Monday, May 17, 2010

Catholicism and Islam?

I was surfing the Internet and Youtube the other day and I came across a video done by an Evangelical Christian that made a most improbable link between Catholicism and Islam. In fact, they just didn't make a link, but they shockingly claimed that the Catholic Church founded the religion of Islam to destroy their rival Christian enemies. I cannot possibly believe any of that. Here are some of the supporting evidence behind this supposed secret link. Many of these outlandish claims where made by ex-Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera. Alberto Rivera claimed Cardinal Augustine Bea revealed this secret while he was at the Vatican.

1. The Harlot riding the back of the Beast in John's Revelation was described in the following way. Rev 17: 5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. That means if there is a false religion or abomination in the Last Day, then this entity is the author or mother of it. Alberto Rivera claimed the Catholic Church is the harlot described by John in Revelation.

2. The religion or Islam was founded in 610 AD. At age 26, Muhammad wed his employer, the 40 year old merchant Khadijah. However, the truth is that Khadijah was a widow and a Catholic nun and was ordered to marry Muhammad. Khadijah's cousin Waraquah was also Catholic.

3. In fulfillment of the 4th Trumpet in Revelation, John says that an army of locusts would arise and spread throughout the land. The Hebrew word for locust or grasshopper and Arab is virtually the same word. John is clear that the rise of Islam was associated with the Babylonian Mystery Religion by saying that the locusts by saying their King was Abaddon and Apollyon. Apollo is the Greek equivalent for Baal. The Catholic Church used Islam to destroy it's enemies, especially to conquer the rival Christian Capitals of Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria, and Constantinople to establish the primacy of Rome and the Bishop of Rome over all Christendom.

4. The Catholic church used Islam to destroy Byzantine Alexandria and Heliopolis in 641 AD. Alexandria was a major rival religious city filled with Arian Christians and Jews. Latter Ottoman Turks continued the eradication of Christians in North Africa like at Fez. The Ottoman Turks initially wore white hats when they massacred the Christians at Fez. During the slaughter they dipped the Fez in Christan blood turning it red. The Red Fez is used as an important sign of the Shriners which is an Islamic flavored level of Scottish Rite Freemasonry which is controlled by the Catholic Church.

5. Arab Muslims conquered southern Spain and destroyed Bible/Arian Christian Visogoths there who had converted to true Christianity after the Goths invaded the Roman Empire. The Moors progress in Spain was stopped by the the Catholic Franks and Charlemagne.

6. Ottoman Turks conquered the Holy Land and Iraq and Iran. Middle Eastern Christians where given the choice of converting to Islam or becoming a slave. If they would not convert, their wives were taken and placed into harems and children were raised up in the Muslim religion. In this way the conquest was careful not to make martyrs.

7. Finally the Turks conquered Eastern Orthodox capital of Constantinople. During the time of the Iconoclasts where Eastern Orthodoxy rejected Babylonian and Pagan aspects of Catholicism, the Turks could not prevail against Constantinople. But then Empress Irene called for the second Ecumenical council of Nicea and reintroduced Babylonian symbolism into Eastern Orthodoxy. Constantinople was destroyed by the Turks in 1453. Many Christian scholars were scattered throughout Europe leading to the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation.

8. It seems quite a coincidence to many how successful the Muslims were against Arian Christians and Sephardic Jews in Spain and the Middle East but stopped short against the Catholic Franks in Norther Spain and France, Catholics in Rome, and latter when they went against Catholics in Vienna, Austria after destroying Constantinople. These facts beg the question, does the preservation of the Catholics demonstrate God's divine favor, or conspiracy?

9. While most Catholic and Muslim adherents are honest, loyal, devoted, faithful people; both Catholic and Muslim religion incorporates similar pagan, occult, and Babylonian symbols and teaching. Catholic doctrine elevates Mary and claims she was the result of the Immaculate Conception and that Christ is the product of the divine woman. The unfortunate result of this is to lessen the importance of Christ as God and our only Savior. Islam accepts Mary as the most righteous woman in Earth's history but views Christ as an only an honored yet mortal servant.

10. Catholic dominated countries are among the most poor and corrupt in the world. While I do not believe in prosperity doctrine, one would at least expect a Catholic country to exhibit less corruption and elevate the people to some extent.

11. Islamic countries do not permit Christian evangelism and despite Catholicisms militant conversion of the New World and other 3rd-World countries, Catholicism hasn't seemed as motivated nor successful in evangelizing Islamic nations.

12. The Catholic Church allied itself with the Khazars who first were used to stall the progress of the Muslims in Eastern Europe. Khazars infiltrated the Jews and are now the principle forerunners of the Ashkenazi Jews. Ashkenazi Jews account for 90% of Jews in the world over Saphardic Jews from the Middle East, Spain, and North Africa. Ashkenazi Jews look more to the Talmud and less to the Torah and are currently in control of World Banking, politics, business, and leadership in Israel.

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