Sunday, April 11, 2010

Neofeudalism vs. Self-Government

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a document that surfaced in Russia in the 1920's that Hitler used to turn the poor Germans against the Working-class Jews. Anti-semetism spilled over to the US where IV League colleges in the US had strict quotas restricting Jews from admission. The Protocols detail a nefarious plot to achieve world domination and a one-world super government. This same document circulated in the US fueled significant antisemitism here at home as well. However one obvious issue here that I see is that the Protocols are not written by a Jew. Although the document refers to us as "Jews" and them as "Gentile" the document is signed at the bottom by a 33-degree Elder or Scottish Rite Mason.

Regardless of its authorship, the entire document is based on a false assumption. That false assumption of the Protocols is that a majority of man cannot govern themselves. According to the protocols, men are inherently evil, selfish, ignorant, depraved, and savage. Therefore, a government based on self-government is destined to fall into anarchy. Since a majority of people are evil, a democracy where the majority rules will oppress the minority. And, elected officials elected by the majority will be no less depraved, selfish, ignorant, and savage than the people who elected them. Therefore, according to the document, the "Gentiles" need to have a king and an elite aristocracy to rule over them for their own good.

However, the constitutional republic set up in America is not a democracy. The Founding Fathers believed that tyranny of the majority over the minority was as bad as tyranny by a king, oligarchy, or aristocracy. Also, the US constitutional republic never intended that people govern themselves alone. In the US system, individuals are assisted in self-government through local institutions and governing bodies such as PTA, Guilds, Churches, Civic Clubs and Professional Associations. These bodies serve to inform and regulate personal and public behavior. And where leaders are selected, these local leaders are elected by the people as opposed to an Aristocracy who act as absent landlords who claim rights to power based not on election, nor divine right but based on superior genetics and the principal of force. Basically, according to the Protocols, the right to rule is based on whomever is powerful enough and cunning enough to rule. But, the Protocols are mistaken when they define self-government, as government without the assistance of institutions. In contrast, our republic refers local elected governments over aristocratic absentee landlords.

Another contradiction of the Protocols is that if the Protocols believe that self-government ultimately ends in anarchy, and they seek to institute order from that chaos in the form of a one-world super-government, then why would they need to mettle in our politics so much to entrap, corrupt, threaten, bribe, and blackmail our leaders and manipulate our economy and political system into failure. If our form of government is destined for failure, why not just sit on the sideline ready to step in when needed.

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