Saturday, May 22, 2010

Corexit and Monarch Butterflies

In the Denver Airport next to a mural with a large fierce man who is depicted with an Arabian sword cutting down two tall rectangular buildings is another strange mural with a guillotine hanging over a monarch butterfly. Under the monarch butterfly is a shoreline with some gross red toxic scum that has washed up under the butterfly. We know the shore scum is toxic because the rocks and gravel on the shore contain hidden images of body parts. If you don't believe me look for yourself.

Anyways, today we are witnessing the largest oil spill in the world take place in the Gulf of Mexico and all BP can do is spray this toxic Corexit 9500 made by Exxon on the oil. There are much less toxic products like Dispersit and SeaBrat 4, yet BP insists on spraying only Corexit. So, that makes me think. What are we to expect will happen to the Monarch Butterflies who cross the Gulf of Mexico as the migrate from Mexico to the United States. Ocean biologists are already worried about what will happen when the oil hits the Gulf Loop current and affects the Blue Fin Tuna there.

We have already seen many bees disappear as well as fireflies in my town. I hope butterflies aren't next.

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