Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soylant Green

"Tuesday is Soylent Green Day" I recently watched the psychological thriller "Soylent Green". The movie depicts a post-Armageddon America under martial law. The Earth's climate has turned dry and barren because of Global Warming. Amazing that Global Warming goes back to 1973. People are brainwashed, apathetic and complacent. People are treated like cattle and Women are treated like furniture. The movie depicts a wasted world in 2022 ravaged by overpopulation and scarce resources. People who publicly complain are carried off, and riot police crush any civil unrest. The society practices assisted suicide. The poor practice the religion of Catholicism while the rich practice the occult and Astrology. The whole society is corrupt with wide gap between a few rich and the masses of poor. The food supply is controlled by one major producer. People wait all day in food lines. There are very few people who can remember what life was like before.

A city detective investigating a murder finds out the victim is on the board of directors at the company that makes Soylant Green which is supposed to be made from algae and plankton. However, his investigation discovers that the worlds oceans are dying, and that the murder victim died after confessing something terrible to his Catholic Priest. As Charlton Heston is being carried away after a gun battle at the end of the movie, he raves like a lunatic the terrible truth he witnesses with his own eyes--"Soylant Green is made out of people". The movie closes with a zoom and tight shot of his uplifted blood soaked hand making the sign of Illumination.

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