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My Journey From Darkness to Light

Dear Dr. Jones,

My name is David D. Brosnahan, MD, MS. I have a Masters in Biochemistry from BYU and I am currently an Emergency Physician living in Augusta, GA. I also took basic Newtonian Physics from you at BYU in 1997. I remember that the course began with a pre-test assessing our ability to predict the behavior of various falling, sliding, and colliding objects. I think that was one of the few tests I remember ever failing. And while I try never to dwell on failure, I will never forget the lesson you taught me that unless people would think in terms of physical laws, "common sense" alone would never help them arrive at a correct answer.

Last week, I looked up one of your 9/11 lectures. I was aware that you had been stigmatized for your theories regarding thermite being present in the 911 attack on the WTC. I was aware that you had been asked to resign from BYU. I was also aware that he mainstream media would not entertain any questioning of the official story. You were labeled a "conspiracy theorist" a "lunatik" and a "subversive." However, none of those labels sat well with me. I just couldn't believe that you had lost your mind.

I remember, early on, reacting very nationalistically when someone questioned the War in Iraq. I thought, how could a person trust people like Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden over our own President of the United States. But, as time has passed, I have slowly been better able to set aside my nationalistic passions and view things more objectively. I am not saying that I have lost any faith in the Constitution of the United States. I believe the US Constitution is inspired of God and I love this country and the principles upon which it was founded. However, I experienced a major paradigm shift while reading a Biography of Edwin Teller. In several instances the scientists needed to convince FDR to fund the Manhattan Project and later the fusion bomb. What surprised me was a trivial detail, which was included but not commented on, how FDR was not convinced by a signed letter by Albert Einstein but by an investment banker. That's when I knew who was pulling the strings in this country. Since then I have viewed the world in a whole different light.

Just last week I watched several of your lectures on YouTube for the first time and looked up several articles in the Journal of 911 Studies. And to my unexpected amazement, everything you have been saying is absolutely correct. The fall of the WTC is an absolute violation of the laws of physics. The near free fall velocity, the temperatures required to melt steel, the yellow-hot metal pouring out of the building, the complete collapse of WTC building 7, the unreacted reddish thermate paint chips, and the reacted thermate microspheres in WTC dust prove beyond reasonable doubt that the planes alone could not have caused the collapse of the WTC according to the official report.

An interesting detail I have been pondering is when and where was the thermate applied. In 1971 when the WTC was being constructed, there was an asbestos ban was imposed in New York. From what I can tell, only WTC1 had some asbestos to the 40th floor which as partially removed after the ban. This was also the building that failed to fall after the 1993 bombing. That leads me speculate whether the WTC buildings designed to be destroyed from the beginning? Was thermate applied to the steel as a coating from the very beginning or was it sprayed on later? Could the 1993 bombing be an excuse for someone to place thermate in the building instead of insulation? Since we see clear evidence that thermate was applied to the WTC, you would think that engineers would have learned from the Hindenburg disaster not to mix aluminum and iron oxide in surface coatings. Considering the facts, I am left to conclude that the presence of thermate in the WTC was purposeful. I would like to see more in the Journal of 911 Studies on Asbestos vs.other fire retardants used in the WTC.

Please accept my thanks for your courage in standing for truth despite the threats to your life, liberty, and reputation.,2933,34342,00.html,2933,34756,00.html

David D. Brosnahan MD, MS

Problems with the 911 "official story":
1. Near Free-Fall Acceleration Violates Physical Law. The WTC towers fell at near free-fall velocity in violation of Newton's Second Law of Motion and the Law of Conservation of Momentum which says that an object exerting a force against another object in one direction experiences an opposite force in the other direction. Thus if the top of the WTC became unstable and begin to crush the floors below it; as it crashes through the lower floors, it would meet resistance resulting in an eventual deceleration and not a continued free-fall acceleration. This opposite force pushing back against the unstable top section of floors would absorb its potential and kinetic energy, decelerating it until it would eventually stop falling.

2. Equal and Opposite Forces. As the top section of the WTC falls through the building I would have expected it would develop some lateral or angular momentum causing it to slide or roll off the top. As it happened the top section of each WTC tower was said to have entirely crushed and pulverized the rest of the building from top to bottom without itself experiencing a "crushup" force until it reached the bottom. However, physics requires that as the top section is falling through the bottom section, the top section would be crushed at the same time as the bottom section was being crushed. Therefore, since the top section was shorter than the bottom section, at some point the top section would have been entirely pulverized by the bottom leaving a section of the bottom floors undamaged. However, as it happened, the top of the WTC above the impact of the plane accelerated through the bottom floors as if they they weren't there at near free-fall acceleration entirely into its own footprint leaving no undamaged portion of either tower.

3. Heat and Energy of the Airplane Insufficient. The heat and energy of the airplane smashing into the WTC is insufficient to cause a catastrophic failure of the WTC. The heat required to melt steel is 2500F. The heat of the jet fuel and office material could only reach 1500F at most. Weakening of the floor supports could occur but is still insufficient to result in the near complete pulverization of the building.

4. No Pancakes. The official story claims the floors of the WTC successively pancaked one on top of another. The problem with this is that we did not see pancaked floors at the bottom. What we did see is an unrecognizable mass of twisted iron and building that was nearly pulverized with WTC dust falling all over lower Manhattan. What we should have seen is the top of the WTC fall off, or a stack of pancaked floors, or a remnant of undamaged building surrounded by rubble but not a top to bottom near-complete demolition-like pulverization into its own footprint.

5. Black Body Radiation and Molten Iron. Yellow-Orange liquid metal is seen flowing out of the WTC buildings just prior to its sudden and complete pulverization and catastrophic collapse. This molten metal due to black-body radiation must be at least 2000F and cannot be molten aluminum from the airplane because liquid aluminum appears metallic at that temperature and does not glow yellow-orange like molten iron. Again, the fires from the plane, fuel and office are insufficient to melt iron at 2000F. If iron were so easy to melt, our species would have entered the iron age long before it did.

6. Thermate Found. Numerous samples of WTC dust has been collected and analyzed demonstrating unreacted thermate chip bilayers containing aluminum, iron oxide, and sulfur. Some of these reddish thermate chips also demonstrate partial conversion to metallic iron with metallic microspheres forming on the surface of the reddish layer in these chips. WTC dust contains large amounts of already reacted thermate in the form of metallic iron-aluminum microspheres. These microspheres demonstrate the same chemical and physical properties (fingerprint) as microspheres created by reacting thermate. Microspheres containing iron and aluminum together can only form if both elements cooled from a liquid state together at the same time requiring a temperature of over 2000F.

7. Molten Pools of Liquid Metal. Under the WTC debris was molten pools of liquid metal glowing yellow-orange hot. This liquid iron which was measured at over 2000F burned for several weeks. Aerial thermal imaging proves the intense heat of WTC fires under WTC buildings 1,2, and 7.

8. WTC 7 Annihilated. WTC 7 was not hit by an airplane yet it was suddenly and completely demolished just like WTC 1 and 2 and free-falling into its own footprint like a tower made of playing cards. This was said to have been caused by diesel fuel stored in its basement. Again, diesel fuel does not generate enough heat to melt steel and the same cauldron of liquid iron was found under its rubble. If the base of the building were to have melted and become unstable, we would expect the building to have fallen over, twisted, or pancaked with the preservation of many pancaked floors. Instead what we witnessed was the compete demolition-like pulverization of the building into its own footprint leaving few recognizable traces of its structure.

9. Other arguments and inconsistencies. There are many more theories out there that are weak, unverifiable, and detract from what is known and can be known about 911. Therefore, I will not defend them nor debunk them. Many of these weaker arguments hurt the what can be proven. I do not speculate about who knew and when with regard to 911. But what we do have is video tape of the event and the laws of physics. To date, the official story and NIST report conclusions do not reflect the video tape evidence nor explain the WTC collapse with respect to physical law. Therefore the official story must be revised or rejected.

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