Saturday, April 17, 2010

SEC charges Goldman Sachs with Fraud

I don't like thinking in terms of conspiracy either . I am still of the opinion that most people in our government are trying to do what was right even if they are misguided. But the truth of 911 really opened my eyes at the same time I was thinking about how to improve our system of economics.

As far as dealing with issues individually or globally. I agree that we need to strengthen individuals and families. Ruth and I have been helping the missionaries teach a deaf investigator. He had his baptismal interview yesterday and has asked me to baptize him this Sunday. But at the same time as a citizen, I hope that we can also be active politically because, as you know, the Proclamation invites community leaders to institute laws and policies that strengthen the family. .

It seems we have been fighting this battle for a long time. The strategy seems to be to exploit macro social problems by instituting oppressive individual micro policies. Health Care is another example of instituting policies that affect individual freedom instead of fixing the real problem which is the facility fee which is a financial problem. Again, there are many manifestations of this thinking that also is found in the government confiscating knitting needles before boarding a plane instead of better dealing with their intelligence and no-fly lists.

While Lord Monckton and others stood up to the false man-made global warming by exposing data falsification in what was called "climategate". Unfortunately, the issue of Carbon Cap and Trade/Tax has not gone away. Newt Gingrich (also a Bohemian Grove member) is the new front man for Man-Made Global Warming and will be running for president as a Republican in 2012.

War on Terror- Instituted Patriot Act allowing warrantless wiretaps and spying on US citizens
Womens Lib- Tax 100% population, and put children in daycare to weaken the family
Balloon Mortgage and low home ownership- inflationary amortized mortgage via FHA,HUD
Banking Failures and Panics- Power over money creation and borrowing given to the Federal Reserve, and removed dollar from gold standard.
Healthcare Costs- Socialized healthcare and quality rating determines rate of reimbursement which means the federal government could arbitrarily lower your rating and reduce your reimbursement.
3rd-World- exploitation of natural resources by so-called free trade and World Bank and International Monetary Fund to set up western banking and usury as a global system without competition.

This just in. I discussed before how it was evident the FED triggered the housing collapse 1. wages not keeping pace with the amortized loan inflation by design. 2. no longer reporting M3 as a measure of the money supply. 3. Expansion of M3 and then sudden contraction. 4. Rating AAA and selling of Mortgage Backed Securities Derivatives to banks to leverage fractional reserves. Yesterday Apr 17 the AP and Wall Street Journal reports that the SEC is charging Goldman Sachs with fraud regarding these MBS. From internal email, it has been discovered, that Hedge Fund Paulson and Co. colluded with Goldman to sell these MBS Derivatives while at the same time betting against the very derivatives that they were selling.

My problem here is, we were told the housing crisis was due to subprime mortgages and the poor enjoying home ownership. This case proves my point that it was not subprimes directly and not the poor primarily that caused the downturn but the MBS and the inherent instability of Fractional Reserve Lending. The initial story was to incite class resentment. My other problem is that I think Obama is rightly behind the SEC clamping down on Goldman. He has stated recently that he was targeting wallstreet despite Goldman Sachs being one of his largest campaign contributers. But I am concerned the investigation will not go deep enough. I hope the depth of the fraud is uncovered completely and we don't just end up with a fine and a couple of fall guys going to jail. This thing was well orchestrated involving rating agencies like S&P and Moody, SEC looking the other way, FED and M3, Goldman, etc.

The American People do not understand the level of fraud surrounding the bailout. The Government didnt just hand out 700 billion, This is just 1 of 3 bailout amounts in the total program. But due to fractional reserve lending the banks create hundreds of trillions of dollars from this money, and they went and didn't lend but instead bought trillions in TBills. Now the big banks own trillions in TBills and we are now paying them a perpetual 3% on top of the free money we gave them. We paid the banks to take our money and not the other way around.

This is like a chess match to these people. And once you realize the truth of 911, and what kind of murderous intentions a minority in power have, it is not hard to realize that they got what they wanted by playing Obama to push through Health Care Socialism. They want government control over the individual and government inaction when it comes to business and banking. The abuses of Big Business and Wall Street end with more government control over individuals but not more oversight of the Banks. Both the Republicans and Democrats end up as pawns in this game.

The Tea Parties held on Tax Day April 15th were originally a Ron Paul, Libertarian, Independent movement. Now they have been taken over by FOX news and Sean Hannity where the kinds of things I am saying can no longer be said.

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