Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Unlikely Fulfillment

It seems unlikely that the GAS vision would be fulfilled at this time.  MLK day is its last chance (last holiday before inauguration).

However, NATO is positioning tanks/etc in Easterm Europe as we speak, and there continue to be mysterious Russian airplane crashes, and dead diplomats (Putin driver, Turkey, Greece); that keeps the pot simmering.

The US Congress has just voted to extend Iranian sanctions which is more like Iranian stimulus.  Iran is to recieve a massive shippment of Uranium from Russia this week.  This Uranium shipment might be the tipping point for Israel.

I think for the pot to boil over, Israel would have to go rogue and unilaterally launch an offensive against Syria and Iran. Some big sudden action like that would trigger a response and turn the world against Israel.

I remember Pres. Obama joking at the Whithouse correspondence dinner how it was maybe "the last white house correspondence dimner" and the "end of the Republic never looked so good".  This was in responde to Michelle Bachman warning that Obama could bring about the "Biblical end of days".  Pres. Obama joked abour this also withva little too much sarcasm.  Pres. Obama tended to tell alot of the truth during his Whitehouse correspondance dinner monologues.

My father spoke with David Horne tonight. In collaboration with his brother,  an MD who was age 15 at the time of the George Albert Smith Family Home Evening (David was 11), there were two ERRORS in the written document to be used only among his family that got on the Internet: 

1. "Whether or not the candidate was of Greek extraction." 

2. "The war would begin on a National Holiday before the inauguration." 

David Horne said further that the conflict would be over Russia demanding the return of Alaska.

There have been several semi-recent media warnings of Russia wanting to invade Alaska. If Trump were to drill in  ANWR, gas would go to <1$/gal and the Russian economy would be sunk.


Drilling in ANWR could also end up bad for the US is cheap gas sunk the fracking industry making oil too cheap to make fracking worth it.  If Russia were then to take ANWR after the US became dependent on its cheap oil, them the US would be in trouble.

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