Monday, May 17, 2010

Internet Sensorship

The following article was posted at the Alex Jones website. Obama Czar calls for Internet censorship against free speech especially when it concerns conspiracy theory, global warming fraud, and vitamin D. Cass Sunstein calls for an outright ban, taxation or browser ranking strategy to protect the American people from these destructive and harmful ideas. In response, I went out and bought a vitamin D supplement. (no really I did). Actually I have been following the data on it which I have posted on previously. I even remember my med school endocrinology teacher praise vitamin D as a very important hormone (not a vitamin) that we are all defficent in. Cass Sunstein's comments against vitamin D finally motivated me to start taking it. Elderly who are in the low-normal range in vitamin D suffer terrible brain atrophy and are at greater risk for dementia.

Strange that Cass Sunstein a non-scientist non-physician would comment about vitamin D at all. I have been following the research and have posted several articles on the benefits of Vitamin D and Cholesterol and Dementia. When I was in med school I had a course in geriatrics. I remember the professor telling us that statin drugs for cholesterol were a bad idea because low LDL levels were associated with dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and overall brain atrophy. Again as I have said before, cholesterol the molecule in egg yokes and cell walls has nothing to do with LDL and HDL lipoproteins. Statin drugs block HMG-CoA in the liver which is the enzyme necessary to activate VitD3. So taking statins lowers active VitD levels. We used to think vitD was only needed to prevent rickets. But now science understands VitD does so much more. Another benefit is regarding many autoimmune diseases. People who suffer autoimmune disease who take vitD will suffer many less flares. This benefit has been seen for IBD, RA, MS and others. Vit D has also been shown to be protective against the flu.

One med school professor told me the story that Alzheimers was a consequence to too much cholesterol incorporated into the Endoplasmic Reticulum making it too floppy which causes a particular protein that is cleaved out and replaced to be cut inappropriately. The incorrectly cleaved protein is then not targeted for disposal by the lysosome and therefore builds up as B-amyloid plaque which causes an increase in intracellular free iron which leads to Fenton Chemistry, free radical production, increased oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation and neuronal destruction. However, I wonder if this is just a story, and the real problem is the ER being too stiff because of low cholesterol molecule and vit D levels. From my study of this issue, more cholesterol and more plasticity is better. Doctors sarcastically joke "50% of medicine is wrong, the problem is knowing which 50%". I often ask myself, if scientists like Michael Mann falsified climate data as was proven by emails talking about manipulating the data (nature trick), I wonder what other data has been falsified?

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