Friday, January 06, 2017

Obama Scraps ABM Aegis Ashore Phase 4

[quote]The United States would have missiles in Europe which carried an atomic bomb. ... and would withdraw its missiles to satisfy the Soviet Union.[/quote]

Nuclear missiles have been removed from Europe. Aegis Ashore land-based ABM systems in Romania and Poland carry kinetic warheads.  In 2009, the US cancelled the Bush missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. But in 2015, the US placed Aegis Ashore system in Romania that only targets warheads after their deployment. Aegis Ashore is to be placed in Poland in 2018. It is my impression that the the SM-3 missile used in Aegis Ashore cannot carry a nuclear warhead.

Putin has indicated that he was concerned that US missile defense missiles could be tipped with nuclear warheads at any time without Poland or Romania knowing anything about it. However, it seems Pres. Obama has diverged from Pres. Bush's original ABM plan (cancelling the 4th phase) which was, as Romney commented, "a gift to Russia".  Was this "gift" the withdrawal of Aegis nuclear warheads? Remeber Obama telling Medvedev he would discuss ABM after his reelection?
(Obama scraps Bush ABM plan)
(Cancelled 4th Phase)
(Cancelled 4th Phase)
(Gift to Russia)
("After my reelection I'll have more flexibility")
(Putin discusses the 4 phases of the US Aegis Ashore ABM system in Romania.  The 4th phase was "the fouth sends out its own nuclear weapon in response" and says the US could easily place a nuclear warhead on Aegis Ashore missiles.  But Aegis Ashore Phase 4 is exactly what Obama cancelled.
(“U.S. abandons fourth phase of European missile defense system that causes the greatest objections from Russia.”)
(ABM 4th Phase = early "intercept targets prior to the deployment of multiple warheads = Ground-Based Midcourse Defense, exo-atmospheric kill vehicle")  

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