Monday, May 03, 2010

Oil-Dollar System, Nuclear Attack, Martial Law

Way back when England and the US made a deal with Saudi Arabia that if they sold oil only in dollars, the west would protect their monarchy. Since that time, all oil can only be purchased using US dollars and no other currency. This system has allowed the US to run up big budget and trade deficits and continually have foreign governments lend us money because they need to have dollars to buy oil. Because only dollars can be used to buy oil, foreign governments also need a strong dollar.

Recently, I learned that our going into Iraq, was not about overthrowing a dictator and not about even Iraqi oil. What Saddam Hussein did was threaten to sell oil in Euro's. Had Iraq been successful, the demand for US dollars would tank, and the US dollar and the US economy would crash. Now the same thing is happening in Iran. Iran is also threatening to sell oil in Euro's. So, we see that the stage is now set to go to war with Iran.

The US President and Legislature will be told that the US must go to war with Iran and prevent their selling oil in Euro's or the US economy will go bankrupt. The US people will be told that we must go into Iran to prevent their development of nuclear weapons. As is depicted on the Simpson's this last week, and as has been warned by Pres. Obama, is that there will likely be two or three false flag nuclear or radioactive devices set off on American soil. This false flag attack will be used to bring us to war against Iran as well as trigger martial law in America. Of course, the entire things is a setup. The only winners are the global bankers who set all this in motion and who fund both sides of every war.

Target cities under threat of this false flag black op are Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Atlanta.. Las Vegas is under threat because it is considered "sin city" and would make for a "believable" target by supposed radical muslim extremists. However, I have read that Senator Harry Reid has gotten involved with nle10 and that Las Vegas may be taken off the table as a target. So, that leaves the false-flaggers with needing to pick another city, and so I worry that Salt Lake may be a target because of it's proximity and because I am LDS and I somehow a kind of Judas-like betrayal is a concern. Also, Lds scripture says the tribulation will start in God's house and spread forth. Kansas City is a target because the entire area may need to be cleared to make way for the NAFTA super-highway. Kansas City is to be the hub for this intercontinental transit system. Lastly, I have a concern for Atlanta because it has a large number of middle-class black and I think the globalists are racists and there are 500,000 FEMA plastic grave liners sitting in a field in Madison, GA right now as we speak.

You may think that all this conspiracy theory is crazy talk, especially when it comes to using the Simpson's as supporting evidence. But producers of the show, and other shows have gone on the record to say that from time to time, the CIA comes to shows and requires that the show feature a specific plot or story line.

Here is what makes no sense to me. Since 911, we are told again and again how HomeLand Security is doing such a great job in preventing terrorist attacks and preventing illegal immigration but the facts demonstrate the opposite. Since 911 we have had Richard Reid the Shoe Bomber, the underwear bomber, and then several attempted NTC Time Square car bombs. While all failures, HomeLand Security did nothing to prevent any of these. Just this week in Santa Rosa, CA illegal immigrant worker protesters broke business windows and set a restaurant on fire. Personally, I believe and there is evidence to demonstrate that the CIA was behind all the failed bomb attempts and probably this newest bomb attempt and most recent riot. CIA anarchist love to turn peaceful demonstrations into riots. However, according to the Book of Mormon we are told that the illegal immigrates among us the gentiles in America will be responsible for tearing our country apart.

Currently, the globalists are designing to create a North American Union just like the European Union. The plans for the North American Union and the North American Currency (Amero) have been discussed at recent Bohemian Grove, and Builderberg meetings. Currently, the world banks are bankrupting Mexico first, and are allowing streams of Latinos into the US. I am not sure what kind of calamity is coming next, but the globalist have confessed openly that it will take the right kind of calamity to allow them to take away the sovereignty of the United States and destroy the constitution.

Since 911 and Oklahoma City, I am forced to assume any terrorist attack may have possible government involvement. According to John Taylors Vision of Destruction and Charles D. Evans vision of the Tribulation the order of the tribulation is: BANKRUPTCY, FAMINE, FLOOD (earthquake and tsunami), FIRE, CYCLONES, BLOOD (war), plague.

Back to oil. There is no oil and gas shortage and there never will be. God reassurs us in LDS scripture that the Earth is full, there is enough for all and to spare. Russian scientists have proven abiotic formation on hydrocarbons in the Earths crust. Therefore, we know that hydrocarbons are continually being produced and replenished in the Earth. And we should know this from our studies of the other planets and moons in our solar system as several are covered in emense hydrocarbon seas. What is really going on is the globalists contol production around the world and purposefully limit supply and spread rumors about an oil peak and man-made global warming to create poverty, oppress, usurp individual liberty and state sovergnity.

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