Thursday, May 27, 2010

SSSS and Mind Control

Remember in the Gulf War I when hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's just gave up without a significant fight? thousands of hardened troops who had fought Iran for decades just laid down to the Americans. Have you ever asked yourself why and how that was possible? What was it that broke their will like that and just come out en mass and surrender to the American?

That got me next to think ab0ut several other instances. I remember when Manuel Noriega was hold up in the Vatican Embassy in Panama. The US government played loud music day and night as part of a strategy to get Noriega to give himself up. This kind of thing has been used other places as well. The ATF also used loud speakers against David Koresh in Waco Texas and the Branch Davidian's. And finally, there has been a very strange report of North Korea warning South Korea about setting up "Propaganda Loudspeakers" along the boarder. Some people are questioning, if propaganda, and hardrock music is the only thing these speakers are transmitting. Maybe what North Korea is objecting too is not South Korea's taste in music, but some sort of advanced mind control weapon.

Jesse Ventura did a special on mind control as part of his Conspiracy Theory show. During the show a very strange technology was demonstrated where a scientist pointed a special transducer at his brain which was transmitting some kind of inaudible ELF, UHF or electromagnetic waves. The effect of this technology was that Jesse Ventura said he could hear music in his head without actually hearing the music with his ears.

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum, S-squad, or Silent Subliminal Presentation System are the name given to a technology that allows the government to manipulate emotions and even place thoughts and ideas in the public's head. Some even think that this kind of thing is now being used as part of the new Digital TV conversion. Imagine if according to Project Blue Beam, the government wanted you to think you were hearing the voice of God.

I have heard from several sources that all digital TV signal antennas have hardware associated with them which was secretly placed by the government. Part of this hardware we hear all the time as the Emergency Broadcast System. How would we know if the same signal that flashes the tornado and severe weather warnings on our screen isn't at other times transmitting subliminal messages? Maybe all those crazy people I see in the ER who claim that TV is "downloading their thoughts" are not all that crazy.

More concerning is the GWEN system or Ground Wave Emergency Network being set up across the US. Like HAARP, these towers will send ELF waves across the United States. Experts have commented that certain frequencies of ELF can induce certain emotional states. 7.83 Hz will cause a person to feel good. 10.80 Hz will cause riots and panic. 6.6 Hz will cause depression

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