Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bohemian Club

Every July for two weeks each year, US presidents, CEO's, investment bankers, writers, journalists, university presidents, and artists come together in the hills outside of San Francisco to plan out the course of the global geopolitics. Members of the exclusive Bohemian Club which meet at the Bohemian Grove begin as early as Mark Twain and currently include almost every US president since Taft including recent presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, and Bush Jr. Other notables include Alan Greenspan, Newt Gingrich, Warren Buffet, Bono, Clint Eastwood, Dick Chaney, Carl Rove, David Rockefeller and many foreign dignitaries. Lists of members can be found on the web.

Bohemian Grove is 2700-acre camp ground among a beautiful redwood forest. Each July hundreds of world political, cultural and economic leaders get together to eat, drink, and be merry. During this 2 weeks international deals and policies are decided and elections are pre-determined. However, this meeting is strictly secret and while members will confess attending, they do not talk about what goes on there.

What is common knowledge about the BC is that experts and scientists are invited to give lectures and speak to the group about emerging technologies, problems, and potential solutions. While political and economic decisions and alliances forged each year at the Bohemian Grove, I do not believe that the people who attend are the ones in control; at least not most of them. Many of these people are the brains, the muscles, and the mouth of the government. However, the real people pulling the strings would never be found compromising themselves in the way that those who attend BC do. According to what can be pieced together about what goes on, the male-only Bohemian Club involves 2 weeks of heavy drinking, running around naked, urinating on trees, and homosexuality (from Nixon's watergate tapes).

Many elites are recruited from IV League schools and other Universities through Greek and Secret Fraternities beginning with Phi Beta Kappa, and then continuing with Skull and Bones at Yale and many other fraternities with names like Seven Society, Quill and Dagger, One, Tomb of the Sphinx Secret, Cap and Skull, Order of the Gimghoul, ANAK, Cadaver Society, etc.

One of the ways in which individuals are recruited is not necessarily based on genius, but based on the ability of those in charge to manipulate them. Fraternal Orders allow members to learn about each others weaknesses, fears, and desires. Knowing those weaknesses, fears and desires, individuals can then be exploited, threatened, bribed, blackmailed and thereby controlled. H0w many powerful political leaders have we seen victims of political assassinations lately or were forced to mysteriously resign and step down from office.

In secret organizations there is always a hierarchy and there are always circles within circles. The problem is that when your on the inside, I am sure it must be very difficult to tell where you stand. These orders are profess loyalty, but in the end you really never know when your legs will get cut out from under you. But, for most I'm sure, the fame, power and money is enough for them. However, for the inner circle, it must just be pure evil or madness.

Secret Organizations like Skull and Bones tend to represent themselves as the skeleton. Even the Bible likens society to the human body. The Human Body is so complex with numerous interdependent systems and parts that work together. However, some see themselves as the skeleton of society. See, the skeletons are unique in that they serve their purpose to the body by just being there and providing resistance. In the body, its the muscles that do the heavy lifting and moving, and its the brain that does the thinking. But neither the muscles nor the brain could function without being held up and attached to the skeleton. And, like the skeleton is hidden under skin and muscle, those people who really control the show are hidden behind the scenes. They control this world through the possession of capital. That capital hasn't come from their labors but because our current economic system has long been set up which allows certain individuals the ability to exploit the labors of others. This exploitation is achieved by tax law, monetary policy, fractional reserve banking, and speculative stocks and commodities markets, etc. Other secret meetings include the Bilderberg Conference in Europe .

During the 2-week encampment, the attendees are subjected to participation in some sort of strange ritualistic dramatizations. In front of the crowd over the lake is a huge image of a horned owl. In front of the owl a hooded high priest with red robs flanked by other priests in white and still others in black burn the effigy of a human on an altar in front of the image while everyone applauds. The burning of the human effigy is accompanied by music, fireworks and very realistic screaming. This yearly ceremony is called the "Cremation of Dull Care". The attendees are told it simply represents the the casting off of their conscience, worry, stress and inhibitions while they attend the conference. However, unfortunately some of us are not so ignorant of ancient occult symbolism and whether the people watching it know it or not, they are being subjected to some very dark and negative symbols and rituals. You can watch the ceremony for yourself on YouTube as recorded by Alex Jones.

Unfortunately, I just heard about this for the first time today and I have quickly realized that this is a topic you cannot talk about. You will not hear about these meetings on Bill O'reily, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity. If a caller brings it up or asks about it they are immediately labeled a conspiracy theorist nutcase. However, since the Alex Jones recording, most conservative talk-show hosts confess that the event is real, but they downplay the whole event as just meaningless fun and games. However, I say if its just fun and games, why not loose the nutty ceremony. I mean, what good is it that world leaders are encouraged to check their consciences at the door. Isn't conscience the basis of any moral decision making? (Warren)

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