Monday, December 07, 2009

Global Warming Fraud, Don't Sign that Treaty

Michael Mann is a climatologist and professor at Penn State University. Mr. Mann studies paleoclimate by looking at tree rings and is responsible for coming up with the famous "hockey stick" graph that is featured in Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" Narcimentary, and many United Nation's IPCC publications. Michael Mann also has a website at He has been in hot water of late as recently discovered emails reveal how he and his colleagues fudged the data on the "hockey stick" graph to make it look like human CO2 production is causing global warming. One email contains the quote: "I've just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years. . . to hide the decline"

In response, Michale Mann has been all over the media this week explaining away the new emails and trying to sell the US public on the international climate summit in Copenhagen. Mr. Mann was on NPR and CNN today defending himself and his climate buddies at Penn State. In response to questions about the email, Mr. Mann says he says the statements about his "Nature Trick" and "hiding the decline" was taken out of context and it was just banter. Mann was then asked about the decline in public support for CO2-linked global warming. In response Mann said he felt it was unfortunate because this spirit of not skepticism but "contrariness" was at odds with an overwhelming consensus in the scientific community, and overwhelming evidence by the climate data. He likened Global Warming deniers to those who would try to claim 1+1=3. According to Mann, Not all ideas, like those who oppose a link between CO2 emissions and global warming, merit being published in peer reviewed journals. (No bias there) Michael Mann challenged those who oppose CO2-linked global warming to provide data to prove our side. Of course through the entire interview, Mann gave none of his own except to claim that the EPA, IPCC, and everyone else couldn't all be wrong.

1. We know Michael Man falsified the data in his 1000-year CO2/Surface Temp graph where he hid the global warming that occurred during the Medieval Warm Period and the Temp Declines for the past 10 years.

2. Ice Core Temp/Co2 data prove that Co2 level lag 600 years behind increases in temperature. This means that increasing temp is the driver for increased atmospheric CO2 and not the other way round. Correlation is not causation, especially when it lags behind by 600 years.

3. Increased global temperatures are caused by a combination of changing sun luminosity, sun spot activity (eg Maunder Minimum or Little Ice Age), fluctuations in the Earth's orbit around the Sun, and variability in the Earths tilt towards or away from the sun (Milakovich cycles). Because there is more water in the Southern Hemisphere, if the south is tilted closer to the sun, then you have more ocean warming which makes warmer oceans and more clouds. The warmer oceans can't hold as much diffused/dissolved CO2 which then is then is released into the atmosphere (think flat warm soda).

4. More CO2 means healthier and more lush plants. Do the experiment yourself in a sealed bell jar.

5. The Ice in the Arctic and on Mt Kilimanjaro is receding because temperature is colder. Colder oceans makes less clouds and less clouds make less rain and snow. Colder air means dryer air. Dryer air means the snow on Mt Kilimanjaro is sublimating away and not evaporating.

6. The Climate Summit in Copenhagen will sign over US sovereignty to a global government that will enforce CO2 emissions. Do you want the UN telling you that you can't buy that product or start that business because it produces too much CO2?

7. CO2 emission limits hurt the 3rd world whe need to industrialize to prosper. The token payments to 3rd-world countries is a drop in the bucket that will go into the pockets of corrupt leaders and not to the people.

8. The global warming group argue that a warmer earth will make more clouds which will trap more heat in the upper atmosphere. However, measurement shows that saturated clouds fall to lower atmosphere and there is no warming in the upper atmosphere and in spite of a prediction by 11 climate models claiming radiated heat into space would decrease with higher CO2, Dr. Richard Lindzen at MIT reports the measured data by ERBS satellite showing that radiated heat into space is actually increasing (Lindzen & Choi, GRS, 2009) with respect to suface temperature. Thus no global warming.

Mike would have you believe that Man-made global warming is "settled science" and Al Gore would have you believe that man-made global warming is the "most important moral issue of our generation." The truth is that while proper management of the environment is important, CO2 has nothing whatever causative to do with global temperatures, and CO2 is not a significant greenhouse gas.

Christopher Monckton, Viscount of Brenchley: YouTube Video 1; YouTube Video 2
BBC Documentary: "Global Warming Swindle": YouTube Video; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,-->[[[8]]]<-- John Coleman, Weather Channel founder challenges Al Gore and Mann: YouTube Video

Don't sign the Copenhagen Climate Treaty President Obama.


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Is this Bender from Climate Audit by chance?

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No, I wrote it independently. I have other similar posts against man-made global warming going back a few years. Thanks for your reply.