Tuesday, May 25, 2010

North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela Conflict

While we are all distracted by the millions of gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, there are some very serious geopolitical problems going on in the World. Not only is the US and Europe going bankrupt but there are some very serious conflicts breaking out.

North Korea
Right now North Korea is being blamed for torpedoing a South Korean naval vessel. In response the South Korean President together with President Obama who is chair of the UN Security Council and Sec. of State Clinton is backing South Korea. South Korea has said that North Korea will "pay" for the attack and they have cut off all trade relations. Also the UN is doing several exercised with South Korea off the shores of North Korea. What I don't get is how do we have the UN all of the sudden mobilizing so fast when Bush couldn't get the UN to do anything.

Israel and Iran
We have been told that Iran is only one year away from developing weapons of mass destruction. We have been told by Pres. Obama at the UN Nuclear Summit that the US needs to be prepared for a nuclear device being set off in an American City. According to the news, Israel has been asking permission to preemptively strike Iran and take out their nuclear facilities. On Sept 28 2009, Saudi Arabia gave Israel the okay to use Saudi airspace to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

Hugo Chavez and Venezuela
In 2008, Exxon filed suit against Venezuela over billions of dollars of assets in that country. The international courts and London banks froze billions of dollars. Fortunately, Hugo Chavez won the law suit. During the suit, Hugo Chavez threatened to cut off oil supply to the US. I think this was part of what caused gas prices to go to 3 and 4$/gal. However, despite Hugo Chavez win in court, there are other problems. Venezuela has been planning to develop its off-shore drilling industry with a new partnership with China. However, since the BP oil disaster, Venezuela had one of its own drilling platforms sink on May 13th. It seems Chavez' attempts to develop his countries oil and gas production capabilities are running into difficulty. After record profits in 2008, Chavez borrowed billions to buy AK-47's, tanks, and anti-aircraft guns from Russia.

Venezuela and Iran are both violating the petro-dollar system and selling oil to China in yuan and and Euros. The petro-dollar system in the past required that all oil being imported must be done in dollars. After the US took its money off the Gold Standard, the petro-dollar system was the only thing holding up the dollar. Without the petro-dollar system, no-one would need dollars, China wouldn't need a strong dollar, and therefore would not need to purchase US T-Bills that finance our record deficits and national debt. When Saddam Hussein began selling oil in Euros, the US went to war against Iran. Now that both Iran and Venezuela are selling oil in Yuan, I can see the threat of bankruptcy manipulating Washington to go to war against Iran and Venezuela. Of course you could never convince the people to go to war over that, so some kind of false flag event would be required.

I think the writing is on the wall for WW3 and the US is gonna lose. China and Russia will eventually be drawn in and defend Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela and the US will lose because that is exactly what the globalist want. The Globalists can't take over until the 3 capitals of Columbia fall (Rome, London, and Washington DC).

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