otherthrow President Assad in Syria seems to have failed again. 

Israel was waiting for the US to remove Assad in Syria before they strike Iran.  Now that NATO/OTAN has failed in Syria and Turkey, Israel may feel forced to strike now taking control of the situation, trusting in a seemingly pro-Israel POTUS to look the other way. Trump has already indicated that he doesn't agree with the military goals in Syria and that he is happy to let Russia and Turkey erradicate ISIS.  

Russia and Turkey eradicating ISIS may be a problem for the globalists who were secretly funding ISIS as a backdoor into Syria after Secretary Kerry gave Assad a way to avert war by giving up his chemical weapons in 2013.

If Israel strikes Iran and Damascus, it will be WW3 and Russia and China will finally strike the West which has been the central desire of the globalist all along.  President Obama possibly wasn't joking that it was "the last Whitehouse correspondence dinner" but it will will never be the end of the Republic. 

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