Thursday, April 29, 2010

Columbia University Trial

Before 2 months ago, I was a Sean Hannity, Reagan Conservative, until I awoke to the truth of 911 after watching the presentation of Steven E Jones which served to connect a series of dots in my mind left after much reading and study. Dr. Jones was my physics professor at BYU who taught me Newtonian Physics. He also did parallel research along with Pons and Fleischman with "Cold Fusion" or "LENR" low energy nuclear reactions which was made a scandal in the media in the late 80's, but which has been now scientifically verified. Dr. Jones was not directly involved in the scandal because it was the University of Utah who jumped the gun on releasing the information before the peer-review process was complete.

I was also awakened by a study of economics and fractional-reserve banking and the history and consequences of this system, and also a study of environmental science and the man-made global warming claim.

Again, please inform yourself on the truth of 911, because that tragedy provides the greatest evidence and proof of the conspiracy. No steel-framed buildings have every fallen due to fire or being hit by a plane. The fall and pulverization of WTC 1,2,7 at near free-fall speed violates the Newtonian laws of physics and the conservation of momentum. In fact, WTC 7 did not have significant fires, was not struck by a plane, not struck by significant debris from WTC 1,2 yet WTC 7 fell for at least 2.7 sec at video-documented free fall speed which can only happen if explosives had simultaneously blown out all supports. Therefore, the building falls as if there is no resistance to the fall for that time period. Molten iron pools burning at 3000 F under WTC 1,2,7 for a month following the collapse, and unreacted, partially reacted, and fully reacted Thermate chips has been found in numerous WTC dust samples. Silverstein made 5 billion in an insurance policy on the WTC. On a NOVA special, he is quoted as saying he decided to "pull the building". Hundreds of Millions worth of Put options on American Airlines and United Airlines were placed just before 911. . . . . etc. etc. etc.etc.

Please read "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" which is signed by a 33rd Degree Mason but was used to frame the Jews and realize that the game plan for a neo-feudal, world super-government and the rise of their anti-Christ leader is being brought about in exactly the way the described in the document.

We know from the Book of Mormon that a secret combination will exist and that we are specifically told to "awake" to its reality, then to "repent" both of our general sins and also for allowing the corruption of our divinely-instituted constitutional government, and then to "persuade." We have also been wisely instructed by Pres. Monson to beware of anger and we have been instructed to be worthy of the priesthood we hold because the priesthood, the holy ghost, no debt, and a food supply may be our only defense for what is coming.

The seeds of this conspiracy were sown at the founding of this country (wheat and tears). This conspiracy has been very patient in its operation and according to the Doctrine and Covenants resulted in the Civil War and would result in war being poured out upon all nations until there be an "end of all nations" (one world government vs tribes). Despite the patience, some think the internet has provided the pressure to accelerate the plans of the conspiracy because of the inability to control information and the speed at which people in America are waking up.

A civil trial is being held in Harlem, NY against Columbia University on May 14 by James David Manning who is a Baptist Minister and holds a degree from Union Divinity School who attended at the same time that Barrack Obama and is very active in the community and at Columbia University who has already passed grand jury indictments against Columbia University for giving Barrack Obama a degree of a BA in Political Science when there is no record of the president attending the University.

James Manning claims to have evidence that Obama's Hawaii Birth certificate is a forgery, that Obama was born in Kenya, and is an Indonesian Citizen. Manning says that he has evidence that the president spent time in Pakistan during the time he was supposed to be at Columbia, and was attending Alqaeda training camps. What this means is that the president is a CIA asset and a Manchurian Candidate. There are also claims that Barrack Obama's real name is Berry Soetoro and that he is secretly homosexual and allegations have been made by Larry Sinclair that they were partners and used drugs together and some believe that his current "body guy" Reggie Love is his current lover. The charges are that Columbia University fraudulently granted the president a diploma. Manning explains the trial and allegations here: President Obama discusses his relationship with Reggie Love: I think the point of this is to make the truth so horrible, you cannot believe it.

My concern about this Columbia University trial is 1. something will happen before the trial to distract our attention from it 2. The trial itself will trigger civil unrest, or CIA paid anarchists will trigger civil unrest and a government response. Currently, FEMA has NLE 10 in Nevada which is conducting exercises beginning May 8 regarding a response to nuclear terrorism and particularly a scenario of Iran giving nuclear material to Alqaeda who then set off a nuclear bomb in 2 US cities. I am worried about Kansas City because of prophecy and a desire to create the NAFTA superhighway which will have a hub in Kansas City. I also worry about Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. I worry about Atlanta, GA because of the 500,000 plastic FEMA grave liners being held in a field at Madison, GA. A friend of mine drove out there last week and says they are there and you can see them on youtube.

A possible fulfillment of Daniel is that the American Empire or Pax Americana is an economic empire that is the 4th Beast spoken of by Daniel 7. Barrack Obama is the little horn that follows the 10 horns of the beast. There have been 10 presidents beginning with Truman after the rise of the American Empire over the British Empire with the the victory of the US in WW2 after using the Nuclear Bomb. Remember Spanish-->French-->English-->American. The 3 horns plucked up by the root are the 3 assassinated US presidents: Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy. All 3 presidents were assassinated by the banking establishment over monetary issues: greenbacks, gold act of 1900, and silver certificates (executive order 11110).

If a nuclear device was set off in America, Iran would be blamed and the US would go to war with Iran which fulfills Daniel 8 and the Ram going against Medes (Iraq) and Persia (Iran). I know that Daniel 8 refers to Alexander the Great conquest and the creation of the Greek Empire and its subsequent division into 4 after his death. However, I assume that there is a likely latter-day fulfillment of this prophecy as well. However, I don't know how to interpret the "4 notable ones" although there have been 4 US presidents since the staged hostage crisis involving Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton. This is when the US and the Middle East began the East-West conflict. I don't know but am concerned about the part about the "daily sacrifice" and the "sanctuary" being put down and "destroy the mighty and the holy people." The part that reads "by peace shall destroy many" may allude to the harm that will come from the false peace promised by the new world order.

Interesting LDS end-times prophecies that exist are:
1. D&C 112:23-26 "upon my house shall it begin"
2. John Taylor's Vision of Destruction that is recorded by Wilford Woodruff Journal Vol 7.
3. Patriarch Charles D. Evans Vision published in the Contributer in 1894 refers to a "letter written by a Jew" which causes great financial confusion. Then "Bankruptcy, Famine, Floods, Fire, Cyclones, Blood (war), Plague." The surviving saints on come to the rescue of the constitution after the tribulation and before a monarchy attempt to take control of America.
4. Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy

3 Large Masonic Murals are present in the Denver Airport. The Denver Airport has a huge complex underneath it to house the elite during the time of the tribulation. The first represents 3 girls in caskets (Jew, Native American, Black), with a burning city in the background and a girl looking at a Mayan Codex with a Quetzal Bird over her head. This mural is not speaking of the past but the future. 2012 may not be on God's calender, but it may be on these people's calendar. These people may want another holocaust. The second mural depicts a terrible figure with a gas mask and a sword which is killing the dove of peace and has a trail of women walking on a road carrying dead babies. This trail of women matches a scene in Pres. Taylor's vision. The figure with the gas mask represents martial law. The third mural has children from all over the world delivering weapons to a german boy with an large arm that is beating them into plowshares. Some question why a german boy would take the place of Christ who is supposed to bring world peace.

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Apprentice Vinbeazel said...

Found your blog, looking up Charles D. Evans, Patriarch...

I read his vision in 1986; as part of the appendix in Anthony Larson's book/trilogy The Moon Shall Turn to Blood...

Look up Occupy the Bilderbergs and other occupy groups on FB; we have over a dozen groups, dedicated to "arming the women and raise up insurrection" as Moroni promised in the Letter to Pahoran. We use the FB groups to gather evidence, to share with the Oathkeepers/Constitutional Sheriffs around the world.