Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Obama Sarcasm at White House Correspondents Dinner

President Obama met with the media during the annual White House Correspondents Dinner made several sarcastic jokes to open his speech. I love sarcasm, but I know that not everyone can appreciate sarcasm. Sarcasm uses satire and irony to express cutting, offensive, and/or critical remarks. Satire uses the cover of humor to hide the verbal attack allowing for plausible deniability. Sarcasm is always based on partial truth which the speaker and the target understand as true.

1. The jokes tonight are brought to you tonight by Goldman Sachs. If you don't think these jokes are funny, don't worry, Goldman Sachs makes money whether you laugh or not (not laughing).

2. My approval rating here in America continues to drop, but I don't worry about that. At least I am still popular in the nation of my birth (Kenya?).

3. Critics of the health care bill are angry because they say the legislation contains several secret provisions. But those critics couldn't be more wrong, the health care bill contains hundreds of secret provisions. (national ID card, quality factor)

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J.F. said...

yep, sarcasm is based on truth, or at least a portion of truth. Otherwise it wouldn’t be funny.

#3 is scary.

This last year has produced some real funny humor. Sadly the humor and laughs die quickly as you realized the truth they contain.

Just last night I joked about Obama and his "change". We went to the big fireworks show (24th of July in Utah) and the whole thing was less than 10 minutes (compared to the usual 1/2 show). A friend mentioned how short it was and I said "that’s not the CHANGE I was expecting from Obama, I guess his money printer doesn’t have the capability of printing more fireworks."

Funny, but just another reminder of the state of our country.

I love to aim all the blame at Obama, but the greater problem actually lies with the people of our nation. Greed, dole, idleness, sin and more are spread into the veins of our nation. We are a nation divided and in great need of "cleansing the inner vessel" as Ezra Taft Benson said.