Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to Fix America

1. End the Federal Reserve
2. Balance national budget
3. Print money and pay off national debt
4. End fractional reserve lending to prevent inflation caused by printing money to pay off debt
5. End banking practice of charging interest to Americans
6. Non-profit community safety societies (CSS) would make home and business loans by purchasing asset on your behalf. The borrower would retain rights to control the property. The bank would charge a fee and down payment and future payments would go towards the borrower becoming a larger shareholder of the asset. All profits are distributed to depositors who are all part owners in the bank(CSS).
7. Government would invest and incentivize business that result in greater self-sufficiency. For example, the government should have invested in natural gas instead of oil and gasoline.
8. Government should get out of the business of administering socialist programs and buying votes using other peoples money.
9. Shift responsibility of social programs to state and local level.
10. Make fornication socially unacceptable again as illegitimacy is the number one contributer to poverty. Maybe the days of the "Scarlet Letter" weren't so bad in spite of what your High School English teacher would have you believe. But I think it more just to make the guy wear it.
11. Use tariffs to prevent a trade deficit.
12. Put currency back on gold, silver, and copper standard.
13. Charge interest to foreign governments who exchange dollars for gold only.
14. States should encourage local self-sufficiency. Georgia and South Carolina should encourage cultivation of pecans, figs, and blueberries, and pine trees. They should also encourage shrimping and protect this industry from cheaper overseas pond shrimp. If local farms didn't have to pay huge interest on their farms, I believe that food could be produced cheaper than it can be shipped from overseas. The same thing would apply to technology production.

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