Friday, July 14, 2017

Capitalism is Not Free, Nor Moral

Free Market is moral.  Capitalism is not free market, nor is it moral. Capitalism gives unelected power to the capitalist (No, we didn't vote with our dollars).  Capitalists are individuals that get the big loans from the banks.  These big loans to  individuals creates a consolidation of power.  The consolidation of power breads corruption. The separation of power is a founding principle of America. 

Unfortunately, after dividing up political power, we allowed individuals to consolidate economic power.  What we need  in America and in the world is banking reform to level the playing field and create equal access to credit.  In a moral and free world, single individuals could not qualify for enormous loans.  Larger loans would be qualified for based on the credit worthiness of many people like a community, company, or a guild. Company employees would have ownership in the company and share in the profits. There could still be venture capitalists but employees would not be surfs to the investors and stock holders.

The problem with capitalism applies to free trade vs. protectionism.  Poverty in the 3rd World is not a tariff problem but a credit problem.  A country like Dominican Republic should be able to print money and qualify for a loan  to build a factory producing AC units, refrigerators, and cars to be sold in the DR. The backing for the printed currency is the AC unit factory.  

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