Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1. Until private citizens provide for the needs of all our people whether they deserve it our not, the Socialists will be empowered. You can tell people all day they should just face the consequences of life and lay down and die, but these people will accept a faceless government handout every time.

2. In nearly every community, all people get necessary health care through the ER and through charitable community medical clinics staffed by volunteers or supported by public and private grants.

3. Just consider what would happen if we cut off a certain segment of our population from getting basic needs such as food, shelter, and health care. They would turn against rob and murder the working class. And the Fascists throughout history have played the poor class against the working class again and again.

4. The real problem with health care costs is how hospitals are financed. Banks and financiers that provide the capital to build hospitals reap a majority of the money produced by hospitals. 15% of the hospital bill goes to doctors. 15% to insurance companies. The rest is the facility fee. Only 50% of the facility fee goes to the nurses, support services, pharmacy, and lab. The other 50% goes into the pocket of the mortgage holders or stock holders.

5. The US operates on FRACTIONAL-RESERVE BANKING. This allows Federal Reserve members to borrow 1$ from the FED and lend 10$. This is creating money out of thin air. And its not the Federal Government creating the money but private financiers. If our government would operate on FULL-RESERVE BANKING, then the US Treasury would collect prime interest on all the money lent out and not just a fraction of it. If we allowed local banks to borrow directly from the US Treasury, at FULL RESERVES, then there would be more accountability and responsibility because there would actually be risk and not just the illusion of risk. If financiers create money by the MONEY MULTIPLIER PRINCIPLE, there is not risk when someone defaults on an amortized loan because they only borrowed 10% of the money, they collected interest up front, and they will repo your assets and resell it.

6. The US needs to exercise the power of the TARIFF to keep money and jobs in the US. So what if you spend 10$ on a manufactured in the US product vs. 5$ on a Chinese produced good. If we continue to send 5$ to China, then that will be 10$ less in our community, which means 10$ less to pay for a US job, 10$ less for health insurance, 10$ less for retirement program and 10$ more that the federal government will have to end up paying in the end. And then the US government will turn to China to borrow at least 2.50$ by selling T-Bills to China who have all these excess dollars and then our children will end up paying at least 5$ in principal and interest. So, why does it make sense to buy Chinese because its cheaper when the money saved will end up being paid by our children?

7. The good of our capitalist system is that it allows that certain individuals benefit extraordinarily well. Certain fortunate few amass enormous sums of money or capital. This capital can then be used to invest in grand projects such as railways through Africa, fleets of ocean greyhounds, and aquariums in downtown Atlanta. We like aquariums and we like venture capitalists like Kleiner Perkins to invest in Google, Amazon, and Bloom Energy. Or at least we are told we do. We need the capital. The problem is that our capitalist system lets too many fall off the wagon. So, the question is, how do we keep everyone on the wagon and still have a system that creates the capital and is able to apply it to great ideas.

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